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From Twitter 10-07-2010 - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
From Twitter 10-07-2010

  • 15:56:42: Bathrobes Fit for Jedi Knights & Sith Lords! http://bit.ly/d8LVVM #StarWars /via @starwars
  • 16:05:28: Terrence Howard makes "Law & Order: Los Angeles" @NBCLOLA feel like an award-winning film! http://is.gd/fQmja #LOLA
  • 16:06:25: @EricIGN: You are a true Goonie!
  • 16:11:44: @rgh12: #StarWars Actors: @CarrieFFisher @ADaniels3PO @Daniel_Logan @serafinowicz @PARKYBOY74 @matthewood @WarwickADavis
  • 16:11:55: @rgh12: #StarWars #CloneWars @MattLanter @JATactor @MeredthSalenger @matthewood @deebradleybaker @Jaime_King @phillamarr
  • 16:17:01: RT @paulg: Old Twitter is what you'd get if an engineer brought New Twitter to Steve Jobs, and Steve beat on him relentlessly to simplif ...
  • 18:05:50: OMG! I want to throw an "Oscar Wilde & Crazy Brunch!" http://is.gd/fQvyC #ModernFamily
  • 18:12:40: @kimmi_page: ooooh I need to go to H&M now!
  • 18:25:00: @hodgesart: I love that show!
  • 18:29:12: @HuskerPastor: Skeet Ulrich also makes @NBCLOLA feel like an indie film. ;-) #LOLA
  • 18:31:51: @DavidECreech: That is one weird Wookiee! http://bit.ly/9VUJ8u
  • 18:34:27: @NathanHamill: no coffee? Have you killed anyone yet?
  • 18:54:13: I wish I had a kid just so I could dress them up like this - http://is.gd/fQyPu
  • 18:55:34: @evildorina @hodgesart: Can I be the Asian baby?
  • 18:56:05: @SwanL: Seder-Night Fever is now the name of my Neil Diamond cover band!
  • 18:56:20: @NathanHamill: That's what she said!
  • 19:00:35: @Templesmith: you're selling parts off!? Can I have your eyebrows?
  • 19:02:03: RT @BobaTheFett: You can't have manslaughter without laughter.
  • 19:22:48: RT @BigShinyRobot: Star Wars in 3D:A Certain Point of View http://goo.gl/5cqb An open letter to those who think people don't want @starw ...
  • 19:40:13: "I have a lair with wi-fi!" http://is.gd/fQCzX #NoOrdinaryFamily
  • 22:46:39: @JeremyMelloul: which show?
  • 22:47:29: @payrolljoe: Superhumans is indeed a great show!
  • 22:49:13: @trentvanegas: indeed #NoOrdinaryFamily is my new fave show! I hope it doesn't get cancelled!
  • 22:51:06: @rob_sheridan: I'm glad you're excited about #StarWars3D. Hell, I'd be happy to see Star Wars as a shadow puppet play on a big screen!
  • 22:51:49: @QuantumusPrime: your son sounds awesome!
  • 22:57:25: @SheldonN: yeah for Twin Peaks! Wait til ya get to the cherry stem knot trick! ;-)
  • 22:59:12: @KnytFyre: ya know the awesome @rickspringfield is on Twitter, right? His autobiography is coming out this week too! http://is.gd/fQjfb
  • 23:00:48: @steph_carnes: ha! Sadly I'll be swamped with my craft book this weekend. Thanks for inviting me though! ;-)
  • 23:03:33: I'm drunk on sake & watching #MidsomerMurders! You have been warned!
  • 23:05:42: @cjjosh: I predict 3 bodies!
  • 23:06:45: @cjjosh: it's "Picture of Innocence" episode.
  • 23:07:40: @askageekgal: I drank 1 bottle of cold unfiltered sake. Now onto filtered.
  • 23:17:59: @geek_splosion: indeed I love that!
  • 23:19:08: @WallaceN: yay!
  • 23:20:37: @cjjosh: poor Joyce. "Picture of Innocence" really puts her through the ringer.
  • 23:24:33: @cjjosh: nope, this episode is Cally-free. How the she'll does she pay rent?
  • 23:26:46: Body count on #MidsomerMurders is up to 2, but Barnaby just got kicked off the case & is being framed. Another sake for me!
  • 23:30:15: @briguy700: I'll probably pass out before body # 4!
  • 23:36:03: @dasilva_uk: my dream is to move to a small UK village to solve mysteries! I always wondered if it'd be dangerous to be Miss Marple's BFF?
  • 23:37:51: @simonpegg: hahaha I'll have you know I just watched you on #BlackBooks earlier!
  • 23:39:44: @simonpegg: I really should just move to the UK already. I can quote "Are You Being Served?" over & over & a glass of water for Mr. Granger!
  • 23:40:13: @MLWojcik: that's a good idea!
  • 23:43:30: @cjjosh: I do watch the new Sherlock! And I love it! I'm a huge Sherlock nut! Always loved Jeremy Brett best!
  • 23:45:36: @cjjosh: yup! I love the IT Crowd! @Glinner is a genius!!!!
  • 23:46:33: @keeper9: Nettles in Hamlet!? Ooooh what role did he play?
  • 23:46:55: RT @simonpegg: @bonniegrrl Ever considered Anglophiles Anonymous? ;-)
  • 23:47:51: @denofgeek: you all keep my Anglophile habit going strong! ;-)
  • 23:51:56: @cjjosh: Dylan Moran is a bloody genius! #BlackBooks is one of my favorite shows!
  • 23:52:34: @theroseinbloom: awww you rock
  • 23:55:03: @Templesmith: if you're still tweeting 3 hours from now I'll send you a prize!
  • 23:59:11: @Templesmith: amateur! ;-)

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