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From Twitter 07-22-2010 - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
From Twitter 07-22-2010

  • 00:44:37: @alexpardee: I get into #SDCC tomorrow. You can tell me all about the color of @Templesmith's eyes then!
  • 00:45:18: @AdrianneCurry: speaking of hot...what costume am I gonna see you in tomorrow at #SDCC?
  • 00:46:19: RT @501stLegion: Stormtroopers ready to invade Comic-Con: http://yhoo.it/9zyeoK #501st #starwars #SDCC
  • 00:46:34: RT @grantimahara: Miss #Dollhouse? Llike @FeliciaDay? Love "Epitaph One"? Then @jedwhedon and @motancharoen have the answer: http://bit. ...
  • 08:15:14: me too! RT@FragDolls: Excited for the "Geek Girls Exist" panel at #SDCC w/ @Veronica @GeekGirlDiva @bonniegrrl & @Rhoulette! Today 5:30-6:30
  • 08:18:36: My carry-on bag for my flight to #SDCC! #howiroll #StarWars http://twitpic.com/27ld1w
  • 08:27:33: RT @starwars @hansolo: Mythbusting Princess Leia’s Hair http://bit.ly/aTgQhO #StarWars
  • 10:27:52: i enjoy when @russcundiff is available to 27,422 fans/strangers and not his best friend @miloVentimiglia (via @MiloVentimiglia)
  • 10:37:31: @russcundiff: and I salute you, sir! will I be seeing you at Comic-Con?
  • 14:53:36: @BrianHuberd: I dyed my hair part green in honor of both Yoda & Godzilla!
  • 14:54:16: yay!!! RT @amy_geek: Look, it's @bonniegrrl's #StarWars craft book! #SDCC http://tweetphoto.com/34249232
  • 14:55:18: RT @BrianHuberd: Well, @bonniegrrl just walked in. The pain of pro wrestling is now officially over.
  • 14:55:36: RT @MythBusters: Kari's excited for Geek Girls panel today @5:30 w/@Rhoulette @bonniegrrl @mariancall @sarahkuhn @geekgirldiva @thenerdy ...
  • 15:44:08: I think I'm in love! http://twitpic.com/27oqfi #sdcc #spongebob
  • 18:39:12: @grantimahara: thanks for coming to the Geek Girls Exist panel, your handsome robot overlord presence was felt by all.
  • 18:41:27: Is it just me or is @NathanHamill extra ballsy this year at the Bongo Comics booth at #SDCC? http://twitpic.com/27q5m4
  • 19:25:47: RT @geekgirls: THX @bonniegrrl @thenerdybird @mariancall @Veronica @karibyron @rhoulette @kiala @sarahkuhn & @geekgirldiva for the best ...
  • 19:27:01: @geekgirldiva: thank YOU for letting me geek out with some awesome geek gals!!!
  • 19:27:34: @Billyjensen: awww thanks!!!
  • 19:38:07: Met legends @ToplessRobot & @GreatWhiteSnark at the #GeekGirlsExist #SDCC panel. I feel like I just met Watson & Sherlock, or Tom & Jerry.
  • 19:39:48: @nerdrage42: thanks for being one of my fave gals on Twitter & thanks for coming to the #GeekGirlsExist panel!!
  • 19:41:03: Thank you all who came to my #GeekGirlsExist panel & laughed at all my smartassery comments. You are the wind beneath my X-Wing! #SDCC
  • 19:41:46: @priqueiroz: aye aye!
  • 19:42:35: @MichaelPHopkins: ALL storms (and possibly most unnatural disasters) should be named after me!
  • 19:43:14: @joekinkopf: thanks for laughing at my wisecracks!
  • 19:45:07: @TheStephThorpe: yay! Yeah the Skywalker job interview got me to rub it in many an ex's face! booya!
  • 19:46:10: @tibits http://twitpic.com/27pmml - ha! I think I'm tweeting as you took that photo!
  • 19:47:10: @graemem: zomg! Are you here at #SDCC!?
  • 19:48:06: @grantimahara: hahahah oh yes I did! ;-)
  • 19:49:01: @dblackanese: yay I got to hug you!
  • 19:49:29: @GreatWhiteSnark: I'll never tell! But I do have a weakness for the boys in shiny white armor.
  • 19:50:53: @BrianHuberd: Just come up & say howdy. I'm easy to spot! I'm the nerdy girl tweeting & giggling uncontrollably while flirting w/ droids!
  • 19:51:42: @nerdrage42: I have those Godzilla slippers! I wear them in the office when I write about Wookiees.
  • 19:52:02: @nerdrage42: yay for the Star Wars Craft book!
  • 19:54:06: @PatrickBMoran: I'll be at Star Wars Celebration in Aug & yup there will be a panel about the new Star Wars Craft Book! yay!
  • 19:54:57: From #GeekGirlsPanel I am now headed to #MargaritaCon. Let the blackmail photos with droids & pals begin...
  • 19:56:50: @Billyjensen: BTW, calling me Athena just made me want to kiss you! Or at least lasso you and make you tell the truth! Thanks!
  • 19:58:49: @swankmotron: See ya at the how to Draw Star Wars #SDCC panel on Sunday!
  • 19:59:20: @DanSlott: hahaha thanks. And I wasn't kidding when I said I tweet EVERYTHING all the time. So sorry in advance!
  • 20:01:21: @tibits: Yup, I'm starting to tweet in my sleep. It's like Inception only in my dreams I hear The Go-Gos instead of Edith Piaf.
  • 20:02:09: Oops. My Bad. RT @jrsydevils @NWF Tropical storm Bonnie takes aim at Louisiana http://bit.ly/bpYddZ
  • 20:06:29: @simonpegg: Saw ya @ Hard Rock on my way out. Wanted to say howdy to your inner demon, but you were wrapped in a protective layer of geeks.
  • 20:35:14: @KatzMoney: I will totally drink with you!!!!

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