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Tweets for the Day - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
Tweets for the Day
Tweets for the Day

  • 01:04 RT @OKBJGM: given the choice between haircare or social justice, I choose the one I could never achieve naturally. #
  • 01:30 Javi Grillo-Marxuach (@OKBJGM) reads from his script of "The Chronicle" at #writerswithdrinks! is.gd/4VpHG #themiddleman #
  • 02:55 Time for sleep to dream of a tiny disco ball! twitpic.com/pm8fv #
  • 14:26 RT @charliejane: my review of AMC's "the prisoner." shorter version: avoid avoid avoid io9.com/5404950 #
  • 14:27 RT @feliciaday: HAHA! "Your child will be upset if you back over his/her skateboard, or him/her." #trafficschooltips #
  • 16:19 Thanks to N-Judah being shut down for the weekend my hood was quiet, serene and thunderous-horn free. #SanFrancisco #MUNI #
  • 16:20 RT @serafinowicz: What is the middle of the earth? (via @RustyLUFC) a Starbucks! #
  • 16:21 RT @SciFi4Me: Idea: @JaneWiedlin as rookie space cop who signed up 'cause bad guys killed her family. Big rockets. Aliens. #
  • 21:00 Every DVD should have a commentary track of puppets getting high. #GregTheBunny #
  • 21:23 "I'm spending the weekend in wine country...which is what I call the room above my garage." #GregTheBunny #
  • 21:42 "Dude, it's time travel, how hard can it be?" #GregTheBunny #
  • 22:26 The 5 Stages Of Fan Grief - is.gd/4VZk5 #dollhouse #whedon #
  • 22:27 "I cannot get caught with puppet porn again!" - Corey Feldman #GregTheBunny #
  • 22:58 "You turn faster than a young girl at Wellesley." #GregTheBunny #
  • 23:22 "This is going to end with puppets rioting in the streets. This is the Fozzie Bear verdict all over again." #GregTheBunny #
  • 00:52 "You guys cover your asses faster than the new guy in D block." #GregTheBunny #
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