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From Twitter 10-01-2010 - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
From Twitter 10-01-2010

  • 11:55:27: #FF Ben @Templesmith - he creates beautiful & terrifying & tentacle-filled comics that reward you for having working eyeballs.
  • 11:57:15: @MollyMcIsaac: go for it! If I was still a wacky teen girl I'd be happy for the company! ;-)
  • 11:58:19: @erier2003: ha! No $ needed to be my pal. Just a wicked sense of humor & the ability to spell Wookiee correctly. ;-)
  • 11:59:16: @graemem: nah. your friendship is already worth its weight in gold & candy!
  • 12:02:26: @hodgesart: what checks?! I take cash only!!!
  • 12:03:19: @graemem: I need to visit you crazy kids! I <3 Portland!!!
  • 12:04:12: @erier2003: ha! And you make The Forbes dot net cool!
  • 12:05:11: @cyborgturkey: study study study
  • 12:08:45: @wilw: <(-_-)> man, Wil!
  • 12:09:54: @cyborgturkey: I I I think think think you you you mean mean mean Star Star Star Wars Wars Wars! #StarWars3D
  • 12:16:48: There's a Clone Commando joke in there somewhere... RT @HolocronKeeper: is talking underwear continuity. TMI?
  • 12:17:26: @kimmi_page: ditto ditto ditto
  • 12:24:04: @kimmi_page: It's gonna be a blast to see #StarWars3D! Can't wait for the pod race, trench run, Endor Ewok fight & Han's lips IN 3D!!!!
  • 12:28:31: How to draw Shaak Ti by artist @JessicaAHickman http://bit.ly/aLjuiq #StarWars #CloneWars #drawing /via @starwars
  • 12:30:11: @kimmi_page: I wish George would add another shooter to that scene with Chewie holding a smoking blaster.
  • 12:33:13: Hello new Voodoo doll! RT @AFInsider: Justin Bieber Dolls and Toys Coming to Retailers http://fb.me/JzQ6vGwB
  • 13:55:56: RT @lisawalkscom: Kick off #breastcancer awareness month @ http://bit.ly/ptb2010 w/ bears signed by @wilw @bonniegrrl @phirm @molly123 @ ...
  • 13:56:56: @NathanHamill: the last time I saw Scott he was wrapping us with toilet paper at a tiny Oranger show for CMJ!
  • 13:57:47: RT @strangeco: RT @BoingBoing - awesome new Allen Ginsberg vinyl from Presspop: Howlingly Cute http://bit.ly/dmyWI2
  • 14:14:55: Even at the car wash, I'll be reading fun #StarWars books! http://twitpic.com/2tqfnb
  • 14:15:51: Yay for #StarWars crafts! RT @nerdrage42: Boba Fett? Gettin crafty with the #perlerbeads http://twitpic.com/2tqc1w
  • 14:16:43: @NathanHamill: did they play all your favorite Pavement hits?
  • 14:38:37: @nerdrage42: you are a crafting queen!
  • 14:39:00: @JimmyMacRadio: it is NOW! ;-)
  • 15:21:57: If you know me well, prepare to be shocked. My car is CLEAN! (no more shrooms growing under the mat!) http://twitpic.com/2tqy9o
  • 15:31:08: @Smileleigh: yup! And the princess is in my other castle!
  • 15:31:59: @YourGodFearsMe: I spotted mushrooms growing under the floor mats! And my pals were mocking me! ;-)
  • 15:33:29: @NathanHamill: so I can expect Pavement fan fic from you soon, then?
  • 15:38:42: RT @MattLanter: See "the Maker" kick butt tonight on a new @starwars #clonewars!!
  • 15:39:18: @thebeardedtrio: yes! And in 3-D!!!!
  • 15:43:39: Please take over Hollywood before someone remakes Red Dwarf! RT @bergopolis: @ManMadeMoon @sizemore Count me in, boys!!
  • 15:44:33: @trohman: you just gave me a girl woodie!
  • 17:54:21: RT @FanboysMovieUK: @FanboysMovieUK just had an great lunch with @kyle_newman, awesome guy. Remember to grab a copy of Fanboys on Blu-ra ...
  • 17:55:28: @NathanHamill: you indie tease!
  • 17:56:18: RT @missingwords: Father Guido Sarducci was next to me in line at Henry's Tacos! I love LA.
  • 18:54:22: RT @JessickaAddams: In lieu of #FF support the L.B.G.T community and go to this website. http://www.thetrevorproject.org Happy Friday, b ...
  • 18:54:31: RT @alexpardee: My (kinda long but awesome) review of @Adam_FN_Green 's #HATCHET2! OPENS TODAY! SUPPORT INDIE HORROR! http://bit.ly/dgwPW6
  • 19:01:40: @MandyBu: you just reminded me I need to finish making my #FraggleRock puppets! http://twitpic.com/2tsuin
  • 19:02:49: @stephenchristy: if you dance to Thriller, I want video!
  • 19:03:24: @MandyBu: I ALWAYS hope for a musical episode of The #CloneWars!!!!
  • 19:04:45: RT @erier2003: Giving new meaning to the question of who shot first. #StarWars RT @avgoins: That Greedo kiss was just weird. #CloneWars
  • 19:06:05: @JustinL81: yup
  • 19:07:25: RT @SuperWiki: Enjoy tonight's episode of Supernatural. Let's hope we see the Impala with the wind in her hubcaps #freetheimpala
  • 19:15:18: @sizemore: did they cast the US Red Dwarf w/ bad actors? I shudder to think!
  • 19:23:09: RT @sanetv: "If Zombies Chase Us I'm Tripping You" T-Shirt http://bit.ly/95cs3g #braaains #zombietalk
  • 19:24:49: RT @BoingBoing: Tomorrow is 24-Hour Comic Day! http://bit.ly/cyJgfy
  • 19:30:31: @BrianHuberd: dang! I missed it!!!
  • 19:31:29: @csdaley: I don't recommend eating taquitos while reading Chew.
  • 19:31:46: @klaatu: eeeeew
  • 19:32:25: RT @erier2003: I tried to pay attention during "The Social Network," but people kept poking me and asking if we could play Mafia Wars.
  • 19:39:48: Tonight I'm spending some quality time with #AndyWarhol. http://twitpic.com/2tt7z8
  • 19:44:02: @BrianHuberd: cool! Sounds like Primeval!
  • 19:46:29: @GirlInRowB: more info on one of my fave comics #Chew here: http://is.gd/fFD5B
  • 19:47:37: @CapSteveRogers: ooooh I haven't seen that one before! Is it good?
  • 19:50:08: RT @nerdrage42: BAWK! Perlerized #RobotChicken craft! @cyborgturkey @wizmatts @SethGreen http://twitpic.com/2tr5ru
  • 19:51:44: @ratpack: that "Uses for Grandma" book creeped me out more than the bear in undies book!
  • 19:52:23: @GailSimone: well I go crazy for the stuff you do, so we're even! ;-)
  • 19:53:31: @briguy700: aww thanks for the #FF!!!
  • 19:55:30: @nwcorca: yeah those cool Star Wars @MondoNews prints sell out in seconds! I only got the Gonk one after begging. ;-)
  • 19:56:21: @TraceBeaulieu: your pets are freaking me out! Are those moles? Weasles? Ferrets?
  • 19:57:39: @SuperWiki: if Hell is a demonic finishing school, I wonder if prom is held in Purgatory?
  • 19:58:45: @tiffanymamone: yeah I love that taco purse. I always get compliments on it when I take it to bars! Go figure.
  • 19:59:10: @GirlInRowB: let me know what you think of it!
  • 20:00:24: @CapSteveRogers: I wrote a poem about Warhol & won a poetry contest in 8th grade. I'll see if I can find it.
  • 20:01:29: @BrianHuberd: Creature From The Black Lagoon is one of my all-time faves. You should get it in old school 3D!
  • 20:02:00: @tiffanymamone: bahahahaha you rule!!!!
  • 20:02:26: @anthonygrego: egads. Poor Red Dwarf.
  • 20:04:05: @tarynoneill: you look like a really sexy Wampa! ;-)
  • 20:05:20: RT @AMANDAJEANNN: Haunted mansion Halloween. :]]]]]] #excited http://twitpic.com/2tt9c2 http://twitpic.com/2tt9ak
  • 20:06:34: @BrianHuberd: yeah that's how I saw it in 3D. I need to get the 3D Creature from the Black Lagoon on DVD. I wonder if it exists!?
  • 20:07:06: @BrianHuberd: that set looks awesome. Does it have bonus material too?
  • 20:08:20: Decorating for #Halloween already... http://twitpic.com/2ttihc
  • 20:11:24: @ssmith_fp: wow! You win!
  • 20:17:16: And I'm the kinda girl that dips broken hearts in drawn butter. RT @OMGFactsAnimals: A shrimp's heart is in its head.
  • 20:19:27: RT @AdrianneCurry: Contrary to popular belief, Vader is not choking me because I failed him. He's doing it cause I LIKE it http://twitpi ...
  • 20:29:28: @trentvanegas: I prefer Timberlake dresses as a giant cup of soup.
  • 20:31:13: @OMG_Ponies: I prefer to pretend shrimp are a delicious race of alien insects.
  • 20:50:07: @TraceBeaulieu: I dated a tape worm once but we had to break up. He was way too co-dependent.
  • 20:50:59: RT @Mousesteps: Mousesteps Disneyland Photo of the Day - Yoda in a carved pumpkin, Big Thunder Ranch. More comin soon! http://twitpic.co ...
  • 20:51:31: @seanyodarouse: omg!!!!! Love that Yoda pumpkin!!!!
  • 20:58:56: @grantimahara: Blame all mistakes on C-3PO. That's what I do!
  • 21:30:45: Walking back from picking up my pizza, a guy screamed across the street: "Geek Girls Rock!" My Star Wars jacket is boy bait!
  • 21:32:41: @DKPublishing: but it's spelled @bonniegrrl :-)
  • 21:33:09: RT @DKPublishing: #FF @bonniegrrl (go check out her latest, Planets in Peril http://ht.ly/2N3oK) @LOST_4815162342 @TaraDBennett
  • 21:45:41: @grantimahara: i wore this #StarWars jacket. Wanna join my geek gang? http://twitpic.com/2tuijs
  • 21:52:17: RT @rstevens: Zombie yourself? Vampire yourself? How about you Fuck yourself.
  • 21:53:39: @rstevens: "Jamaican patties" is slang for hookers, isn't it?
  • 21:54:33: @NathanHamill: you're running away, aren't you?
  • 21:57:24: @rstevens: happy ending, mon!
  • 22:09:24: "Nice to meet you." "Nice to soon be sleeping with you." - Werewolf #MST3K
  • 22:11:32: @rstevens: there's a jerk chicken joke in there somewhere....
  • 22:30:49: "College for Kay would mean sacrifices for mom & dad." "HUMAN sacrifices." #MST3K
  • 22:32:50: @NathanHamill: don't talk to toothless hobos. They'll want FAVORS!
  • 22:37:34: "What are you going to take, Jean?" "I'm going to take Bob for everything he's got!" #MST3K
  • 22:37:57: @sherlockfreak: Careers in Home Ec
  • 22:38:53: @TheTrekspert: both @RiffTrax & @CinematicTitans still are around to riff movies! ;-)
  • 22:56:10: @NathanHamill: Beware! Big Rock Candy Mountain is not made of candy!

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