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From Twitter 10-24-2010 - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
From Twitter 10-24-2010

  • 00:03:54: @briguy700: awww shucks
  • 00:04:35: RT @b0bg00dman: Thank you #SFGiants, for distracting the people whose money I was taking at the poker table tonight.
  • 00:29:17: @melcaylo: sure thing! Glad my taxidermy collection didn't scare you away!
  • 00:33:04: Watching "The Incredible Petrified World." It's like "Life Aquatic" + "Mean Girls" ala Ed Wood. #badscifi
  • 00:37:17: @evildorina: ha!
  • 00:44:39: RT @MattLanter: I'm at a kickin costume party and just witnessed chewbacca and batman dancing on stage together to 2pac Cali love.... #b ...
  • 13:16:06: RT @BTPBlog: Slave Leia by Darwyn Cooke /via @starwars http://twitpic.com/2x0nud
  • 15:39:25: RT @EddieMcClintock: "Billy and the Set List" @billyhowerdel & @aperfectcircle http://twitpic.com/30l0x9 #APerfectCircle
  • 15:46:38: RT @sizemore: Captain William "Buck" Rogers and Colonel Wilma Deering accused of firing upon a civilian space disco #Twikileaks
  • 15:50:41: My crafty pal @AMANDAJEANNN & her Force-tastic #StarWars t-shirt quilt will both be in my Star Wars Craft Book! http://twitpic.com/30l8uu
  • 15:51:35: @OMG_Ponies: I still play with my action figures! ;-)
  • 15:52:33: RT @McQ108: "..& all the robots lived happily ever after." http://ow.ly/2WXr4 @simonpegg's Glasgow #NerdDoWell signing. #DoctorWho #Dalek
  • 15:54:35: @waycyber: I wish Ed Wood was still alive so he could do DVD commentaries. Heck, he'd probably be a @syfy exec!
  • 15:56:00: @MarkusHunt: it's a great craft for using t-shirts that don't fit ya anymore! ;-)
  • 16:06:38: @SupportSPN: Sam is either soulless or still has Lucifer as a roommate... Er soulmate? #Supernatural
  • 16:10:59: @EddieMcClintock: I am so jealous that you're watching @aperfectcircle record right now! They're one of my fave bands!!!
  • 16:29:23: M&Ms - they melt in your mouth, not while bouncing off of Alec Baldwin's head. http://twitpic.com/30ljln
  • 16:31:00: @swankmotron: No one is ever too young to read The Killing Joke. Just skip The Joker.
  • 16:32:20: @katiecandraw: you really should just laugh maniacally & scream "It's aliiiiiive!" That'll shut up the neighbors.
  • 16:33:17: @Templesmith: leave it to the French to hate happy art.
  • 16:33:22: RT @Templesmith: French "nobility" still deserving of the guillotine... http://tinyurl.com/2fjyv5g "Aristocrat's anger at Versailles Mur ...
  • 16:34:44: @BernieDexter: zomg! Were you here in San Fran & I missed you!?
  • 16:36:04: @shanenickerson @seanbonner: bouncy hot toddy castle! Wait, that sounds like my new band name!
  • 16:36:42: RT @JeffCarlisle: I keep hearing rumors about @StarWars 7,8 & 9. Folks, it's not happening. These are not the droids you are looking for ...
  • 16:37:17: @JeffCarlisle: I'm turning the #StarWarsRumors into a drinking game, wanna play?
  • 16:37:57: @PaulRMQ: um. No. It's not happening.
  • 16:40:06: @katiecandraw: go for it! Though I find that if you occasionally put a paper maiche sculpture of a giant creature in recycling, that helps.
  • 17:27:09: @PaulRMQ: that's what fan films are for! ;-)
  • 17:27:41: @clinton_o: oooh I do love me some Thrawn!
  • 17:28:19: @JeffCarlisle: supershadow! Bahahahaahaha
  • 17:28:57: @Templesmith: well I do like wine & crepes. So they got that right.
  • 17:29:32: RT @starwars: RT @brianrob74: Carve pumpkin you will. #starwars http://plixi.com/p/52720357 #Halloween
  • 17:30:01: RT @Richie6Fingers: @bonniegrrl WOW .. I want an AT-AT planter too. Y'know, you may have just inspired a perfectly grown up use for all ...
  • 17:53:08: Perfect scary tunes to listen to while reading #horror comics! http://twitpic.com/30m7dv http://twitpic.com/30m7fx
  • 17:56:18: Cracking open Dick Briefer's #Frankenstein #comics collection from @IDWPublishing! #Halloween #horror http://twitpic.com/30m8cu
  • 18:05:56: @BrianHuberd: oooh maybe Echo & the Bunnymen? You should ask my pal @vmperella. She loves Strangers in Paradise comic!
  • 18:07:01: Double redhead rainbow? RT @mattfraction: Art imitates wife http://yfrog.com/16i19vj
  • 18:17:33: @ellingson: wow that's a double pun!
  • 18:20:05: @evildorina: ole = oy ve!
  • 18:30:40: Hey @grantimahara, does @GeoffTheRobot kill bugs? RT @TransBotica: Man builds humanoid robot w/ a mohawk to kill wasps http://bit.ly/c8etkM
  • 18:36:53: RT @starwars: That's the droid we're looking for! RT @therealJRiddle: #starwars my son's 1st birthday cake! http://yfrog.com/jn2yiwj
  • 19:17:39: @alexpardee: sounds more like "Escape From Oakland!"
  • 19:18:22: @benackerman: grab Goofy's ass for me!
  • 19:19:24: @wardomatic: you should at least say hi to the Yoda fountain at Lucasfilm HQ on the Presidio!
  • 19:22:08: @bergopolis: drats! I wanted to send ya my script for "Secret Satan" - taglines: "It's not a curse. It's a gift." & "Evil... Giftwrapped!"
  • 19:23:18: @melcaylo: you look like a secret agent in that photo! ;-)
  • 19:26:27: Watching "The Amazing Transparent Man" circa 1960. It has a John Waters doppelgänger & a #Eureka-esque mad scientist lab! #badscifi
  • 19:29:43: Is #PeggWee too dirty to use? RT @digslair: can we start a trend for @simonpegg to play Wee Hughie in The Boys adaptation? #PeggForTheBoys
  • 19:30:29: @melcaylo: after you left it dawned on me we should have gone to Mel's Diner!!!
  • 19:31:56: @simonpegg: when does Minnie get on Twitter!?
  • 19:33:01: @wilw: I love it when you talk geeky.
  • 19:51:37: @shambolics: #MST3K didn't hit this one, but the should have!
  • 19:51:57: @JeffCarlisle: tease!
  • 19:52:27: @kellysue: yay!
  • 19:52:50: @beano76: ha!
  • 20:01:23: Top Gun 2 is in development w/ @TomCruise returning as Maverick! But what about Kilmer? @NYMag http://twitpic.com/30n6lm
  • 20:07:41: @steph_dub: your youngling rocks!!!
  • 20:09:24: @cinebo: paltrow singing while dressed as Mrs. Lincoln would make Top Gun 2 even better!
  • 20:09:58: @JeffCarlisle: both?
  • 20:33:13: @cinebo: ha! Thanks! The rest of my "Ask Bonnie" series is on @YouTube if you want to check it out.
  • 20:34:03: @katiecandraw: sending good dog karma your way!
  • 20:38:27: Now watching "Mesa of Lost Women" (1953). @evildorina would love the evil Mexican spider ladies & creepy dwarves! #horror
  • 20:46:54: @GailSimone: you might be the only reason I'd ever pick up Oprah magazine! Congrats!
  • 20:52:24: @BrianHuberd: I just ordered more classic horror movies! The '50s are a golden era of weird monster flicks. ;-)
  • 20:57:44: @evildorina: the sinister mariachi music really adds to it!
  • 21:00:27: "Mesa of Lost Women" full of '50s stereotypes: Bitchy blonde bombshell, maverick pilot, Asian butler, mad scientist, lusty Latinas! #horror
  • 21:02:44: @evildorina: El Santo makes every movie better! I wish he was in Paranormal Activity 2!
  • 21:10:21: @evildorina: I couldn't bare to see the dog get hurt, so I had @missingwords act out #ParanormalActivity2 in my office instead of seeing it.
  • 21:12:19: @briguy700: if they ever remake "Mesa of Lost Women" I demand Selma Hayek & @TomCruise be in it!
  • 21:16:15: @maryclevenger: this may be my new fave movie starring hot Mexican spider ladies & creepy dwarves!
  • 21:18:00: @maryclevenger: btw your Twitter profile bio just made me LOL loudly!
  • 21:19:17: @evildorina: I always make @missingwords act out movies I'm too chicken to see in theaters. He's better than the real thing!
  • 21:22:41: @maryclevenger: just added "Better Living Through Bad Movies" to my @Amazon Wish List because of you!
  • 21:39:46: @seanbonner: i never knew Henry Rollins and Rudolph Valentino were dating!
  • 21:40:56: @maryclevenger: oooh that would be awesome!!!
  • 21:47:38: The dames are prettier than the tigers in "The Lost Jungle" (1934) #badscifi http://twitpic.com/30nwu9
  • 21:57:13: @ellingson: ohhh you had me at mutant bears!
  • 21:59:32: @MaryJoPehl: If only that show was called "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant With A Shark," I'd watch it!
  • 22:12:25: RT @entearth: I really love this @Marvel #Comics wall mural. http://dld.bz/y6bB #Marvel
  • 22:37:32: RT @tacgnolisgnoool: Photo: Perks of #SanFrancisco: Perpetually looks like #Inception. http://tumblr.com/xksn14vt4
  • 22:39:55: @HuskerPastor: I was wondering that myself!
  • 22:44:28: If I ever decide to write Victorian murder mysteries, I'll most definitely use the penname Basil Burton.
  • 22:47:37: @nerdrage42: but of course!
  • 23:17:51: @NickFreeland: sure! But when you become a famous writer, be sure to give me a shout out!
  • 23:19:24: @exraytech: I suggest any of the Star Wars Visual Dictionaries & The Clone Wars Adventures comics!
  • 23:42:58: Well, hello there very handsome man @NathanFillion! @NYMag http://twitpic.com/30oj05

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