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Tweets for the Day - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
Tweets for the Day
Tweets for the Day

  • 10:29 RT @TransBotica: Scientist infected by computer virus claims cybercriminals could hack pacemakers bit.ly/c6hchk #
  • 11:08 If I ran an airline I'd give out piña coladas to customers waiting in line.... #
  • 11:33 waiting in the longest Midwest Airlines line ever that hasn't moved in an hour. wishing Han Solo would saunter by & offer me a ride. #
  • 11:34 RT @NBCLosAngeles: Go-Go's Fan-Designed T-Shirt Contest bit.ly/cS7n8e #officialgogos (via @janewiedlin) #
  • 11:57 If they could harness the stress level here they could power the Death Star for a week. (via @ADaniels3PO) #MehAirlines #
  • 12:02 No Han Solo, but Bossk winked at me & is letting me on his ship as long as I don't mind a quick detour to nab a few clones. #
  • 12:22 yay Team Casserole! RT @MyLifeAsLiz_Liz: I miss cracker barrel. #hashbrowncasserole #chickenanddumplings #
  • 12:25 I could really go for some Impossible Cheeseburger Pie right now. is.gd/crVfH #piemakesitbetter #
  • 22:34 Ya know you're back in Kansas when the truckstop restroom has a spittoon in it. The WOMEN'S restroom. #
  • 23:03 Say "I love you (I know)" at the #StarWars Celebration Chapel: bit.ly/95TDAQ #SWCV (RT @starwars) #
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