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From Twitter 09-11-2010 - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
From Twitter 09-11-2010

  • 00:03:15: @ChrisPirillo: ha! You should see my droid collection! I even married one! ;-)
  • 00:06:22: @JeslynM: oh it was fun today, I just like relaxing in other nerdy ways too. ;-)
  • 00:07:56: @j_lavalley: Pocky is a cookie stick with icing. It's Japanese. And yummy!
  • 00:08:32: RT @nerdrage42: How do you expect guys to respect women (sexy knockouts or normal gals) if we don't respect each other. #Girls4GeekGirls ...
  • 00:09:00: @geektechlive: yeast! It's yummy!
  • 00:15:54: RT @cathicks: Writing a bio for the Oakland Museum of CA. "If Pixar ever needed a deer gutted they can call my extension."
  • 00:18:49: @JeslynM: he was a very well-behaved Jedi!
  • 00:20:31: @wizmatts: well done! It was awesome seeing you today!
  • 00:51:56: @stonecypher: amen to that! We need more go-go guy dancers!!!
  • 00:55:39: @stonecypher: I think we need to start a trend where we convince cute geek guys to go shirtless!
  • 00:56:19: RT @claregrant: Yay Star Wars!! Thank you! RT @Bonniegrrl I interview the ladies of “G33k & G4M3R Girls” Music Video @teamunicornftw! ht ...
  • 01:14:34: RT @CatrinaCerise: My 4 YO forced me to play the Imperial March on my guitar while he played it on his bongos. It was a proud parenting ...
  • 01:15:46: @stephenchristy: if it wasn't for my dog nudging me to take her on walks, I would sleep all weekend too!
  • 01:15:56: RT @stephenchristy: AWESOME in-depth interview with the RETURN OF THE DAPPER MEN team! Lots new interior art from the book to see :) htt ...
  • 01:18:14: @ellingson: oooh which Russ Meyer film? Faster Pussycat? Mudhoney?
  • 01:26:53: Talking about #StarWars ladies undies designs w/ Ashley @HerUniverse & @MattLanter makes my #CloneWars premiere highlights list! ;-)
  • 02:08:18: @MShaneman: thanks... Uh oh there's more?
  • 02:09:43: RT @Rileah: @Kcat10 Thank you so much! We need women to start supporting each other in world no matter what they look like or who they are.
  • 02:12:30: RT @philipalanoneal: @bonniegrrl @Rileah @Kcat10 it would be even cooler if we could all just support each other. All nerds are created ...
  • 02:13:38: @MShaneman: thanks for the help! ;-)
  • 02:35:30: RT @caseymckinnon: It's been 3 years to the day since we released this video w/ @seanbonner as @wilw: http://bit.ly/aDgtOK Ironic since ...
  • 02:44:29: @rstevens: Batman is always awake.
  • 02:46:15: RT @Nedopak: Sept 11 - Writers With Drinks in San Fran - @BrandonSandrson and @bonniegrrl ?!? Insanity! -> http://zvents.com/e/9aPqT/ ...
  • 03:43:08: Can't fall asleep! Too nervous for my first spoken word thingy Writers With Drinks this Sat night!!!! http://zvents.com/e/9aPqT/m
  • 03:43:33: @Templesmith: but a much better haircut!!!!
  • 03:44:49: @MShaneman: ah that. Yeah they didn't want to give single credit for quotes. Team Unicorn is a unit!
  • 03:45:43: @actionchick: nice to see I'm not the only geek girl nightowl!
  • 03:49:51: @Templesmith: I bet you keep awesome squid secrets in your hair!
  • 03:50:19: @chibi_missy: geek girls rule late night tweeting!!!!
  • 12:54:12: @yodaprncss: thanks!!!! Nice meeting you too! ;-)
  • 12:55:41: @neko_gaijin: ha! I wonder when people will start wearing retainers as fashion statements?
  • 12:56:53: @Blackfish: also please visit www.starwars.com/kids I'll be posting new season 3 crafts & drawing tutorials soon!
  • 12:57:11: @_SarahWilkinson: thanks!!!!
  • 13:03:11: @rstevens: wow those are some bedroom eyes!
  • 13:05:17: @actionchick: Sadly no. Not unless I figure out a way to go for cheap.
  • 13:24:24: If you're in #SanFrancisco tonight, come see me on stage w/ talented folks at #WritersWithDrinks at the Make Out Room! http://is.gd/f65zs
  • 13:30:53: RT @starwars: Hey #SanFrancisco #StarWars fans, head over to The #CloneWars event at @Zeum Museum this weekend! http://bit.ly/caZNwy
  • 13:34:30: As far as I'm concerned, @feliciaday & @wilw ARE #gaming royalty! (Making crowns now from Atari controllers) Haters move along & get a life.
  • 13:35:12: @nicolefalk13: Thanks! I'm super nervous/excited!
  • 13:35:27: @tishalulle1: feel better!!!
  • 13:35:36: @rkeytech33: thanks!
  • 13:36:15: RT @claregrant: Hahahaa! RT @jj_mason I'd like to marry all of the women in this video: http://is.gd/f4yYQ. And probably Seth Green too.
  • 13:46:29: @kittylair: trolls are giving @wilw a hard time. I have 1/2 a mind to unleash Pac-man ghosts at them. No one puts our Wil in a corner!
  • 13:46:43: RT @MeredthSalenger: OH... I'll be back! ;) very exciting! RT @neverseenfrog Clone Wars season premiere next week... are you allowed to ...
  • 13:53:25: @actionchick: You want me to camp out in my tauntaun sleeping bag in Central Park during #NYCC, don't you? ;-)
  • 13:56:06: RT @actionchick: Make a real adventure of it. RT @bonniegrrl want me to camp out in my tauntaun sleeping bag in Central Park during #NYC ...
  • 15:21:29: RT @missingwords: Sometimes I wish my couch had the ability to pee on my cat. That would teach her a lesson she would not soon forget.
  • 15:23:08: @missingwords: i bet you'd freak out more if you almost knocked George down a flight of stairs. Welcome to my world!
  • 15:24:00: @albrecht_letao: we'll see. I need to figure out where to stay & such.
  • 15:26:58: @nickjfrost: no no no you're not leaving Twitter that easily!!!
  • 15:29:14: RT @wilw: in which wil goes HULK SMASH: http://bit.ly/cYjQ9Z
  • 15:32:11: @Rogerborg: I didn't! I swear! I'll see if I can lure Nick back to Twitter w/ Star Wars gifts!
  • 15:34:36: @_SarahWilkinson: my klutziness is my superpower!
  • 15:35:25: RT @ellingson: Today I donated my old tv with built-in VCR. Also built-in is the Russ Meyer film which refuses to eject but still plays. ...
  • 15:38:46: @MollyMcIsaac: my thought exactly!! I want my fog back!
  • 15:39:12: RT @alexpardee: I'm glad 9-11 didn't happen In March. Cuz if I was told to never forget 3-11 that would be torturous. That band is awful.
  • 15:45:49: RT @simonhelberg: Just made out with a girl in a car for two hours while Katee Sackhoff and George Takei looked on. And I got payed for ...
  • 16:02:38: @grantimahara: hey, don't I owe you a margarita?
  • 16:20:56: RT @missingwords: An officially licensed #Deadpool costume! An officially licensed #Deadpool costume? http://j.mp/a4f9LR Man, that's jus ...
  • 16:27:47: That's a must-have mustache! RT @stephenchristy: @daniellesab suddenly it's 1972 again http://yfrog.com/50pyqrj
  • 16:29:03: @stephenchristy: wait! You had a beard too!? Is that where you kept your secrets? Photos pretty please!
  • 17:14:13: RT @Saxster: @claregrant @bonniegrrl Screw Geek stereotypes. High school D&D group included football Capt., guy voted Best Looking & me: ...
  • 17:14:46: @NathanHamill: indeed! Drinks on @hodgesart!!!
  • 17:16:03: @manraysky: #ScottPilgrim is my fave movie of the year! Yay!
  • 17:23:17: @Nakedhobo: that almost sounds like an episode of Glee! ;-)
  • 17:24:00: RT @Alonis: San Bruno Residents: @americanapparel is offering you free clothing at their Burlingame location, if you're in need http://b ...
  • 17:24:29: RT @alexpardee: I'm spending my 9/11 at 7/11 cuz if there's one more thing I will never forget, it's Slurpees.
  • 17:32:47: @melcaylo: but that mustache looks so magical!!!!
  • 17:34:03: @GeekGirlCon: amen sista!
  • 18:04:11: RT @squidlist: Go to Writers with Drinks this Saturday! They have @charliejane *and* @bonniegrrl! And Drinks! Whoohoo! http://bit.ly/an5OG5
  • 19:10:25: The stage is almost ready for me at #WritersWithDrinks! Eek http://twitpic.com/2nl4je
  • 19:30:54: RT @jwestern007: At The Make Out Room to see @bonniegrrl perform. Can't wait, very cool #WritersWithDrinks! http://twitpic.com/2nl6er
  • 19:38:21: #WritersWithDrinks has started! @charliejane on stage now! http://twitpic.com/2nlfsf
  • 20:21:49: @kald90: zzzz!?
  • 21:13:49: RT @vmperella: Was @bonniegrrl's +1 @ Writers who Drink hosted by the beautiful @charliejane, I feel smart just because I got most of th ...
  • 21:13:56: RT @jwestern007: @bonniegrrl you were awesome and amazing tonight. Everyone has been really great. #WritersWithDrinks! http://twitpic.c ...
  • 21:14:05: RT @numberkay: Totally starstruck by mrs R2-D2 @bonniegrrl and her mean girl stories at writers with drinks. Nice to have a face to go w ...

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