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Tweets for the Day - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
Tweets for the Day
Tweets for the Day

  • 01:42 A bigger earthquake is predicted to hit San Francisco this week. If Godzilla or the Apocalypse isn't the end game, I'm gonna be pissed! #
  • 11:30 Rare 1980 "Empire Hotline" Recordings Discovered! bit.ly/98RtgP #ESB30 #starwars /via @starwars #
  • 11:32 Awesome! RT @ellingson: @bonniegrrl your book at Chicago O'Hare airport. yfrog.com/2c9wjoj #clonewars #starwars #
  • 11:57 "See Dick. See Dick make a lateral incision." is.gd/d94Nh #MST3K #
  • 12:12 Please vote for #StarWars: The #CloneWars for “Best Animated Show” in the TV.com NOW Awards. is.gd/d95rt /via @starwars #
  • 12:33 Yay! ;-) RT @ellingson: Wait, what?! A sweet package of goodies from @bonniegrrl?!! yfrog.com/5s54ftj Oh, how she rocks. #
  • 12:47 "T-Rex! It's what's for dinner!" is.gd/d97y3 /via @io9 #dinosaurs #
  • 13:08 Wonder if we'll still get free shows? RT @YahooTV: @Hulu just announced their $9.99/mo. #Hulu Plus service bit.ly/abJ1uP #
  • 14:37 RT @alyankovic: Made you look! twitpic.com/211g13 #
  • 15:11 Darth Vader sure is a jerk of a hall monitor! is.gd/d9fr1 #starwars #
  • 17:32 May the #Bagpipes Be With You! bit.ly/9q8Xsw #StarWars /via @starwars #
  • 18:04 #Facebook is publishing people's phone numbers w/o consent. Click ACCOUNT & then click EDIT FRIENDS. Go to the left side & click PHONEBOOK. #
  • 20:23 RT @GreatWhiteSnark: Chewbacca is your beer stein. bit.ly/bwjF94 #starwars #
  • 20:46 Am I crazy or did @Twitter just move where our total Tweet count is listed...again? #
  • 20:50 Dear @Twitter, I don't mean to bug you while you tend to an ailing whale & all. But where the frak did you put all my lists?! #
  • 21:49 RT @ellingson: Together at last: yfrog.com/mlj4tdj #
  • 22:05 RT @starwars: I live near a farm that has donkeys that yell. They sound just like sandpeople. I'm oddly ok with this. (via @DarthDaisy) #
  • 22:13 RT @wilw: When I hear the theme from Doctor Who, I get the same rush of excitement that the theme from Star Wars has given me since 1977. #
  • 23:31 RT @Paul_Dini: Team Edward, Team Jacob, bah - I'm for Team Grampa! Al Lewis forever! Yeah, yeah! tinyurl.com/26cnzxf #
  • 23:58 RT @actionchick: @BestWorstMovie interview 3.ly/BWMI is only item I've let anyone repost, @charliejane. Love @io9 3.ly/BWM9 #
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