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My Next Book Announced: Generation Star Wars - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
My Next Book Announced: Generation Star Wars

My Next Book Announced: Generation Star Wars

News about my next book has finally been made public! I can't wait to promote it once we're done writing it. My co-workers and good friends Mary Franklin and Pete Vilmur (who are Star Wars experts in their own rights) are writing the book with me. So far it's been fun interviewing fans about their experiences, showing off all the different costuming groups, droid makers, online bloggers, podcasters, celeb fans and more. We're excited to put the book, and quite frankly a book celebrating the passionate fans who make the Star Wars community special and fun is LONG overdue. I hope you all like it when it comes out!
In the history of popular culture no community of fans has endured as Star Wars fans have endured -- not simply surviving, but thriving for more than 30 years. When the first Star Wars movie opened in theaters in 1977 it inspired a loyal following that has grown far beyond a Sci-Fi flick fad.

Star Wars fandom is a worldwide phenomenon made up of generations of kindred spirits who share the stories, comics, costumes, games, and even the experience of waiting in line for the next event. They are celebrities and rock stars. They are politicians, artists, teachers, scientists, parents, and writers. What is more, their generous acts of charity, creativity, and community service, all in the name of their shared passion, are legendary.

In the forthcoming Generation Star Wars book, authors Bonnie Burton, Mary Franklin, and Pete Vilmur, employees of Lucasfilm with unique access to fandom and its history, reveal insights into a group of individuals you might have thought you understood. Far more than fanboys and fangirls, Generation Star Wars is a force to be reckoned with, and a force to enjoy. The book is scheduled for release from Del Rey next summer.

Full article here:
Coming 2010: A Celebration of Generation Star Wars
(via Starwars.com)

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