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From Twitter 07-24-2010 - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
From Twitter 07-24-2010

  • 02:40:50: Drunk #SDCC Afterhours Tweeting starting in 3...2...1...
  • 02:41:57: @TheTVShowGirl: Thanks to you when they said last call I yelled PARTY LINE and ordered 2 more Jack & Gingers @ the @MythBusters party!
  • 02:43:33: It is now my personal goal to make sure Kari Byron from @MythBusters gets knighted or wins the lottery. Frak it, I'll buy her a tiara. #SDCC
  • 02:44:37: @grantimahara: I hope you realize I'm about to post blackmail photos from tonight...unless you pay up...in stories/drinks.
  • 02:45:19: The more I drink at #SDCC the more my hurricane does some serious damage...muhahahaha
  • 02:48:01: #SDCC afterhours: Geek Girl Tweetup then Fridays w/ pals then last minute #MythBusters booze up. My nerd herd is the BEST!
  • 02:48:31: @nerdrage42: as always a pure joy to hang with you!
  • 02:49:11: @wilw: I got to see ya twice in one day! DOUBLE FRAKKIN RAINBOW at #sdcc!
  • 02:50:20: @PhysicistLisa: aww thanks!
  • 02:50:46: RT @giant_robot: The #force is with @bonniegrrl & @giantroboteric #sdcc http://twitpic.com/27yn37
  • 02:51:40: @giantroboteric @giant_robot: as always great to see you! Thanks for making #SDCC worth it's weight in AWESOME!
  • 02:52:50: @Billyjensen: so nice to meet you! You're so tall!!! Like Wookiee tall! (that's a compliment)
  • 02:53:33: @feliciaday: am I gonna have to send a stormtrooper to come find you?! We still need to hang out at #SDCC!
  • 02:56:14: @nerdrage42: hahahaha yup we were both staggering!
  • 03:00:54: @nerdrage42: Tom Kenny is good people. I love him!
  • 03:01:11: The drunkest photo of me & sexy robot overlord @grantimahara you're gonna see tonight. You're welcome. http://is.gd/dEmpv #drunkSDCC
  • 03:10:29: Thanks to all of you who stopped by the #GeekGirlsExist Drink Up..er Tweet Up! I had fun chatting with you. #SDCC Nerd Herd FTW!
  • 03:21:24: All my #SDCC photos of panels, collectibles, costumed fans & more here - http://is.gd/dEnsN
  • 03:22:06: @LuisZV: good question!
  • 03:30:17: @AdrianneCurry: It was awesome finally meeting you...especially as Slave Leia! Hubba Hubba! http://is.gd/dEnLM
  • 03:40:03: Tweeting in my bubblebath while listening #BladeRunner soundtrack & eating Pop Rocks. #drunkSDCC
  • 03:42:11: @dino101: are you guys at Comic-Con this year!? I wanna see my fave geek guys!!!!
  • 03:51:53: #DrunkSDCC Bubblebath! Getting geeky clean while tweeting never felt so good! http://twitpic.com/28676j
  • 03:53:28: @Daniel_Logan: too late! send clone troopers!
  • 03:57:11: @Daniel_Logan: rubba dub boba!
  • 03:58:27: @katherinen: awesome finally meeting you in person!!!!! you rock!
  • 03:59:04: @Daniel_Logan: dirty dirty bounty hunter!
  • 04:03:37: What the Frak!? Why are the bubbles in my bath disappearing so quickly? Is it the soap? Where's a MythBuster when you need him? #drunkSDCC
  • 04:09:02: In the last 12 hours I've consumed 1 gin & tonic, 2 margaritas, 2 Jack & Gingers & 15 celery sticks & 1 bag Pop Rocks. Send help. #drunkSDCC
  • 04:30:13: @libraryguy: it's Grant for you too? uncanny!
  • 09:55:17: Who needs the Death Star when there's the dreaded Comic-Con hangover? *Ouch* #SDCC
  • 09:56:30: @Templesmith: What booth are you signing at so I can come stalk you properly?
  • 09:57:38: @feliciaday: I'm DMing you my info so we can track each other properly today. If we don't see each other today, I fully plan to blame Ewoks.
  • 10:00:35: RT @GeekToMe: Great to finally meet @bonniegrrl and @nathanhamill. Next time we're all going fishing together. #nochance
  • 10:01:13: @WorkSuxAlot: "Damn dirty, Gungans!!!!" *shakes fist in air*
  • 10:01:53: @kiala: My head feels like a dalek invasion mixed with tap dancing Jar Jar....
  • 10:02:29: @katherinen: hahahah DAMMIT! I'm time traveling at #SDCC!
  • 10:03:02: @BrianHuberd: I travel WITH Pop Rocks! #thatshowIroll
  • 10:03:35: @ericsiry: wait what? Where are my toes!!!!!!?!
  • 10:04:36: @BillyBot5000: what you call "Twitter feed" is what I call "CSI evidence."
  • 10:05:27: @ninavizz: I wish. Sadly, I'm not that good at luring men back to my X-Wing, if you know what I mean.
  • 10:06:37: @dino101 @russcundiff @miloventimiglia: I'm at #SDCC. You're at #SDCC. How can I make sure we run into each other?! Are you at the pool?
  • 10:11:34: @Rileah: It kills me that you and I haven't had some proper time together!!! Want me to come find you after the Family Guy panel?
  • 10:11:45: @BrianHuberd: *nerd salute*
  • 10:13:21: Dammit! How the hell did I miss James Marsters!? RT @JM_Live: 2 PHOTOS of James in the #CAPRICA Press Room! http://fb.me/Ci1zuECR #SDCC
  • 10:13:44: RT @JM_Live: VIDEO interview with the Los Angeles Times... http://fb.me/DQ8iC35w
  • 11:20:15: @templesmith: I'll be sure to stop by!!!
  • 17:47:24: @Templesmith: awesome to see you at the booth, flask & all!!!
  • 17:48:48: @feliciaday: awesome to see you finally!!! You & @wilw need a velvet painting portrait!
  • 17:49:11: @Rileah: so happy we got to hang!!!!
  • 17:50:31: RT @pr0b0t: Just bumped into Joss Whedon, @AdrianneCurry (in liloo outfit), Jason Ritter, & @bonniegrrl in the last 15 minutes!
  • 17:51:28: RT @missingwords: I wonder if #StabbedInTheFace can become a trending topic? Make it happen @Comic_Con crowd! #SDCC
  • 17:52:01: RT @missingwords: Scott Pilgrim screening tonight at the Balboa Theater on 4th!!! Come one come all... until it's full. #ScottPilgrim
  • 17:53:09: Be sure to my @HerUniverse panel at 6:30. Room 24 ABC. #sdcc #starwars
  • 17:56:06: The one, the only, the posh @Templesmith! http://twitpic.com/28dkyz #sdcc

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