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From Twitter 07-26-2010 - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
From Twitter 07-26-2010

  • 04:14:51: RT @TheUnderwire: @HerUniverse Fangirl Gear Won’t Include a Padawan Tube Top http://bit.ly/cxJPe5 #StarWars #geekgirls #geekchic
  • 04:21:14: Bye Bye #Stabbycon. Hello fog, dog & my quiet apt. Dreaming of astromechs & #sdcc mixers as soon as my head hits my Star Wars pillowcase.
  • 04:22:29: @steven_moffat: It's elementary my dear Moffat, that we would all adore your #SherlockHolmes!
  • 04:34:30: @Brennerd1138: awesome finally hanging with you and the rock star Dorina at #sdcc!
  • 04:37:49: @AdrianneCurry: Yay for finally getting to hang out with you! I have many lovely photos of you being a geeky dreamgirl. Will post soon!
  • 04:40:39: @grantimahara: it's 4:30am & I suddenly have the urge to drink a Jack & Ginger while interrupting you w/ repetative "that's what she said."
  • 04:43:21: RT @grantimahara: Bonus! #stabbycon exact replica pens will only be $250 each. Prototypes on display. Don't touch. Pre-orders only.
  • 11:30:57: @r2d2central: Sure thing! If I'm not under deadline, I'd love to go to your CV shindig!

  • 11:31:11: @AdrianneCurry: awww shucks! *blush*
  • 13:48:49: @prestonlawson: thanks!
  • 14:02:59: I sure hope so! RT @nikephorus: Do androids dream of @bonniegrrl ? http://bit.ly/bkeddd #BladeRunner
  • 15:32:00: David Bowie - "The Man Who Sold The World" ♫ http://blip.fm/~u1cic
  • 15:37:50: @geekgirls: AWESOME! Paul is good comic book people! All hail @Red5Comics!
  • 15:38:42: RT @geekgirls: My #GeekGirlsExist panel kicked ass b/c of @Rhoulette @thenerdybird @mariancall @bonniegrrl @kiala @sarahkuhn @veronica K ...
  • 15:39:08: @kimmi_page: Yup, I just have to find a poster tube and you'll be getting some new #StarWars art!
  • 15:39:31: @LukesFather: I tweeted your awesome R2 cake over at @starwars!
  • 15:41:04: @grantimahara: "Dear Robosexual Magazine, I never thought it would happen to me but..."
  • 15:42:56: Lost my voice thanks to #StabbyCon. Dear coworkers, this means you can finally get a word in edgewise (or smartass-wise). You're welcome.
  • 15:46:01: "Promise Keepers, Comic-Con. Potato, po-tah-toe - all worshiping false gods." /via @bob_calhoun http://is.gd/dKQIb #sdcc
  • 15:47:17: @EddieMcClintock http://twitpic.com/28v78v - You clean up good for Comic-Con!
  • 15:49:29: @EddieMcClintock: Great to see ya at #sdcc! Gave #Warehouse13 a shoutout on all my panels including the @HerUniverse panel w/ @JaneEspenson!
  • 15:49:45: @monkeysailor: doh! Too late!
  • 15:50:09: RT @EricIGN: #Supernatural meets LA Confidential? What Jared, Jensen & producers told @PhilIGN about Season 6 at #SDCC http://go.ign.com ...
  • 15:51:21: @mc_frontalot: Thanks for making my post #Stabbycon better with your new CD. Expect fun stuff in the mail from me very soon!
  • 15:53:18: @wilw: I'm 38. It's fun. Family shun you for wasting all your $ on Pop Rocks & Godzilla DVDs instead of having kids. Maybe that's just me.
  • 15:54:25: @dotsboy: I'm at DetoxCon now. My liver is about to stab my bladder with a pen.
  • 15:54:51: @rockinanna: I think they're more full of crazy from that interview alone.
  • 15:59:14: @geekgirldiva: no way - YOU'RE awesome! I'm just a single rainbow!
  • 15:59:25: @teresaconaty: 38 FTW!
  • 16:01:23: RT @MyLifeAsLiz_Liz: #iThinkYouKnowTheAnswerToThatQuestion RT @HCwTK: @MyLifeAsLiz_Liz Are you going to Star Wars Celebration V in Orlan ...
  • 16:13:27: Orbital - #DoctorWhohttp://blip.fm/~u1egc
  • 16:14:03: @nightchilde: then everyone's happy!
  • 16:14:26: @MightyGeek: Love the Stinking Rose! And zero Twilight fans thanks to the garlic!
  • 16:14:43: @SophieAG: awww thanks. Can you send that in a letter to my parents?
  • 18:20:25: RT @stephenchristy: I found a gelfling! http://yfrog.com/jyslooj #DarkCrystal #sdcc
  • 18:21:44: @mouseguard: I know!!! I was so sad I didn't see you! But I did get to see @stephenchristy over at @ArchaiaComics...
  • 18:22:19: RT @missingwords: Coming to Blu-ray @Fanboys_Movie directed by @Kyle_Newman on StarWarsShop and get a free "I Break for Wookiees" sticke ...
  • 18:34:14: Great write up from @chinashopmag of the #GeekGirlsExist #SDCC panel I was on! Yay @geekgirls! http://is.gd/dL8mF
  • 18:35:14: RT @EddieMcClintock: Thank you, #Warehouse13 fans. Without you, there would be unemployment. http://twitpic.com/28e7tj #WH13 #sdcc
  • 18:36:06: @jasonhohoho: Great to meet you too!
  • 18:37:41: RT @ScottMoonEndor: @bonniegrrl How about helping out an old space pirate with a little RT? http://www.welcometolando.com #SWCV #starwars
  • 18:44:22: @ScottMoonEndor: Works Every Time! *wink*
  • 18:45:17: @graemem: You would have loved the @GeekGirls panel! I was in full smartass geek form, as usual @kiala was brave to sit next to me!
  • 18:45:48: KLF - #DoctorWho in the TARDIS ♫ http://blip.fm/~u1km0
  • 18:46:29: @ScottMoonEndor: RTed over at @StarWars too. Good luck! ;-)
  • 18:50:33: @ThatChrisGore: Let the Wookiee...oh never mind...
  • 18:51:08: @Rileah: to quote tall, dark & moody "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" You have to go to SW Celebration! I barely got to see ya at #StabbyCon!
  • 18:51:55: @Rileah: wait SW Celebration isn't next weekend. It's Aug 12-15! www.starwarscelebration.com
  • 18:52:11: @graemem: Yub Rub Nub!
  • 18:53:12: Count me in! RT @graemem: @sarahkuhn @bonniegrrl @kiala I want a reunion! A repeat performance! Maybe at... Wondercon?
  • 18:53:17: RT @sarahkuhn: @graemem Oh, I like this. Let's get the band back together. cc: @bonniegrrl @kiala @thenerdybird @veronica @geekgirls @rh ...
  • 18:53:49: @sarahkuhn: thanks! I'm a smartass everywhere... even tweeting. Wait, does that mean I'm a tweetass?
  • 18:54:20: @tishalulle1: Personally, I think #BigBangTheory is even more adorkable with @wilw on it!
  • 18:56:11: @kiala @graemem: Did someone say Ewok Karaoke?! http://is.gd/dLaJi
  • 19:07:27: @Templesmith: I think from now you should only sign your comics with bloody pens in honor of #StabbyCon!
  • 19:08:02: @Rileah: Please visit me in San Francisco! I give good Lucasfilm tours. I make stuff up about frogs and E.T.
  • 19:11:14: @nomadixxx: ptew ptew!
  • 19:14:29: @alex_segura: So awesome to see you! You have to come to WonderCon so I can have a drink with you!
  • 19:16:25: @Templesmith: Geek blood has a darker hue than baby's blood, if you need your drawings to look more Templesmithy!
  • 19:17:23: @graemem @kiala: Portland field trip as soon as THIS is over: www.starwarscelebration.com
  • 19:18:15: @BrianHuberd: yeah well I had a ROLLERSKATING ROUTINE to that KLF - Doctor Who song.
  • 19:18:58: @graemem: I mean it! It all depends on my dogsitter. Dog first, social life second!
  • 19:19:45: @BrianHuberd: Watered-down Zombies sounds like a Jones Soda flavor.
  • 19:21:17: All the problems with late-1970s #DoctorWho, in one short video! http://io9.com/5589884/ /via @io9
  • 19:22:06: @alex_segura: I'm putting up all the rest of my #SDCC coverage on www.StarWars.com & www.Grrl.com soon!
  • 19:23:10: @RL_Stine: those weren't kids in the audience at #Inception, that was your subconscious!
  • 19:28:57: RT @starwars: VIDEO: R2-D2 Visits Young Patients at EMMC - http://is.gd/dL0QZ #StarWars
  • 22:11:01: @red5comics: you're TOO COOL for a Bonnie booth visit!
  • 22:12:19: @gregaronowitz: hahaha aw thanks. Wait so does that make me Hammerhead in that photo?
  • 22:17:32: RT @GeekToMe: @BonnieGrrl's Secret to Surviving Comic-Con [VIDEO] http://youtu.be/C1MLqqDfQYo #sdcc
  • 22:32:54: @ellingson: Yeah that outdoor oasis at Comic-Con is my favorite escape route. It's free of shoving crowds & pen-stabby threats.
  • 22:34:33: @Veronica @mariancall @sarahkuhn @kiala @thenerdybird @geekgirls @rhoulette: No DragonCon, but I'll be here: www.starwarscelebration.com
  • 22:35:55: @BillCorbett: It was an HONOR to meet you at #SDCC, even if I was full of cocktails. Though I don't think I gushed over you enough. ;-)
  • 22:36:29: @Brennerd1138: thanks?
  • 22:40:56: @Templesmith: Geek blood is also immune to zombie viruses but is subject to scurvy thanks to an all nacho, no-veggie diet.
  • 22:41:40: @ellingson: I go where the Death Star goes.
  • 22:43:31: @alexpardee: I know! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!? I did see your amazing art my pals bought from you though. http://is.gd/dLwMs
  • 22:46:08: @BillCorbett: Indeed. When the MythBusters invites one in for a cocktail, one always goes! ;-)
  • 22:46:30: @alexpardee: Heck yeah!!!!!!
  • 22:46:57: @ellingson: I love mashed potatoes and gravity!
  • 23:40:46: @micheleboyd: It was awesome finally meeting you at Comic-Con! Thanks for rocking! http://is.gd/dLC0q
  • 23:42:39: Blogging my #SDCC recaps while watching "After The Thin Man" seems more than appropriate. #boozecon
  • 23:43:17: @rob_sheridan: UGH! I can't believe I didn't see ya at #StabbyCon! No Double Rainbow for me.

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