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From Twitter 11-03-2010 - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
From Twitter 11-03-2010

  • 12:42:41: @WallaceN: hahahaha way to Sherlock the video!
  • 13:04:10: The 7 Most Horrifying #Museums on Earth! http://is.gd/gGgu4 /via @cracked #eeeeek
  • 13:08:05: RT @simonpegg: Just back from a repeat viewing of Scott Pilgrim vs The World. That movie just gets better and better. Feel the lesbians. ...
  • 13:15:18: @donttrythis: Attack of the #Dodos on @itvprimeval! http://is.gd/gGhCT
  • 13:32:26: VIDEO: Crafting dodo skeletons & the #MalteseFalcon w/ Adam Savage @donttrythis! http://is.gd/gGjyC #crafts #MythBusters
  • 13:44:08: @grantimahara: You realize then the next time I see you, I'm shaking you down for gold coins, right?
  • 13:47:32: RT @DavidGArnold: 'Sherlock" nominated for Royal Television Society award for Best Music and Best Title Music.Will do a duet with @micha ...
  • 13:53:17: @grantimahara @billcorbett: Flame-throwing, giant Artoo would have been useful during the #SFriot! Perhaps we should lend him to the @SFPD?
  • 13:58:58: "Sorry gotta dash, I think I left my riding crop in the mortuary." - #Sherlock http://is.gd/gsXny @masterpiecepbs #sherlock_pbs
  • 14:35:14: @liamtate: @steven_moffat is a mad genius.
  • 14:39:31: Chatting w/ Brit artist & friend JAKe about #Sherlock, @jupitusphillip, @noelfielding11 & comics, makes me wish I had a UK residence. Drat.
  • 14:40:01: RT @missingwords: Did anyone else notice that one of the #zombies in #WalkingDead looked like a healthier Gary Busey? (BTW the show is a ...
  • 14:44:00: @johnabes: Very few I dislike. In fact, I can't think of any. You should see my DVD collection: Black Books, Mighty Boosh, Python, DoctorWho
  • 14:49:48: Hey @support: Following & Followers # have been reset to 0. Is @Twitter going under some maintenance again?
  • 14:50:47: @johnabes: yay for Cardiff!
  • 14:53:54: @AyleenGaspar: Are there any #Toybreak vids of someone narrating what @NathanHamill is thinking during the episode he's a guest on?
  • 14:56:24: @GojyoChan: ha! thanks. Though it's more of an obsession. ;-)
  • 15:28:41: @McCid: ha! thanks!
  • 15:29:08: @GojyoChan: Ever since I was 9, Sherlock's been a welcome distraction. ;-)
  • 15:30:11: @EmJChristie: Yup. Sherlock just started airing in the States on @masterpiecepbs #sherlock_pbs. I am hopelessly obsessed with it.
  • 15:31:20: Beeeeeeeeps! RT @kwmurphy: @grantimahara Indeed. Zombies do seem to move like rotting Artoos.
  • 15:33:18: To the Meow Mobile! RT @grantimahara: "I'm CATman." http://yfrog.com/f153xaj from @Eibmoz's strange strange blog.
  • 15:33:28: RT @grantimahara: @bonniegrrl Mental note: pack gold coins (chocolate kind) for next meeting with Bonnie. Conceal in special dispenser hat.
  • 15:33:43: @grantimahara: And I promise not to be in the OTHER castle.
  • 15:37:06: @cyclicsven @GojyoChan: I just pretend Jeremy Brett is reincarnated as Doctor Orpheus in Venture Bros.
  • 15:39:04: @GojyoChan: I had always hoped "Young Sherlock Holmes" would have become a series of films. So sad they only made just one.
  • 15:58:11: @thebeardedtrio: "I'm not in the business. I AM the business." #favouritelineinamovie #BladeRunner
  • 16:10:38: Congrats to Milo, Russ & @dividepictures! @NBC Developing Comic-Based Drama #Rest Starring #Heroes Alum @MiloVentimiglia! http://is.gd/gGC7C
  • 16:26:47: Now own Slave Leia perfume & Eau Lando cologne. I think today I'll smell like I've been rolling around w/ Mr. Calrissian. http://is.gd/gGDTd
  • 16:29:13: "Don't talk out loud; you lower the IQ of the whole street." - #Sherlock @masterpiecepbs #sherlock_pbs
  • 16:36:06: @hdibner: My office now smells like the Whore Room of Cloud City.
  • 16:36:43: @BrianHuberd: I always thought Red Shirt cologne smelled great. For the man who lives like every day is his last!
  • 16:36:54: @YourGodFearsMe: *wink*
  • 16:39:57: @GojyoChan: Have you seen my #JeremyBrett #SherlockHolmes photo archive on Flickr? http://is.gd/gGFkY
  • 16:45:50: "What!?" http://is.gd/gGG1q /via @EricIGN #MadMen
  • 16:52:47: @CapSteveRogers: in spaaaaaaaaace!
  • 16:54:23: RT @ChrisKattan: It's 5 in the afternoon,I'm on my couch watching Toy Story 3 on Blue Ray. Am I having a crisis? Should I watch The Cl ...
  • 16:54:27: @ChrisKattan: Yes! Give into the dark side! CLONE WARS! CLONE WARS!
  • 16:56:17: @MattCaulder: I prefer Don Draper in only 2 outfits - tailored suits and naked.
  • 17:03:33: HINT! RT @starwars: @Alyssa_Milano: Just let us know when you want to be interviewed on www.StarWars.com about your love for the saga! ;-)
  • 17:03:48: RT @Alyssa_Milano: Awesome behind the scenes Star Wars pictures (Vanity Fair): http://is.gd/gGElY
  • 17:05:36: @MattLanter: Do we need to send you a speederbike?
  • 17:09:29: @MattLanter: I'll have R2-D2 drop it off, unless C-3PO makes him stop at Javva the Hutt first. You know how easily distracted droids get!
  • 17:09:45: @firewallender: well played!
  • 17:18:33: @OKBJGM: Dear Javi, don't make me beet you! Love, your salad
  • 17:26:21: @turkeycreaux: yup. But anything that "smells like Colt 45 and betrayal" is sure to get me lucky.
  • 17:27:25: RT @HarryPotterFilm: "Nobody else is going to die. Not for me." Exclusive clip w/ Harry & Ron from #DeathlyHallows - Part 1 @LATHeroComp ...
  • 17:32:16: RT @doodlewhale: First augmented reality #StarWars iPhone game, mind=blown http://goo.gl/LFA2I #AR
  • 17:39:29: @Rileah: Frak yeah! SABER body spray would help my lightsaber battles in pubs, that's for sure!
  • 17:40:20: RT @MattLanter: RT What's eventually going to happen to Ahsoka? -- she dies...no wait she lives...no wait, Aw shoot I can't remember! ;)
  • 17:51:38: RT @rstevens: Trying to make a magnetic sign for a van. Spellchecker keeps changing everything I type to "free candy."
  • 18:00:35: "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." NEW #SuckerPunch trailer - http://is.gd/gGNxT Thanks @ZackSnyder!
  • 18:01:38: @Adam_Fn_Green @Rileah: If I worked for Burtonfilm, we'd have a deal by now.
  • 18:01:50: @pizzamonkey63: AND free puppies!
  • 18:08:19: @SethGreen: I pledge allegiance to the United States of @ClareGrant!
  • 18:19:21: RT @mtvsplashpage: @MiloVentimiglia's "Rest" To Be Developed As TV Series: http://ow.ly/341ay cc: @dividepictures
  • 18:22:12: @Eric_Boggs: 100 percent smoooooooth
  • 18:28:47: @trentvanegas: I can't wait for "Rest" on TV! LOVE the comic! Besides I want @MiloVentimiglia back on the telly!
  • 18:30:06: @grantimahara @MissySB: If you have know-it-all British butler, count me in as your costumed sidekick!
  • 18:57:21: @HuskerPastor: yes I did! I think I yelped when I heard him reveal that. Jeremy Brett has been a childhood hero for me.
  • 18:58:55: Until all these election rants die down, I'm pretending Reps & Dems means Reapers & Demons.
  • 21:03:05: RT @wizmatts: Robot Chicken/Star Wars III is coming December 19th. Who's ready?
  • 21:38:07: RT @simonpegg: Gotta love George Takei. As much a hero here on Earth as he is in space. http://tinyurl.com/3xtk593 via @marillawex
  • 21:41:21: RT @Templesmith: So, turns out modern art was just shit the CIA were pushing on us after all: http://tinyurl.com/25gcrxs Cheers to @Sven ...
  • 22:01:34: @MissySB: what's your kryptonite? Pot? Happy Meals? Cinnamon pinecones?
  • 22:28:43: @ChrisKattan: The Clone Wars!!!! Make Yoda proud!
  • 22:35:05: RT @McCid: I have seldom seen something as awesome as this http://bit.ly/aH7uXD #StarWars
  • 22:35:17: RT @DarkHorseComics: Zack Whedon, writer for @DrHorrible, better known on Twitter as @zdubdub, talks about his new #Serenity book! http: ...
  • 22:46:46: @NathanHamill: yay secrets!
  • 22:49:24: RT @GeekTyrant: BACK TO THE FUTURE Coming to Select Theaters Again on November 6! http://goo.gl/fb/6yQVM #BackToTheFuture
  • 23:02:18: @Annaleen: is it about me? Am I going to have a litter of astromechs?
  • 23:04:42: "The game is on!" - #Sherlock #sherlock_pbs http://twitpic.com/33qscg
  • 23:05:42: @Loskene: where did you see the unaired pilot?
  • 23:11:14: @McCid: that is the DIRECT quote from the show #Sherlock, NOT the stories. *cough* don't question my Sherlockian *cough*
  • 23:11:52: @cbunye: obsession more like...
  • 23:13:48: @dino101: you should look at my tweets from that night. I was relaying #sfscanner gems!
  • 23:17:25: @redwall_hp: i'm pretending all 3 of them are still standing there waiting for us to come back.
  • 23:19:21: @dino101: too many times the cops seemed overwhelmed. Doesn't bode well for us when the big one hits!
  • 23:20:20: @McCid: elementary!
  • 23:20:31: RT @McCid: @bonniegrrl "The temptation to form premature theories upon insufficient data is the bane of our profession” I just sherlock ...
  • 23:21:45: @redwall_hp: indeed! Somewhere The Mighty Boosh are twiddling their thumbs, waiting for my return.
  • 23:22:58: @dino101: BTW, yay for Rest being on TV. You gonna do a cameo?
  • 23:27:06: @dino101: yay! Now I have further reason to tune in!
  • 23:40:11: RE: "The game is on" as opposed to "The game is afoot" - that is the DIRECT quote from the show #Sherlock, NOT the stories.
  • 23:41:08: @Daniel_Logan: interesting! I actually have 5 bookcases & need more!
  • 23:46:24: @TheSyFyGuy: agreed! It felt...off.
  • 23:47:42: @s0l_uk: I watched them on YouTube before they finally reached the States. I hope we get 2nd series when it airs!!!
  • 23:48:19: @s0l_uk: you're lucky you get to see #Sherlock before us. I envy you!
  • 23:50:12: @emmaryal: I'll take a few buscuits with my tea!
  • 23:51:32: @hdibner: indeed! Though I do like that they make Watson always hungry as in the Jeremy Brett versions!

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