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From Twitter 10-12-2010 - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
From Twitter 10-12-2010

  • 00:07:47: RT @simonpegg: You can catch up on Paul matters at www.whatispaul.com. Only if you want to of course.x
  • 01:21:30: RT @JediOrderPR: Stormtrooper Legions Motto: "He who shoots and runs away, lives to miss another day." #stupidtroopers #starwars
  • 01:24:35: @simonpegg: you should have gotten @ADaniels3PO to read your autobiography audio book! I wanna hear C-3PO say arse!
  • 01:26:43: @caseymckinnon: my personal ad would read "quick trips to In 'N Out." Oh wait...
  • 01:27:42: @Jon_Favreau: and Joans!
  • 01:39:20: RT @Templesmith: Central park is a wonderous place full of elderly people, runners, small children, poodles & muggers. Beware of the chi ...
  • 02:17:14: @Vodkovski: thanks!
  • 02:48:45: RT @callenharris: Oh sure. If you can't bring the mountain to Muhammed, smash the drawing room in! #YoungOnes
  • 02:49:57: RT @javierest: Glenn Danzig, in a Danzig shirt, buying cat supplies. http://i.imgur.com/xQT8x.jpg
  • 11:27:22: I just ousted Howard S. as the mayor of Starfleet Academy on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/aD0J3Q
  • 11:38:22: "My love life is like a game of Tug of War! It's one big jerk after another." #SockItToMe
  • 11:38:49: @BrianHuberd: yup! Well according to the new Star Trek film anyway.
  • 11:39:11: @caseymckinnon: don't we all? ;-)
  • 11:40:27: @EvilDavellis: Thanks! I dressed up as Jabba the Hutt on a lark to mess with new job applicants. I actually interviewed someone wearing it!
  • 11:41:54: @ItsOnTV @BrianHuberd: I swear the only time I ever read @vanityfairmag is when they do Star Wars coverage! ;-)
  • 11:42:28: @alexbmorais: I think my new happy place is imagining Danzig buying kitty litter!
  • 11:44:16: @anthonygrego: I don't know anyone who sells Lobot-style headphones, but our stormtrooper DJ headphones are cool - http://is.gd/fZ33Q
  • 11:45:49: @neko_gaijin: That's no melon! ;-) http://bit.ly/dA8AE6
  • 11:46:56: @lateandsoon: We don't sell Lando capes, but you might like this? http://bit.ly/a3pN0t
  • 11:56:33: @wilw: Now that I'm officially the Mayor of Starfleet Academy on @foursquare, want me to throw a Borg-worthy party? http://4sq.com/aD0J3Q
  • 12:03:12: RT @wilw: Greetings from [LEVEL REACTED DUE TO INSUFFICIENT SECURITY CLEARANCE]! http://twitpic.com/2x1xdy #Eureka
  • 12:04:07: @feliciaday: As far as I'm concerned, it's not news unless YOU tweet it! ;-)
  • 12:05:25: @Syfy: Any chance of @SyFy airing the old #MST3K show? I miss the riffing!
  • 12:06:41: @wilw: Even better: Sometimes, nudes are old to you but is nude to us. This does not make our excitement lame. Make note & don't be a dick.
  • 12:07:07: @TattoozNTech: Resistance is futile!
  • 12:08:04: @chiefted: oooh really? I'm always curious about the history of this place before we got here. One of our buildings is apparently haunted!
  • 12:08:30: RT @GeneHunt: If flying is so bloody safe, why do they call the airport the 'terminal'?
  • 12:11:08: @rob_sheridan: @thinkgeek should really have a retirement plan for those of us who hand over our paychecks to them in exchange for goods.
  • 12:12:38: @Patrick_Krause: Yup I am a big fan of both @CinematicTitans & @rifftrax! But I miss my old-school #MST3K TV show on #SyFy!
  • 12:17:16: @rob_sheridan: Can I exchange my @thinkgeek Geek Points for a bionic hip in about 40 years? ;-)
  • 12:19:02: @Patrick_Krause: I saw the debut of @CinematicTitans when they did a special gig here at ILM/Lucasfilm for @flecksfilms - http://is.gd/fZ5H7
  • 12:19:53: @chiefted: We reused the materials from the old buildings. So I imagine they stay with the building...brick by brick.
  • 12:21:55: I want a bionic hip & a helper droid! RT @thinkgeek: #ThinkGeezer retirement community coming in 2050! LAN parties instead of shuffleboard!
  • 12:22:53: @BrianHuberd: ooooh thanks! Tweet long & prosper!
  • 12:41:08: Archangel Uriel sure looks a lot like a drag queen. Where's YOUR beehive hairdo, @mishacollins? #Supernatural http://is.gd/fZ787
  • 12:41:55: @RiffTrax: oooh thanks for reminding me!!!!
  • 12:43:03: @amber_benson: YAY! I'll be sure to come to your San Francisco signing!!!!!
  • 12:46:37: @NathanHamill: you know that fat cat is a celebrity in Japan, right?
  • 13:02:05: Yay! @MTVGeek chats w/ actor @MiloVentimiglia about #comics! http://is.gd/fZ8ry & http://is.gd/fZ8z0 cc: @dividepictures @topcow #NYCC
  • 13:03:10: @chiefted: there's a ghost of a weeping lady in old timey clothes crying at the bus stop. And a few ghosts of soldiers roaming the grounds.
  • 13:03:38: @TemporalOutlaw: I think it's a video for an angel cult.
  • 13:05:29: PUMA will donate $1 towards #breastcancer charity for every tweet including #projectpink til 10/18 http://bit.ly/de7OHX #charity Please RT!
  • 13:43:37: #Steampunk + #BacktotheFuture + @NathanFillion = Geartastic #Castle! http://is.gd/fZaHY cc: @castletv
  • 13:44:51: So say we all! RT @amy_geek: The new @HerUniverse partnership w/ @SyFy will include #BattlestarGalactica. This is awesome. #BSG #geekgirls
  • 13:53:26: @Corey_Feldman: You might want this Vampire Killing Kit from @Lovedtodeath - http://fb.me/v5FI0REL #vampires
  • 14:26:49: RT @glaad: Judge Orders Pentagon to Stop Enforcing Don't Ask, Don't Tell http://bit.ly/cBQmaf #LGBT #DADT
  • 15:04:37: RT @NathanHamill: Available Custom Qees from the Toy2R 15th Anniversary DIY Qee Celebration http://tinyurl.com/25sjzna now online (Mine' ...
  • 15:08:49: RT @OMGFactsAnimals: There are more dogs than children in the city of Paris.
  • 15:10:37: @toddjkelly: Yup! Did you all stop to visit the Yoda fountain? http://bit.ly/aArgYr
  • 15:13:50: @ellingson: I think the children of Paris are actually werewolves. ;-)
  • 17:32:36: @wilw: Connect Four!
  • 17:36:01: VIDEO: Glenn #Danzig shows us his #occult & #paranormal book collection! http://is.gd/fZpE0
  • 17:39:27: @feliciaday: I blame/love Canada for introducing me to the best candy bar ever made - Coffee Crisp! http://is.gd/fZpU0
  • 17:41:04: @graemem @Annaleen: what's the current market value of silver right now? Think retirement!
  • 17:42:30: @Annaleen @graemem: it's not human slavery if they're not human, right?
  • 17:43:13: @Annaleen @graemem: I was thinking less about killing and more about cloning!
  • 17:49:49: @johnabes: I love Toffee Crisp!
  • 18:03:17: #BeingHuman Releases First Pictures of US Version! http://su.pr/2oa2nM /via @Techland
  • 18:04:31: @chrisgwilliams: Danzig has an awesome book collection. Though his shirtless readings really add to it.
  • 18:08:01: #Halloween costumes for #Hipsters at @AmericanApparel: http://j.mp/c2dEOS /via @missingwords
  • 18:58:06: @AusBelle: I know? Why remake a British show. They already speak English.
  • 19:08:17: Angel Fight! Angel Fight! #Supernatural http://is.gd/fZvQC cc: @mishacollins
  • 19:08:49: @hdibner: HIPSTER dog suits!
  • 19:18:20: Fat Kitty Nomming on Gyoza & Beer! http://is.gd/fZbVD #nomnomnom
  • 19:32:42: Wow.... www.Wookieepedia.com is all kinds of broken. Did they get a redesign or should I blame Rebel scum? #StarWars
  • 19:41:41: @erier2003: Wow it's horrible. I can't find anything on Wookieepedia now.
  • 19:44:00: @erier2003: Three adverts on Wookieepedia crashed both IE & Firefox browsers. Bravo on ruining an easy-to-use Wiki. Ugh.
  • 21:19:02: @BrianHuberd: verrrrry nice!
  • 21:20:05: @PaulRMQ: yeah since their redesign I rarely go to @imdb. Though their app is genius!
  • 21:21:59: @erier2003: well I guess i won't be visiting Wookieepedia anymore. Good thing there's always www.starwars.com databank still! ;-)
  • 21:22:59: RT @Alltop: Ultimate superhero cake http://om.ly/xDVa #comics
  • 21:44:02: @riffsyphon1024: if I have to change my browsers' font from its default to something else to see Wookieepedia, @Wikia has failed.
  • 21:46:12: @riffsyphon1024: and I LOVE Wookieepedia. So it saddens me that its redesign makes the site unreadable unless I make alterations.
  • 21:47:07: @riffsyphon1024: there's a good chance your ads are breaking your site too.
  • 21:48:51: @riffsyphon1024: is @Wikia diff than Wikipedia? Because that basic site works fine.
  • 21:50:27: RT @BrianLynch: This miner rescue is like the most intense game of DIG DUG ever. #sheltered
  • 21:52:32: @riffsyphon1024: do I need to send Darth Vader over to Force-choke some sense into @wikia?
  • 21:54:30: @missingwords: I feel the same way about "Rio"
  • 21:56:03: RT @Agent_M: Dog wins Internet with #TeenWolf #Halloween costume. http://tumblr.com/xo7lirdhy
  • 22:00:27: RT @simonhelberg: I would like to see Larry King trapped in a news studio for 69 days and 33 Chileans quipping about him at his rescue.
  • 22:31:35: Using a cursive font in tweets is a bit like wearing pearls with a tube top, isn't it?
  • 22:33:51: @NerfHerder_band: Worst band name I ever heard was Free Beer.
  • 22:35:26: @JSPartisan: bahahaha! But that's a dress, not a tube top!
  • 22:38:34: @ChefTerrorista: dress is classier than a tube top.

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