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From Twitter 10-23-2010 - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
From Twitter 10-23-2010

  • 01:19:59: I wish @simonpegg would be a guest on #NeverMindBuzzcocks! I want to see him karaoke w/ @noelfielding11!
  • 01:29:51: RT @missingwords: Create your own Ministry of Magic UNDESIRABLE No.1 Flyer! www.UndesirableNo1.com #HarryPotter
  • 01:38:53: @MissySB: hot toddies & #MST3K always put me out like a light. Or at least give me hilarious robot dreams!
  • 11:22:36: @aglt: it'll have to be sun. I have plans to hang w/ a pal today.
  • 11:23:27: @BrianHuberd: those are rad!!!!
  • 11:25:45: Happy Birthday to #Mythbusters @grantimahara! May he always find the droids he's looking for!
  • 11:30:48: My dog eats zombie hands! @simonpegg would be proud! #zombietalk http://twitpic.com/306y92
  • 12:56:04: RT @janewiedlin: We are on the plane, which resembles a disco-limo, to LA for #BowlingForBoobies
  • 12:56:50: @janewiedlin: oooh what airline is that? Please tell me the airline attendants are wearing rollerskates!
  • 12:57:32: RT @simonpegg: Oh and thanks to Nick and the team at FP. Love my S.H.I.E.L.D. hoody. Special thanks to Lou for the awesome tatt http:// ...
  • 13:08:10: @janewiedlin: while singing Xanadu, right?
  • 13:09:19: @Templesmith: I had no idea you had the hots for Oprah!!!
  • 13:28:29: For #WonderWoman Day, here's a portrait by comic book artist @jamdye! http://twitpic.com/307xp0
  • 13:28:40: RT @evildorina: Instead of religion or politics, subjects that should be avoided at all costs in our household: Spiderman movies, SW pre ...
  • 13:29:19: @evildorina: and that is why I love you! Luckily my roommate never argues. She just eats all my toys.
  • 13:30:26: @janewiedlin: guess who found the plush zombie hand you gave me for my birthday? http://twitpic.com/307y92
  • 13:31:47: @ChrisPMelvin: unless there's a story on StarWars.com, it's not official.
  • 13:34:53: @janewiedlin: nah but she sleeps with it now. Kinda cute in a Night of the Living Dead way.
  • 13:43:07: @nerdrage42: Awwwww your youngling rocks!
  • 13:43:38: @ellingson: Wonder Woman always needs a steak!
  • 13:58:24: @jamdye: thank YOU for your art!
  • 14:00:03: RT @Nedopak: #HarryPotter fans! New exhibit opens at Seattle PSC: http://bit.ly/acVg8u
  • 14:00:30: RT @EddieMcClintock: If U think #WAREHOUSE13 is worthy, go VOTE4 The People's Choice Awards @ http://www.peopleschoice.com/pca/nominatio ...
  • 14:06:23: Happy Birthday to artist & rock star @JessickaAddams! Follow her for extra-cool tweets about her art!
  • 14:09:38: @paulandstorm: I used to live in Boulder! We used to call it "5 square miles surrounded by reality!" Wave to the Mork&Mindy house for me!
  • 14:10:20: @JeffCarlisle: post more pics of your art & I bet you'll be more Twitter minions!
  • 14:10:51: RT @starwars: FYI - if it's not a story on www.StarWars.com then it's just a rumor. May the Facts Be With You.
  • 15:00:38: RT @starwars: RT @stevebayouk: #starwars "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; you're my only hope." http://plixi.com/p/52318362
  • 15:00:51: RT @rstevens: Also, we live in a world where Count Chocula is certified as containing whole grains. We live in a wonderful world.
  • 15:02:08: @nerdrage42: lucky!!!! The Harry Potter exhibit looks rad!
  • 15:02:56: @ShotgunPlayers: that Wonder Woman drawing is awesome!!!!
  • 15:04:09: @BrianHuberd: i'd prefer to start the rumor that Lucas will be on Dancing With The Stars!
  • 15:34:46: @nerdrage42: that's crazy expensive!
  • 15:35:05: @adrianwyer: mmmmmm pizza rolls!
  • 15:35:55: RT @_SarahWilkinson: Bela Lugosi Dracula sketch. With built in frame! :) http://twitpic.com/308rpr #vampires #Halloween
  • 15:37:04: Darth Vader doesn't wear underwear! #StarWarsRumors
  • 15:38:49: @NathanHamill @acegrrl: Sadly NOT #Ladycakes. RT @nerdist: Welsh Cakes!!! http://yfrog.com/7eyrxkj
  • 15:39:41: @donttrythis: Nanoo Nanoo!
  • 15:42:28: RT @missingwords: If only I had more money and a larger apartment. Jumbo #Nintendo #NES Coffee Table on @eBay! http://j.mp/arrXPo
  • 15:48:47: @ellingson: ha! But Vader is mostly cyborg down under! He doesn't need undies!
  • 17:15:06: Dapper man @melcaylo checks his Twitter! http://twitpic.com/309te2
  • 17:26:00: RT @melcaylo: Lunching with the super awesome @bonniegrrl. We're having mochi fondue! (@ Pacific Catch- 9th Ave. w/ 2 others) http://4sq ...
  • 17:26:12: RT @Snywalker: @bonniegrrl the Death Star bailout cut into Stormtrooper pension funds. #StarWarsRumors
  • 19:35:40: RT @grantimahara: @alyankovic Today is your birthday. It's my birthday too... Happy Birthday!
  • 20:22:44: @Darth_Sayder: sarlaac pit please!
  • 20:25:00: Watching "Bride of the Gorilla" w/ Raymond Burr. It's like Perry Mason in the jungle! #horror
  • 20:32:51: @MasterKenobiWan: what was the reference?
  • 20:34:56: @melcaylo: thanks for the awesome visit today! Had a blast chatting & fonduing & comic book shopping with you!!! ;-)
  • 20:40:23: RT @sugarplum: Yeah! Woo! Go Giants! WOOOOOOOT. #sfgiants
  • 20:41:03: My neighborhood is going crazy! Drunks in the street screaming while dodging buses. #GoGiants
  • 20:44:51: @stevenguymcdade: Bride of the Gorilla is in 3-D!? No way!
  • 20:45:28: @BrianHuberd: awww Hamilton Burger! My favorite surly lawyer!
  • 20:46:32: @MasterKenobiWan: awww yes that! Loved it. We also have a Big Lebowski ref coming up too!
  • 20:47:40: @rsaintjohn: as long as no one starts setting fires, looting or smashing windows, I'm fine!
  • 20:48:09: @tishalulle1: I'd rather have coyotes!
  • 20:48:43: @Darth_Sayder: have you ever had a Grievous back rub?
  • 20:56:45: @rsaintjohn: I hope not! Just because we won doesn't mean we should destroy the city.
  • 20:59:52: RT @Colin_Hanks: Hey @SFGiants, I've been in Texas waiting for you guys. Can't wait to see you guys next weekend. IN PERSON. #SFGiants # ...
  • 21:00:29: RT @ThatChrisGore: If I see you wearing either of these costumes on Halloween, I will punch you. http://twitpic.com/30c00k http://twitp ...
  • 21:00:54: @MasterKenobiWan: ha! Sadly no. ;-)
  • 21:05:38: RT @missingwords: All packed & ready to roll to the #SanFrancisco Ghost Conference & Investigation with @SFGhostSociety! #SFGhosts http: ...
  • 21:18:35: @NathanHamill: are you procraftinating?
  • 21:34:05: RT @wilw: Part of my #bigbangtheory script, with an important annotation. http://twitpic.com/2zveav
  • 21:39:13: RT @bob_calhoun: Love all this KTVU Ch. 2 News coverage of drunks in San Francisco right now. Even the newscasters sound sloshed. #SFGiants
  • 21:45:46: Watching "Laser Mission" w/ Brandon Lee & Ernest Borgnine. It's like "The Crow" but with a lot less makeup, in Cuba, with lasers! #badscifi
  • 21:47:55: @Jhokur: I just hope a bunch of drunk @sfgiants fans don't accidently burn down the city.
  • 21:49:23: @Z3N_Drew: Wow @RiffTrax really needs to riff "Laser Mission."
  • 21:52:19: @NathanHamill: even better!
  • 21:53:42: @Totz_the_Plaid: yup I'm watching it from the "Sci-Fi Classics" 50 movie pack!
  • 21:54:44: @aglt: troublemaker! Here's hoping the drunk fans on Irving street aren't looting your store right now!
  • 21:59:51: The background music from #LaserMission movie sounds like a low-rent Oingo Boingo cover band or a drunk 12-yr-old playing a Casio.
  • 22:20:27: @wardomatic: if you're the Haight tomorrow you should visit @lovedtodeath, @super7store, @Kidrobot & @giant_robot store!
  • 22:22:11: @wardomatic: I loved @ChronicleBooks when I visited! They make all my fave books!
  • 22:32:00: RT @doomsdaily: VIDEO: My Zombie Ewok Speed Painting - http://is.gd/gf8zn #starwars #zombietalk
  • 22:41:56: @missingwords: good luck ghost hunting/gathering!
  • 23:16:29: Dear Hollywood, please remake #WaspWoman! It's Avon meets "The Fly."
  • 23:23:21: @missingwords: that ghost sure looks like a dirty hippie to me. How horrifying!
  • 23:31:16: Long before "Shaun of the Dead," @simonpegg was a ZOMBIE!!! #zombietalk #NerdDoWell http://twitpic.com/30dh5t
  • 23:32:27: @melcaylo: I love Doc's Clock!!!
  • 23:34:57: @BenjaminFilms: oooh I might just have to rewrite the movie #WaspWoman!
  • 23:44:43: @matthewslough: that sounds about right! ;-)
  • 23:49:18: @movementarian: thanks! It's a photo in his new autobiography #NerdDoWell! I can't wait to get my own copy!
  • 23:50:57: RT @simonpegg: Fry: "[Star Trek] taught me how you should accept people, whether they be black, white, Klingon or even female." #Futurama

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