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From Twitter 07-28-2010 - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
From Twitter 07-28-2010

  • 11:54:26: We are gonna RULE! RT @MandyBu: Ahem, our panelists for the "show": @clubjade, @bonniegrrl, @MeaganFinnerty, @kyle_newman & @JATactor!
  • 11:55:09: @erier2003: that can be arranged!
  • 12:08:14: RT @TheNerdonomicon: Reports have surfaced that Leia Organa loves Han Solo, rumors have also surfaced that "He Knows" #wookieeleaks
  • 12:10:11: @ellingson: Nice! Though I personally love Buddy Holly frames on the lads. Hey did I miss you at Comic-Con? Do the Fates hate us?
  • 12:17:15: You had me at Justin Timberlake @jtimberlake as Boo Boo! http://is.gd/dPd6P

  • 12:19:28: @Goofyfan_Chuck: Dude it's gonna be the best picnic basket trainwreck EVER!
  • 12:20:43: @ellingson: screw that! Go for the Elton John frames. Surely, there's some with glitter frames!
  • 12:22:02: @BrianHuberd: I am VERY tempted to get my celestial portrait done and put them on my business cards to freak everyone out.
  • 12:23:00: @drgambit: yup! I'll be at Celebration flirting with astromechs.
  • 12:26:01: RT @DavidSchatanoff: "If you ever want to know where the good shade is, follow the Goths" - @bonniegrrl #SDCC #wordsofwisdom
  • 12:26:22: @AdrianneCurry: awww thanks!
  • 12:26:47: @evildorina @AdrianneCurry: @NathanHamill was supposed to be interviewed 1st about legit art stuff, so of course I hijacked the camera.
  • 12:32:56: @ellingson: S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y!
  • 12:33:40: @JacquelynF: expect awesome (and stormtroopers) at every turn!
  • 12:37:36: @geminibros: that IS awesome!
  • 12:40:57: RT @grantimahara: Also, my deliciously geeky EPIC podcast interview with @jawboneradio is here: http://bit.ly/csppfG robots, super power ...
  • 12:49:38: @ellingson: Fancy!
  • 12:52:13: RT @kyle_newman: my #SWCV panels are: "Fandom in 140 Words or Less!" Hosted by @erier2003 & @MandyBu - w/ @clubjade @bonniegrrl @Meagan ...
  • 12:58:48: @GeekToMe: "There's plenty of Milhouse to go around!"
  • 13:48:00: My interview w/ the artist behind the epic art of Chewbacca riding a giant squirrel into battle against the Nazis! http://bit.ly/9lWFVY
  • 13:51:06: @AdrianneCurry: ha! you rock! ;-)
  • 14:37:28: @Billyjensen: I want one of zombies attacking Jar Jar. Is that too easy?
  • 14:38:49: RT @GalleyCat: Meet the author, editor & university professor behind the excellent @DRUNKHULK Twitter feed: http://mbist.ro/buq7Zz
  • 14:40:07: RT @giant_robot: Giant Robot x David Choe = Munko! If you missed these at Comic-Con, please don't fret. http://bit.ly/aOyj9p http://bit ...
  • 14:45:00: @DeathStarPR: pssst Wookiee is spelled with 2 E's and so is #wookieeleaks
  • 14:48:05: @evildorina: Did I miss out on your Hulk Happy Meal toy offer?! BONNIE ANGRY! BONNIE SMASH!
  • 14:54:28: @wilw: Never fuck with the Wheaton! http://is.gd/dPrBc & http://is.gd/dPruk #BBT #bowling
  • 15:10:46: @evildorina: ah that's okay. I'm a tweeter not a fighter.
  • 15:11:10: @Billyjensen: I have a love/hate relationship with Jar Jar. I love to hate him.
  • 15:12:56: ZOMG! Congrats! RT @OKBJGM: Javier Grillo-Marxuach to Adapt "Dead @ 17" Feature Film http://bit.ly/a6HHiU /via @comicsalliance #comics
  • 15:14:06: @Terensu_San: oooh sexy fish!
  • 15:18:06: @grantimahara: http://twitpic.com/29eobn - Congrats! But who's operating @craigyferg?
  • 15:26:20: Comic-Con: This Blog Post (Is About #SciFi That) Might Just Change Your Life! http://is.gd/dPupm @io9 #sdcc
  • 15:27:14: RT @charlielawyer: @DeathStarPR Surely you can't be expected to keep track of the idiosyncratic spelling of every race you conquer and e ...
  • 15:27:52: RT @Billyjensen: Angry Muppets With Box Cutters (PICS) http://ow.ly/2hZMR (via @CultistMiami) #whynot
  • 15:35:20: One of my fave @LucasArtsGames - "Day Of The Tentacle" - gets some love on @DigitalSpy! http://is.gd/dPvjf #gaming
  • 15:42:16: I could really go for some basil #pizza, with #BeaArthur, on a mountain... http://is.gd/dPw41
  • 15:42:52: @ThePeterHa: Yup I work at Lucasfilm... in the Presidio... near the Ewok hutt.
  • 15:51:45: @ThePeterHa: how about you email me instead? I'm kind swamped over here since we're about to go to Star Wars Celebration very soon.
  • 15:58:30: RT @kyle_newman: Haters are welcome at the "Why We Love The Prequels" PANEL at #SWCV... welcome to SUCK IT! haha #starwars
  • 16:15:27: Tribble machines, zombie solidarity bands & face-huggers: Comic-Con Radvertising! http://is.gd/dPyKp #sdcc /via @io9
  • 16:27:29: @amy_geek: yeah, those face huggers weren't just for faces! http://is.gd/dPzKZ
  • 16:28:03: @BrianHuberd: Did you ask Zombie Girl if she liked brainy guys?
  • 16:42:00: Welcome aboard the Titanic 2! What could possibly go wrong? http://is.gd/dPASQ
  • 16:48:23: @ellingson: I'm fully hoping for an onboard Wampa for T2!
  • 16:48:40: @moffattbooks: ice ice baby!
  • 16:48:52: RT @MeaganFinnerty: Come see our panel! Fandom in 140 Words or Less Hosts @erier2003 & @MandyBu w/ @clubjade @bonniegrrl @MeaganFinnerty ...
  • 16:49:16: @monkeysailor: Indeed. I think I see Obi-Wan's ghost EVERYWHERE now!
  • 17:15:59: @amandadeibert: Are they okay?! ;-)
  • 17:16:11: @ellingson: h0t!
  • 17:16:48: @ludibriumventis: ALL movies would be better with a giant cephalopod!
  • 18:19:58: Robot Teachers: Coming soon, to a classroom near you! http://is.gd/dPKfc #robots /via @io9
  • 18:21:27: @NathanFillion: Not a fan of gum flavors that don't occur in nature? I personally like "River Stream" and "Fresh Cut Grass."
  • 18:24:29: Don't Swat at Yoda! http://bit.ly/9t6Jrp #StarWars #madscience
  • 18:26:04: @NathanFillion: I prefer #StarWars gum like Minti-chlorians and Cinna-3PO!
  • 18:32:23: @kyle_newman: I interviewed the artist here - http://is.gd/dPLiH
  • 19:09:40: RT @MollyMcIsaac: My #nerdlair IS now sporting a print of #Batman on a robot #unicorn. http://twitpic.com/29l7c2 /via @CapSteveRogers
  • 19:11:49: Anyone for @Templesmith cosplay at conventions? http://is.gd/dPOv9 #sdcc #dappergeeks
  • 19:35:35: @evildorina: YAY! Does that mean I get it, or do I have smash still?
  • 19:36:31: @Templesmith: There's always next year's Comic-Con! We can do a whole army of Templesmith clones complete with skinny ties and flasks!
  • 19:39:52: @CapSteveRogers: Truth be known, NONE of us are good looking enough to cosplay as @Templesmith.
  • 19:40:56: @evildorina: I'll trade you the Hulk Happy Meal toy for the Buffy Vampire Slayer porn comic!
  • 19:42:43: @mtvmoviesblog: Thanks for the tweet cred! I interviewed the Chewie on a Squirrel artist here - http://is.gd/dPLiH
  • 19:43:27: @evildorina: hot! HULK SMASH BUFFY, AND SHE LIKE IT!
  • 19:44:27: @munter: True. @Templesmith is #sdcc Highlander. Too bad you can't do the Sith lord thing. You can have 2 of those guys!
  • 19:44:53: @munter: Dear Sir, we ALL have flasks!
  • 19:45:34: @munter: That's it! Next year I am SO planning a @TEMPLESMITH FLASH MOB at #sdcc! Maybe for WonderCon?
  • 19:46:08: @Ghostfreehood: I always thought Force lightning looks better coming out of jazz hands.
  • 19:48:32: @wilw: I thought "the key is to meet someone awesome and not show them the key to get out of the house." Not romantic?
  • 19:49:08: @JeffCarlisle: Does the doctor drink from a flask? If he does, he's in!
  • 19:55:21: Sid, the passionate cussing ninja bunny! Bless your little cotton tail, @CraigyFerg! http://is.gd/dPSh9 #puppets
  • 19:57:42: @evildorina @NathanHamill: Speaking of trees... http://is.gd/dPSyu
  • 20:06:21: "If you kill it, you get to lick the skillet!" - #Squidbillies http://is.gd/dPTlA @adultswim
  • 20:06:58: RT @missingwords: Dear everyone: the word "Wookiee" has two e's, the word "Kashyyyk" has three y's and the word "Hutt" has two t's. Than ...
  • 20:20:14: @wilw: Yes but would EVIL Wheaton agree with me?
  • 20:21:06: @missingwords: I'm going to be tweeting people telling them to come harass you every 5 minutes. THAT should entertain you at @SW_Celebration
  • 20:21:43: @JeffCarlisle: you call Whiskey - "Power Juice" too?!
  • 21:42:00: @dominichamon: that would be full of win!!!!!
  • 21:43:43: @wilw: How sad is it that Evil Wheaton doesn't realize I'm tweeting this from INSIDE THE HOUSE!?
  • 21:44:48: @JeffCarlisle @wilw: if by "lotion" you mean "tacos" then yes you are correct.
  • 21:48:31: Suffering from Comic-Con Cough, watching new #MST3K box set, blogging last of #SDCC recaps. Please send tacos & Guinness.
  • 21:51:32: Every time I see the phrase "sex probe" I want to add "droid" to the end of it. #NerdConfessions
  • 21:53:25: @GeekToMe: I'm inside Wooster? what are you smoking?!
  • 21:54:07: @DPN686: many of both! gracias.
  • 21:57:25: @Shookaste: http://bit.ly/d0II8Q
  • 21:59:52: Hey @Templesmith, I found you a robot BFF... RT @TransBotica: Tentacle Robot under development by the US Army http://bit.ly/9pxUmi #robots
  • 22:03:42: @JeffCarlisle: you already know I'd love to write for any of your projects. Let's redo the Bible! I have some revisions I'd like to make!
  • 22:04:55: @actionchick: did you watch me eat every stick of celery at the Geek Girl Tweetup?
  • 22:12:23: Hey! That's MY stuff! RT @missingwords: My final horrifying vision of the office tonight: http://yfrog.com/hqrgmkj http://yfrog.com/3ttdmxj
  • 22:17:54: @Templesmith: can't you get a free tentacle robot for "research" ?
  • 22:23:51: @Templesmith: ordering my Templesmith Real Doll for "research" now...
  • 22:25:44: Mmm tastes brainy! RT @BrianHuberd: How about some Watered Down Zombie from Jones Soda? http://yfrog.com/5xrhvj #zombietalk
  • 22:27:16: @geekgirldiva: My Comic-Con cough makes me sound like General Grievous!
  • 22:33:25: @Templesmith: only so they can pretend to be BFF w/ you ala "Weekend at Bernie's."
  • 22:34:24: @geekgirldiva: yeah my voice disappears w/o warning. My co-workers finally get to talk in meetings.
  • 22:39:22: @shanenickerson: expect a Wookiee care package from me soon!!!!
  • 23:05:24: @missingwords: awww I love how you call my mindless yammering -- "wit"
  • 23:06:16: RT @hodgesart: EAT PRAY LOVE should have been called DON'T F*CKING CARE

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