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New York Mag Calls Vader Toaster Low Brow AND Brilliant - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
New York Mag Calls Vader Toaster Low Brow AND Brilliant

New York Mag Calls Vader Toaster Low Brow AND Brilliant
Words: Bonnie Burton

I've been an avid reader of New York magazine for years. It's part of my Sunday morning ritual to grab a cup of tea and read New York magazine from cover to cover. The magazine features entertaining profiles of characters who could have sauntered into anything from a Woody Allen film to a ripped-from-the-headlines Law & Order episode. (Remember the tourist who got lost on the New York subways for like 3 days before she was found?!)

I like to pretend I understand all the Park Slope inside jokes. I laugh at the food critic's reviews of restaurants that charge more for bacon-encrusted scallops than I make in a month.

But my absolute favorite part of the magazine is The Approval Matrix that divides up their favorite events, gossip, gadgets, news and celebs for the week in an easy-to-read grid.

So when I spotted our Darth Vader Toaster -- which I'm proud to say jumped out my crazy noggin and into your kitchen -- in the BRILLIANT & LOW BROW section of The Approval Matrix, not only did I squeal with joy, I ripped it out and framed it. Seriously, it's now hanging above my desk at Lucasfilm.

Thank you, New York magazine, for making this geek girl's dream come true.

Check out the Darth Vader toaster here:
The Approval Matrix - Week of January 18, 2010
(via New York Magazine)

Order own Darth Vader Toaster here.

Originally published: Official Star Wars Blog


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