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Tweets for the Day - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
Tweets for the Day
Tweets for the Day

  • 00:50 RT @starwars: "Overconfidence is the most dangerous form of carelessness." - #CloneWars #
  • 01:20 RT @NASA: Atlantis' crew woke to “Start Me Up” by the Rolling Stones, played for Mission Specialist Piers Sellers. #
  • 02:31 Heehaw! RT @slashfilmnews: First Set Photo: Cowboys & Aliens goo.gl/fb/k6RB0 #
  • 11:25 From Internet sensation to hilarious documentary - "Winnebago Man" is.gd/cgpC5 /via @boingboing @WinnebagoMan #
  • 12:04 Dance Flashmob + @ActuallyNPH = #Whedon directing @GLEEonFOX! When do @NathanFillion & @FeliciaDay guest star? is.gd/cgs3S #Glee #
  • 13:47 The "N" In ESPN Looks Like Boba Fett! bit.ly/dapJXk (RT @starwars) #
  • 14:12 Karl Pilkington talks about worms & flowers solving crimes! is.gd/cgALe #RickyGervaisShow #
  • 17:02 Think you're a #StarWars Expert? Prove it w/ the @CNN Quiz challenge: www.cnnchallenge.com /via @ItsOnTV #
  • 17:51 RT @starwars: Clearly, I'm NOT #TheUglyFriend! - Chewbacca #
  • 17:57 Robot folds laundry! I wonder if he can match my socks? is.gd/cgO42 #robots /via @laughingsquid #
  • 18:07 WANT! #StarWars Monster Mash-Ups! is.gd/cgOxy #monsters #
  • 19:13 WTF?! @Twitter is now filtering out traditional "RT" style retweets from #Twitter search results!? #TwitterFail #
  • 19:23 * @TB5918 says: Get around the RT filtering by either reversing it, "TR" or just "R". RT retweets are now being dumped. #TwitterFail #
  • 19:26 Send him an air kiss! RT @evildorina: And Harrison Ford just sat down 2 rows behind us. *dies* #starwars #ESB30 #
  • 20:40 via @laughingsquid: The Church of the SubGenius recently setup an official Facebook page bit.ly/dxqFtC #
  • 21:03 via @Ucpharmer @sfsignal: The Science Fiction Book Club is seeking an editorial assistant: bit.ly/cBRnaQ #SciFi #
  • 21:21 "If at 1st you don't succeed, keep sucking until you suck seed!" -#ThreeStooges #
  • 21:33 "Well, you can count me out!" "1, 2, 3, 4, you're out! And we have a winner!" #ThreeStooges #
  • 21:48 What the Sith?! I'm never the Employee of the Month! twitpic.com/1pb3dh #starwars #
  • 22:17 via @markhoppus: Watched the Empire Strikes Back in a room w Han, Lando, and Chewbacca. Wow. So amazing. #starwars #
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