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Tweets for the Day - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
Tweets for the Day
Tweets for the Day

  • 12:03 RT @StarWarsJokes: Why did Darth Plagueis teach Palpatine how to use a map? tinyurl.com/d58fqq #starwars #
  • 12:09 RT @starwars: First Look: "The Art of Star Wars: The Clone Wars" book! bit.ly/VBrsH #starwars #
  • 12:12 RT @Agent_M: Apple approved, without changes, NIN iPhone app. @trent_reznor = 1, Apple = 0 bit.ly/jaNsm #nin #
  • 12:15 RT @verifiedtweeps: Official STARWARS @starwars The Real STARWARS on Twitter! #
  • 12:27 Get your signed cover of Berserker (@dividepictures) from @TopCow and help Comic Book Legal Defense Fund! bit.ly/1xJFS #comics #
  • 12:43 RT @caroline: Say bub-bye to @TheRealBradPitt. he wasn't so real after all. :P #
  • 12:45 Tweet to Save Dollhouse Petition! bit.ly/13E55T #whedon #buffy #dollhouse (RT @Dichenlachman, @ElizaPatricia) #
  • 14:16 Kitty Pryde by artist @barnaby_ward: bit.ly/QEWLE More about the benefit art show here: bit.ly/yLoab #comics #
  • 14:36 Yakuza vs. Mafia on "Deadliest Warrior!" My Italian side is rooting for the NYC goodfellas and their sawed-off shotguns! bit.ly/1rFxm #
  • 14:40 Online Guide To All Things Star Trek! io9.com/5244514 #startrek #
  • 14:46 MY LITTLE PONY: Live-Action Trailer! "What if every little girl's dream became mankind's worst nightmare?" bit.ly/RG24f #
  • 15:15 12 Greatest Barbie Dolls for Nerds - bit.ly/WpNGx (RT @ToplessRobot) #
  • 15:21 "The New Star Trek Will Leave You Beaming" Time mag review (SPOILERS): bit.ly/kEM10 #startrek #
  • 16:01 Louise Brooks can out-sexy anyone without even looking at them... bit.ly/1aB6mH #
  • 16:23 RT @NathanFillion: "I need me more Eliza on tv. Somebody do something to show Dollhouse more love!" #dollhouse #
  • 17:08 RT @trent_reznor: "Wait - I'm in love and getting married! I'd give you all free tickets if I could. (hugs)" Awww... #
  • 17:21 Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus Noms On San Francisco! bit.ly/URRgD #
  • 17:25 Star Trek + Nine Inch Nails = Closer. bit.ly/38B6 You're welcome, @trent_reznor. #nin #startrek #
  • 18:45 Spike.com uses old-school photo of @trent_reznor and his lunch box for NIN Apple App story. bit.ly/BfAXZ #nin #
  • 18:57 The Sexualization of Spock! (via @io9) rubyurl.com/p4hl Hubba, hubba is highly logical... #startrek #
  • 22:27 Nobody puts Deadpool in a corner! #
  • 23:26 RT @missingwords: "When I die I want them to use my skull as a test skull in Deadliest Warrior. Someone make sure that happens. Thanks." #
  • 00:33 There's No Klingon Word for Hello. bit.ly/1vmbM #startrek #
  • 00:41 A Primer to 'Star Trek' Food and Drink (RT @xenijardin) bit.ly/8Gxyt #startrek #
  • 00:48 In an alternate reality @trent_reznor is the best rapper in the universe as @gangsta_treznor. #nin #
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