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Comic-Con 2009: Best Costumes - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
Comic-Con 2009: Best Costumes

(Superman says, "See you next year!")

Comic-Con 2009: Best Costumes
Words/Photos: Bonnie Burton

What makes San Diego Comic-Con International so much fun is seeing all the fans come out every year dressed up as their favorite superheroes, video game characters, TV show characters, and a bunch of weird mashup costumes you'd be lucky to see at Halloween.

We’ve already profiled our favorite Star Wars costumes this year, but here’s a list of some of the other costumes we loved.

Star Trek:
As much as my allegiance is to Star Wars, I have to admit this was a great year for Star Trek. The new Star Trek movie re-ignited that Vulcan pride many of us had buried deep inside. Plus fans seem to be embracing the retro love for Star Trek characters and uniforms. Live long and prosper indeed!

Lady Deadpool:
The Merc with the Mouth just got sassier! Various Deadpool costumes were roaming around Comic-Con, but it was Lady Deadpool who got the most attention. Stormtroopers, Batman, and even Darth Vader kept looking her way. No word on what Wolverine thought, but we have a feeling that he might rethink his issues with Marvel's only Bea Arthur-loving mercenary.

Monarch's Henchmen:
Fans of The Venture Bros. can spot the Monarch’s henchmen from satellite feeds thanks to their bright yellow butterfly uniforms. They usually swarm in packs and always have a smile on their faces like they just know something awesome is about to happen.

Patrick the Starfish from SpongeBob Squarepants:
Any costume that promotes nautical nonsense is awesome in our book. Even though this was most likely a professionally-made costume for Nickelodeon's booth "babe" to wear, it's still very adorkable. SpongeBob's best pal Patrick was on hand to greet, pose with and hug fans of one of the more surreal cartoons to ever hit Nickelodeon.

Every Comic-Con has its share of masked villains and caped crusaders, but there's something extra-special about a guy dressed as Thor drinking a refreshing iced, cold soda.

Check out our photo gallery here: Comic-Con 2009: Fans in Costume

Be sure to read all our coverage of Comic-Con 2009 here.

SOURCE: Official Starwars.com Blog


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