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From Twitter 08-11-2010 - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
From Twitter 08-11-2010

  • 00:08:25: Watching #BladeRunner while sewing giant rabbit ears for TK helmet & packing for #StarWars Celebration. http://twitpic.com/2dmhqw
  • 00:09:48: @MyLifeAsLiz_Liz: yup I quoted you in the Overheard on Twitter section of Star Wars Insider magazine! I'll bring ya a copy!
  • 00:37:28: @csdaley: 1st DVD release of the director's cut
  • 00:39:23: @rachel_dick: I love #Supernatural too! my fave is the Groundhog's Day episode!!!
  • 00:40:18: RT @denofgeek: BBC orders more #SherlockHolmes http://bit.ly/b0la2h
  • 00:50:54: @sharononeill: yup! plus I love Martin Freeman as Watson!
  • 00:53:56: Let's see, my flight leaves at 8am, so need to be at airport at 7am, leave home at 6:30am, walk dog at 6am, get up at 5:30am. ack! #swcv
  • 00:56:53: RT @grantimahara: Please, enjoy your robots responsibly. #publicservice
  • 13:30:08: Plane almost ran out of fuel to Dulles while I was listening to Edith Piaf. Pretended I was going down a dream level. #Inception #swcv
  • 13:32:20: @Dean_Winchest: I have demonic headache thanks to a really long flight. Advil isn't cutting it. Got any #Supernatural advice for me?
  • 13:33:27: @Tableteer: on route to #swcv in Orlando. couldn't get a direct flight so stopover in Dulles.
  • 13:47:41: I have a giant rabbit head in my luggage. this plane better not pull a Donnie Darko moment! #swcv
  • 13:51:47: @wilw: as long as it's not Trix Rabbit-related I'm good!
  • 13:53:08: @graemem: art! I made it out of a stormtrooper helmet for the TK Helmet Project!
  • 13:59:09: @CatStaggs @deebradleybaker: meanwhile I've been following BOTH of you since the dawn of Twitter.
  • 14:00:39: RT @OscarWRG: Cool Retro #StarWars Illustrations by a Japanese Illustrator http://bit.ly/91H3tI @starwars
  • 14:02:05: @CatStaggs: I keep wishing Leonardo was on my flight so I could get some decent shuteye! #Inception
  • 14:04:41: @CatStaggs: sadly I'm still on a Dulles runway waiting to fly to Orlando. Surrounded by crying babies & B.O. THIS is why I prefer robot.
  • 14:05:52: @pliniopinto @CatStaggs: not there yet. but I LOVE rain! I live in San Francisco after all. ;-)
  • 14:06:37: @CatStaggs: I'll be getting your print at my wedding to Artoo!!!
  • 14:11:13: @CatStaggs: can't wait for the honeymoon! R2-D2's got some special gadgets!
  • 14:28:47: Thanks to the Orlando storm my plane is stuck on the runway at Dulles for another hour. No early #swcv for me. :-(
  • 14:34:51: RT @r2d2central: Here it is the verizon R2-D2 droid! #SWCV http://twitpic.com/2dso91
  • 14:37:41: Hey @Dean_Winchest, the screaming kid sitting infront of me on the plane is possibly possessed. Is it rude for me to dump salt on his head?
  • 14:39:59: @CatStaggs: my plane headache can only be cured with a margarita.... Or a hot British guy.
  • 14:42:07: Still on the Tarmac surrounded by screaming & possessed kids... For the next frakkin hour.
  • 16:31:38: Landed in OrLANDO in 1 piece. Tho reminded why I NEVER EVER want to spawn. Need some quality time w/ droids & cocktails. #swcv
  • 16:32:37: @geekgirldiva: awww thanks!
  • 16:32:43: RT @geekgirldiva: Hey folks? @bonniegrrl's likely landing in FL with a massive need to kill someone. If you see her, buy her a drink for me.
  • 16:33:59: @mekagnana: I started saying the exorcist litany outloud at the kid & someone laughed & said "good luck!"
  • 17:36:41: For those keeping score, I'm now at my #swcv hotel in Orlando w/ a blinder headache & broken Star Wars puppets thanks to @unitedairlines.
  • 17:44:04: My poor Yoda puppet lost an ear thanks to @unitedairlines screener who manhandled bag contents http://twitpic.com/2du2yg #ForceFail #swcv
  • 20:02:26: mmmmm Cuban food at OrLANDO. i'm pretending it's Bantha. http://twitpic.com/2dv8be #swcv
  • 20:14:19: @ellingson: and that's why I heart you!
  • 20:15:37: @paulens: aww that's sad...
  • 20:28:10: Wampa! RT @CarrieFFisher: Trying to figure out what to wear at #SWCV. Definitely not the metal bikini, any suggestions? /via @starwars
  • 20:28:44: @janewiedlin: where are you?! Dagobah?
  • 20:41:52: RT @ColeHorton: I'm tweeting about @bonniegrrl who is tweeting in the same restaurant we are eating in. That's lots of tweeting.
  • 20:42:03: @ColeHorton: I see you!!!!!
  • 20:42:44: Tweet battle!!! RT @christrevas: Having dinner at Cuba Libre. Inspired to Twitter because @bonniegrrl is over there tweeting.
  • 20:44:57: @ellingson: gettin married to R2-D2 on Friday, but we plan to have an open droid marriage.
  • 21:33:35: RT @ellingson: I was never sure if R2D2 was male or female. "Androidgynous"? #starwars
  • 21:37:27: Astromech army by moonlight... http://twitpic.com/2dw19g & http://twitpic.com/2dw1cp #starwars #swcv
  • 22:05:50: RT @MyLifeAsLiz_Liz: Tomorrow Im going 2 #StarWarsCelebrationV! I'll be cohosting a empire strikes back 30th anniversary event on the di ...
  • 22:06:39: @gregorynice: Nope it's at Orlando for this - www.starwarscelebration.com
  • 22:14:46: #StarWars Celebration at night before the stormtroopers take over... #swcv http://twitpic.com/2dwbsx
  • 22:28:19: @r2d2central: crap! how am I gonna get R2-D2 to climb those stairs for the wedding!?
  • 22:28:59: RT @CW_network: Jared and Jensen talk about the fan turn out for #supernatural at Comic-Con http://bit.ly/byE7CT series premiere Friday, ...
  • 22:32:32: TK Helmet Project (@501sttkproject) - Artist Roundup 2 http://bit.ly/czCVSo #StarWars #501st #swcv /via @starwars
  • 23:35:42: @NathanHamill: AJ would give you a haircut I bet!

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