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From Twitter 07-30-2010 - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
From Twitter 07-30-2010

  • 17:39:08: @BrianHuberd: ha! Who knows? But if I recall Darth Vader's design is part Japanese warrior part WWII gas mask.
  • 17:40:11: @amy_geek: good idea! I'm taking some ColdCalm homeopathic stuff + vitamin water + tea + soup. Hot bath & hot toddies later.
  • 17:40:23: @kristenmchugh22: I love hot toddies!
  • 17:41:11: My kind of cold remedy! RT @kristenmchugh22: Whiskey, warmed honey & lemon juice = homemade Nyquil.
  • 17:41:44: @joshuamneff: If I was a Time Lord, this Twitter sure would be a lot more entertaining. Plus I'd give you all the correct Lotto numbers!
  • 17:42:34: @monkeysailor: Turkish bath & sauna?! I wish! The closest thing I have is Mr. Bubble & Turkish Delight!
  • 17:42:49: @joshuamneff: To keep the vampire chickens away?
  • 17:43:12: @deathwaits: Lucasfilm totally needs a bacta tank! Or at least a hot tub at the gym!
  • 17:43:30: @kristenmchugh22: shots of whiskey cure all!
  • 17:45:38: @BrianHuberd: Every time I heard the words "Vader bust" I always picture @Dolly_Parton dressed as a Sith Lord.
  • 17:46:29: @monkeysailor: WOW! A portable steam sauna!? That looks cool! http://bit.ly/coebek
  • 17:47:29: @Trev71: I need to visit England again! I went there a couple years ago for a Star Wars convention but didn't get a proper tour!
  • 17:49:50: Welcome to my dreams... RT @WorkSuxAlot: How about an AT-AT w/ a really big keg around his neck. Screw St. Bernard's & their little barrels
  • 17:50:26: @jschisser: No way! There's BACON Whiskey!?
  • 17:51:10: @EricIGN: I WISH I had a medic droid here! All I have are meds, juice, tea, pillows, blankets, Kleenex, Three Stooges & a snoring dog!
  • 17:51:37: @kittylair: thanks for the cold-killer ideas! I'll try it!
  • 17:53:23: #FF @DarkHorseComics - They fill my bookcases full of the best #comics ever written!
  • 17:54:53: #FF: @claregrant - One of the coolest ladies to ever step foot (or rollerskate) into Comic-Con!
  • 17:58:35: Yay for more #GeekGirls! RT @NerdchickAlly: OMG! I'm a #Nerd! http://is.gd/dTUM5
  • 18:01:06: #FF @AdrianneCurry - A legit geek girl who does cosplay as Leeloo, a TIE Fighter Pilot & Slave Leia! http://is.gd/dNVHs & http://is.gd/dNYfL
  • 18:02:08: RT @actionchick: Which 1 do you think ate all the celery? #ff @GeekGirls @GeekGirlDiva @ArkhamAsylumDoc @BonnieGrrl @nerdrage42 @amy_geek
  • 18:03:23: #FF @DeathStarPR - If I didn't work for @starwars, I'd go to the dark side and do PR for the Death Star. You guys have hot tubs, right?
  • 18:05:15: @bennymw: Haven't read Fatal Alliance yet, but I heard it's great! I need to catch up on all my @StarWars novels!
  • 18:05:31: @nerdrage42: oooh! I LOVE Seattle!
  • 18:06:01: @stclark81: ooh like those cold remedies! Thanks! I'll try them out!
  • 18:06:35: @jschisser: OMG! That sounds like HEAVEN! I'll trade ya something cool for it!
  • 18:07:00: @BrianHuberd: Am I blinding you... with SCIENCE?!
  • 18:18:34: @atari_paladin: you get bonus points for the Star Wars poop joke!
  • 18:20:00: @mekagnana: oooh I like your Canadian cold remedies! Especially the inclusion of Godzilla plushie! (I have Godzilla slippers)
  • 18:22:45: Caught flu/cold like I did from Comic-Con? Call it #ComicCold so you can all share geeky remedies like the kind Medic Droids you are!
  • 18:23:33: RT @ChanceBoren: I call every bottle of #whiskey my #MedicDroid the dude @ the #quickymart hates it.... #ComicCold #StarWars
  • 18:28:35: @rob_sheridan: We have Skywalker wine & Cantina shot glasses - http://is.gd/dTY5x & http://is.gd/dTY9K - sadly no whiskey yet!
  • 18:29:15: @NicoleWakelin: After Luke leaves the Bacta Tank it's always so murky...
  • 18:29:36: @tishalulle1: your cold cure is what I eat normally!
  • 18:31:39: @nerdrage42: yup! the awesome @claregrant & Seth Green + rollerskates = http://is.gd/dTYsL
  • 18:36:09: RT @starwars: "Hey, so are we still on for that racquetball tournament on the Death Star for Tuesday?" #TextThatGetNoReply
  • 19:03:19: @jasonhohoho: i thought instead of "nasal lavage" you wrote "nasal lasagna" and I got worried.
  • 19:04:06: RT @dblackanese: @bonniegrrl Timmy, nice 2hear ur enjoying summer camp on Alderaan. So what's this about a new moon entering orbit? #Tex ...
  • 19:07:00: RT @DeathStarPR: @bonniegrrl For you, Bonnie? Anything. We envision a series of hot tubs, each more evilly decadent than the last.
  • 19:10:27: Thanks for all the #FF! Hi new followers. Just don't kiss me. I have #ComicCold & I tweet a lot. I don't want you to catch my geek germs!
  • 19:40:06: Nissin Chicken Bowl Noodles + Oolong tea + #MST3K Jack Frost + snoozy pup + Clone Wars blanket = my cure for #ComicCold
  • 19:40:38: RT @starwars: Focus on Female Fans: @HerUniverse #SDCC Panel w/ @JaneEspenson @katiecandraw @CatStaggs @bonniegrrl @syfy & more http://b ...
  • 19:47:24: RT @ashman01: Uncle Owen - found droid. Was with that old guy lol. Omw back, cu soon. Need anything from Mos Eisley? #textthatgetnoreply
  • 19:51:17: RT @dblackanese: Hey Ozzel, try not 2 F-Up on taking down those Rebel scum on Hoth 2day! Don't want ur dark&broody boss choking you. LOL ...
  • 19:53:51: RT @LaurenKolligs: May the Soup be with you. #ComicCold
  • 19:54:27: @YourGodFearsMe: I WISH I got Rileah and Clare germs! Instead, I think it was just me staying out too late around stromtroopers.
  • 19:55:03: @jasonhohoho: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew
  • 19:55:58: @LadyNiko: ooh that looks good!
  • 19:56:34: @jasonhohoho: i don't know if I can afford Scotch older than me!
  • 19:56:51: @BrianHuberd: Never tell me the odds!!!!
  • 19:57:33: @BrianHuberd: You went all #MythBusters on my bubblebath + Pop Rocks challenge!? Impressive!
  • 19:59:10: #FF @janewiedlin = Part cyborg, Part Geek Goddess, ALL #LadyRobotika.
  • 20:00:35: @matthewood: Congrats on your 20 yr mark at Lucasfilm. Does this mean you're gonna blog about it over www.Blogs.StarWars.com? HINT!
  • 20:01:44: @EddieMcClintock: DONE! Now you just need to get Joanne Kelly on Twitter!!
  • 20:06:08: In honor of my #ComicCold - Sick house - #TheYoungOnes http://is.gd/dU6jt
  • 20:08:48: @dennilfloss: I LOVE #BAGPIPES! Especially when they play #StarWars songs! http://bit.ly/9q8Xsw
  • 20:11:38: RT @KyleeLane: If you are interested in helping organize #GeekGirlCon, hashtag it & you'll be put on our contact list. RT! (pllllease?)
  • 20:15:25: @KyleeLane: I'm all for #GeekGirlCon! Will there be nachos and margaritas?
  • 20:16:21: @jeremyv10: I can cough on a postcard and send it to ya?
  • 20:28:44: @Adam_Fn_Green: yeah but you have a supermodel wife to take care of you. I have a dog who just gives me weird looks.
  • 20:32:01: Posted new photos from David Choe signing at #sdcc & #GRSF store in my @giant_robot Flickr set! http://is.gd/dU8jp
  • 20:32:52: @nicolefalk13: Did I send you your TK Helmet questions on Facebook yet for my www.StarWars.com article?
  • 20:33:28: @Adam_Fn_Green: The only healing message I get from my dog is "feed me"
  • 20:35:44: RT @dblackanese: Yo Dack, u said u had intel on Leia & why I shouldn't hook up w/her. She got sumptin? Or maybe we're related? LMAO -Luk ...
  • 20:48:15: @bennymw: I read a LOT of comics from @ArchaiaComics @DarkHorseComics @fantagraphics @OniPress @vertigo_comics @Marvel @DC_NATION
  • 20:49:19: #FF #Comics Edition: @ArchaiaComics @DarkHorseComics @fantagraphics @OniPress @vertigo_comics @Marvel @DC_NATION @IDWPublishing
  • 21:08:42: RT @DeathStarPR: Heysa friend! Is yousa still comin to meesa birthday party?! RSVP. - Jar Jar. #TextThatGetNoReply #starwars
  • 21:11:52: My article about @HerUniverse #SDCC Panel I was on w/ @JaneEspenson @katiecandraw @CatStaggs @syfy & more http://bit.ly/ctmz6A #geekgirls
  • 21:34:01: @acegrrl: Please do! Nachos first, Ewoks second though.
  • 21:42:40: RT @NathanFillion: If someone says, "...that's what she said." I respond, "...to her friend, who was also a slut."
  • 21:43:12: RT @GeekToMe: I talk to @NathanHamill at #SDCC about #Boris and the future of his toy line http://youtu.be/eBHlq_nFzIs
  • 21:56:31: @KatzMoney: I was hoping Oliver Stone would have said he loved 'Fright Night II" or "Xanadu"
  • 22:08:47: RT @starwars: A Voice for Female Sci-Fi Fans - @HerUniverse! http://is.gd/dUfve /via @pinkraygun #StarWars #GeekGirls
  • 22:28:26: @ellingson: I have a framed autographed photo of Henry Mancini in my apartment! Impressed?
  • 22:31:22: RT @elliottstanger: @starwars hey lando its han, i need a place to hide with my gurl and a few bots, gotta spare room? coming anyway! #T ...
  • 22:34:58: @CraigyFerg: Congrats on the spawning! Does this mean Geoff will be offering his robot babysitting services soon?
  • 22:36:28: @ellingson: Does your underwear have a cat on it too!? http://is.gd/dUhLS
  • 22:36:48: @ellingson: You made a mixed tape for your grandma? You rock!
  • 22:59:31: "I'm sick and I'm dying, yet I have a taste for nachos..." #MST3K #ComicCold
  • 23:01:12: @ellingson: yeah i have skull underwear too...http://is.gd/dUjqZ
  • 23:01:30: @kaiser_nesbit: hahahaha ;-) thanks!
  • 23:07:39: @ellingson: I have many many diesel sweeties fashions. @rstevens is my Tim Gunn!
  • 23:30:51: @ellingson: Fluids including Vitamin watter, peppermint tea and Whiskey! Take THAT germs!
  • 23:31:52: @AMANDAJEANNN: I bet if you put whipped cream and sprinkles on the stir fry, @missingwords would eat it.
  • 23:37:04: @KatzMoney: "We should've got the live chicken."
  • 23:40:13: #ComicCold cure: RT @dominichamon: Whiskey, honey, whiskey, lemon, and whiskey. Followed up with whiskey. Also The Goonies. And whiskey.
  • 23:41:09: @ellingson: chopping wood? really? How about just watching a DVD of a roaring fireplace? Does that count?
  • 23:43:40: "Hey Abe, I have front row seats to the play if you'd rather not sit way up in that VIP box. Lemme know, Pres!" #TextThatGetNoReply
  • 23:52:29: @amy_geek: what kind of tea do you like to mix your whiskey and lemon with?

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