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Star Wars Felt Finger Puppets - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
Star Wars Felt Finger Puppets

Star Wars Felt Finger Puppets

We're a big fan of Star Wars finger puppet crafts. So when we spotted these adorkable finger puppets made by Heather Mann from Make and Takes blog, we had to blog it!

Heather writes:
Tips: If you have specific characters in mind (like these Star Wars guys), I recommend doing a quick sketch in your sketchbook so you know what pieces to cut out. I glued additional pieces to the backs of the heads to reinforce the puppets, since regular craft felt is not very stiff.

Not confident in your drawing skills? No worries – just use basic shapes like triangles (body), ovals and circles (heads). You can always pre-cut shapes out to trace to make it easier. Don’t get too detailed in extra body parts (see how I simplified the faces and the arms/feet?).

Also, don’t be too critical of your art skills!! This is very important. Your child won’t care if everything looks perfect, and will learn a lot from seeing you create without criticizing yourself! This will not be graded!

Check out the full craft here:
Star Wars Felt Finger Puppets (via Make and Takes)


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