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Tweets for the Day - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
Tweets for the Day
Tweets for the Day

  • 16:08 I chat with Star Trek screenwriter Bob Orci about how he'd reboot Star Wars and Nimoy is the new Slusho - bit.ly/imO5f #startrek #
  • 16:25 "Do Not Board the Elevator with the Robot." bit.ly/q9YwQ #robots #
  • 16:41 This fan-made trailer reminds us all why @NathanFillion should be "The Green Lantern." tiny.cc/JIm1I #
  • 16:51 A fan plays a body snatching villain who steals the TARDIS in scene with Capt. Jack and the Doctor. bit.ly/rtvvY #doctorwho #
  • 17:27 Ah, to be a RoboFly on the wall... bit.ly/eUp6R #robots #
  • 17:52 Worst dad in Galaxy makes your dad look awesome! Send Star Wars Video E-Cards this Father's Day! bit.ly/CPsdY #starwars #
  • 17:55 Tune into the Star Wars Movie Marathon on MTV this Memorial Day Weekend! A New Hope airs tonight! bit.ly/43pWi #starwars #
  • 18:05 Forget the Howling Wolf, this Sea Cow shirt saved my life. (Read customer reviews.) bit.ly/Eg7uU (via @Feliciaday) #
  • 18:20 RT @daniel_poeira: "Internet comments are a new blank canvas for the almost-lost art of painting beautiful pictures with sheer sarcasm." #
  • 19:07 If cigarettes had a rave, their first choice of music appears to be the new Prodigy. bit.ly/SCFeh (via @r0bl0rd) #
  • 19:34 When he's not co-piloting the Millennium Falcon, Chewbacca relaxes in his stretch limo. bit.ly/173iD6 #starwars #
  • 20:26 Thunderbirds are GO! bit.ly/cIvrQ #
  • 20:39 Transformers have invaded Hollywood Blvd! bit.ly/Lr1EU (via @narwilliams) #transformers #
  • 22:14 My blurry photos of NIN|JA in San Fran. @trent_reznor rocked, @davenavarro6767 shredded and Perry made us smile. bit.ly/Edcxf #nin #
  • 22:24 I had no idea teenage Wesley Wyndam-Pryce was in a music video! bit.ly/AZ7VK (via his lady @alydenisof) #Buffy #Angel #whedon #
  • 22:55 Stormtrooper + @JaneWiedlin + lucky little kid = Best Make-believe Family Ever! bit.ly/XZ0wo #501st #starwars #
  • 23:32 RT @DanaBrunetti: "Fanboys IS on iTunes and is #5 of the Top Sales. Just more evidence that TWC fucked the release of this film." #fanboys #
  • 23:40 RT @Templesmith: "North Korea tested another nuke. Phew, so glad we invaded Iraq now." #
  • 00:05 This Memorial Day weekend please consider iava.org - @iava (RT @dividepictures) #
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