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Tweets for the Day - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
Tweets for the Day
Tweets for the Day

  • 01:18 Just once I wish @BritishMonarchy would tweet "We are not amused." #
  • 01:38 Electric Sheep That Went Undreamt from @Templesmith! is.gd/7NzmJ #comics #
  • 01:56 My Geektastic Dream #23! - RT @neilhimself: I got to introduce @stephenfry to @feliciaday. It gets no better. #
  • 02:30 Giant Robot Baby! is.gd/7NEid (RT @narwilliams) #robots #
  • 14:49 RT @BrianHuberd: @Neilhimself will write #DoctorWho in 2011! bit.ly/9DTLkS #
  • 14:53 Rock out with your Spock out! www.teefury.com/ #startrek (RT @clubjade) #
  • 15:13 Dear Game Designers: invite your girlfriends to dress like this for lasertag & see how fast they dump you. twitpic.com/11rs1s #
  • 18:07 RT @planet_lois: If I could only get away with beating my universe's Olsen into a coma with a brick... #
  • 18:11 RT @trentvanegas: twitpic.com/11stuo - My sweet ass #DarthVader sneaks #starwars #
  • 18:49 RT @drOffset: Colossal Squid on display in New Zealand's Te Papa museum. Huuuuge! squid.tepapa.govt.nz/ #
  • 21:32 RT @Alyssa_Milano: You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you. ~Anonymous #
  • 21:37 my evening: pajamas, snoring pup, popcorn, Miss Marple & a whiz-bang of a headache. #
  • 22:51 Evening update: Dragon ball tea + more Miss Marple = no more headache. Apparently, a nice cuppa & a murder mystery fixes all. #
  • 00:17 RT @snoopdogg: @snoopdogg x @adi_originals x @StarWars is.gd/7RCKl #
  • 00:34 How to make #Valentines Tentacles! is.gd/7J0yr (RT @instructables) #crafts #
  • 00:45 These sketch cards of The #Beatles by @otisframpton are full of win! tinyurl.com/ykox3j6 #
  • 01:00 Dear @Facebook, The more you drastically change w/o asking, the less I want to use you. Please stop it. is.gd/7RIDg #facebookfail #
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