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Tweets for the Day - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
Tweets for the Day
Tweets for the Day

  • 10:56 Teaser trailer for new online Buck Rogers series: is.gd/58UBC (RT @SFXmagazine @slaurenceparker) #
  • 11:21 Count me in! RT @missingwords: Am I the only one who would like to see a Willow (the movie) comic book series or one shot, even? #comics #
  • 11:42 MSN Picks Up DiVide Pictures ‘Ultradome’ for Parallel Universe! bit.ly/4yD1xD (RT @dividepictures) #
  • 12:06 R2-D2 is ready for the holidays! twitpic.com/rqngw #starwars #
  • 12:57 "Between safety & adventure, I choose adventure." - Craig Ferguson #
  • 14:03 The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon! is.gd/59lzG #
  • 14:19 Reason #1,983 why I hate #MUNI buses. is.gd/59mbQ #SanFrancisco #ToothBandit #
  • 14:32 "Judge me by the size of my candy cane, you will not!" twitpic.com/rqnff (RT @starwars) #starwarsxmas #
  • 15:14 Bob from #TwinPeaks? (RT @Agent_M @brandonnn) is.gd/59oxR #
  • 15:36 "When I’m 70 I might be in a park just wandering around speaking in tongues w/ kids throwing bread @ me." - @NoelFielding11 (RT @GojyoChan) #
  • 17:14 RT @starwars: The Best of #StarWarsBandNames! bit.ly/8ofYx3 #
  • 17:20 Well, hello there Skywalker! @MattLanter now on Twitter! #clonewars (RT @starwars) #
  • 17:30 Veruca Salt – "Earthcrosser" ♫ blip.fm/~h5nsq #
  • 17:58 Deadline Productions is making "Pride Prejudice and Zombies" into a 6-part TV series! (RT @PrideandZombies @missingwords) #zombietalk #
  • 19:24 Thanks to @trentvanegas, I'm listening to Catherine Wheel the rest of the night: is.gd/59ysy & is.gd/59wHu #
  • 21:11 RT @starwars @GreatWhiteSnark: An entire gang of #steampunk #StarWars cosplayers. Chewie needs a haircut. bit.ly/8hSpZA #
  • 21:37 Great example of what Autotune can do from @autotunethenews bit.ly/3b3St #
  • 22:41 Signed, used #NIN guitar up for auction to benefit Chi from @deftonesband: j.mp/5uSpuP (RT @ninhotline) #
  • 23:14 RT @Alyssa_Milano: My episode of #Castle w/ @NathanFillion will be on ABC Jan. 4 RT @Stall_19: when is the next time we can see you on TV? #
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