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From Twitter 11-29-2010 - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
From Twitter 11-29-2010

  • 03:17:28: @ebergh87: I know. Just thought I'd post it for fun anyway.
  • 11:58:44: RT @starwars: Remembering Irvin Kershner, Director Of 'Empire Strikes Back,' A.K.A. The Best #StarWars Movie Ever http://is.gd/hXvTe /vi ...
  • 12:32:08: @pedrompneves: Oh yes. I tweeted that Boba Fett VS #Deadpool art awhile back. It is indeed epic! http://bit.ly/eG49Dq
  • 12:33:15: @Mister_Robotics: meh. I think the new #Sherlock set in modern times is a nice shoutout to Basil Rathbone series. And I'm a Sherlock snob.
  • 12:33:57: @Mister_Robotics: I think the BBC #Sherlock is actually more loving of canon than the new Sherlock movies. Plenty of nice Easter Eggs.
  • 12:34:49: @LaraPattison: Agreed! Coral should be left in the ocean, not put on a mantle piece.
  • 12:40:06: RT @Colin_Hanks: RIP Irvin Kershner. You forever changed my life...Thank You. #StarWars
  • 12:40:14: RT @Colin_Hanks: In Honor of Kersh...Empire is one of my favorite movies of all time. Like a fine wine, it keeps getting better wi... ♫ ...
  • 12:45:38: Just chatted w/ @SethGreen & @wizmatts for StarWars.com about #RobotChicken @StarWars III. Can't wait til fans see their genius on telly!
  • 12:46:18: RT @starwars: Empire Strikes Back director Irvin Kershner dies in LA at 87 - http://is.gd/hXznx /via @io9 #starwars #ESB30
  • 12:47:02: RT @ClareGrant: Feeling especially grateful today for the love of my life & best man I've ever known, @SethGreen. http://yfrog.com/74yqv0j
  • 12:47:26: @ClareGrant @SethGreen: Can I join your Justice League? I have robots!
  • 13:20:52: RT @starwars: Irvin Kershner Remembered: George Lucas - http://bit.ly/dW9F4a #StarWars #ESB30
  • 13:27:53: @Glinner: "The Phanton Retweet" sounds like a scary episode of The IT Crowd!
  • 13:28:48: @BrianHuberd: I love @rstevens cards! http://yfrog.com/6xuap0j
  • 13:28:54: RT @BrianHuberd: The card I got with that Mac shirt I tweeter earlier reminds me if R2D2 & @bonniegrrl for some reason. http://yfrog.com ...
  • 13:29:16: @EricIGN: I got them first! You got my Robot Chicken sloppy seconds! ;-)
  • 13:36:31: RT @simonpegg: RIP Irvin Kershner director of The Empire Strikes Back. For me, yours was the best of all.
  • 13:38:47: @Veronica: So it's NOT Cyber Sex Monday then!? *deleting sexts now...*
  • 13:39:22: @rstevens: YAY for common tweets pals!
  • 13:39:57: @EricIGN: Oh yeah!? Well they said I was too much for them. They needed something easier...less sexy.
  • 13:40:36: RT @MyLifeAsLiz_Liz: #RIPIrvinKershner. Goodnight, sweet prince. I'll be watching #EmpireStrikesBack tonight. #saddayforstarwarsfansever ...
  • 13:45:21: RT @grantimahara: Kari (to someone else): Would you like to borrow the Veganomicon? Me (interjecting): Is it bound in corn husks and wri ...
  • 13:46:55: RT @OKBJGM: thank you irvin kershner, for making magic without CGI, green screens or midichlorians.
  • 13:50:04: @geekgirldiva: gimme!!!!
  • 13:53:06: @KRLgrrl http://twitpic.com/3bey2h - Empire Strikes Back changed movies forever. Irvin Kershner will be missed...
  • 13:55:51: RT @trent_reznor: I awake to sad news. RIP Peter Christopherson - friend and huge inspiration. http://bit.ly/fAwO6G & http://bit.ly/dIvd3V
  • 13:56:21: @EricIGN: That was nice of them to say that about.... ME!
  • 13:58:25: RT @ebertchicago: Long before he made "The Empire Strikes Back," the late Irvin Kershner directed the best party scene of 1971:http://j. ...
  • 14:03:44: RT @ThatKevinSmith: The most influential director of my single-digit years, EMPIRE maestro Irvin Kershner, has died. Thank you, sir, for ...
  • 14:07:32: RT @KRLgrrl: RIP Kersh. we love you.
  • 14:15:21: Why am I just NOW learning that Giles is on Twitter!? Welcome @AnthonySHead! #Buffy
  • 14:58:04: @evildorina: Yay for chilaquiles!
  • 15:00:08: @KRLgrrl: Yeah I had no shame in stalking them. #Buffy is to me what #StarWars is to most.
  • 15:01:47: @JamieMeaks: I didn't say that, I just RTed it. ;-) http://twitter.com/OKBJGM/status/9333646322307072
  • 15:05:14: @actionchick: 4. Wear push-up bras.
  • 15:05:52: @GeekToMe: Gifts? Did you say you had gifts?!
  • 15:10:56: RT @PaulRMQ: Wonderful Irvin Kershner Interview, very funny pt1: http://tiny.cc/lsnry pt2: http://tiny.cc/ahutg
  • 15:25:26: Boba Fett ladies undies! Imperial earrings! #StarWars bling hats! Xmas R2-D2 pins! Thanks @HerUniverse! http://is.gd/hXMfG
  • 15:51:40: RT @ellingson: It's #CyborgMonday! First up, #Robocop: http://www.hulu.com/robocop
  • 15:57:53: Zack Attack @MP_Gosselaar is on Twitter! http://is.gd/hXQMP #SavedByTheBell
  • 15:58:49: RT @SethGreen: Thank you Irvin Kershner. You've inspired the world more than you could ever imagine http://bit.ly/gzpNWW
  • 16:01:10: RT @MyLifeAsLiz_Liz: requested a moment of silence 4 #irvinkershner in my english class. my teacher went on 2 talk about her yoda collec ...
  • 16:25:31: RT @valdezign: A better choice for #cyborgmonday would be Robocop 2. http://bit.ly/dXZGWp Directed by the late Irvin Kershner. #RIP
  • 16:29:31: We need more vampire slayers -- just not more #Buffy! http://is.gd/hXUrR /via @io9 #vampires
  • 16:40:47: RT @paulscheer: I imagine all the research that James Franco did about being trapped under a rock for 127hrs will help deal w/ hosting t ...
  • 16:48:33: "You have nothing to fear but fear itself...and the concrete." - #ModernFamily http://is.gd/hXWz3
  • 16:50:10: @omewan: ZOMG! Clowns freak me out!
  • 17:29:15: @feliciaday: That's what she said! (dammit...sorry. Smart arse muscle memory engaged.)
  • 17:30:15: RT @woodelijah: Farewell Irvin Kershner. You gave us the greatest #StarWars film of them all.
  • 17:36:44: @Jarsh019: ha! Guilty!
  • 17:38:18: RT @santaNO4every1: Photo: Santa, NO! http://tumblr.com/xvxsi80x0 #CreepyChristmas
  • 17:54:32: @paulandstorm: It's like the donkey KNOWS Santa is evil!!!!
  • 17:56:23: @feliciaday: I fall into the "That's What She Said" pit daily... like an inappropriate Pit of Carkoon of Twitter.
  • 18:34:10: @Tyrphanax: I have that shirt! ;-)
  • 18:34:53: #CloneWars Cupcakes by @abakedcreation! http://bit.ly/ecLY2H /via @StarWars #cupcakes
  • 18:35:01: RT @starwars: Katie's mom talks about her daughter being bullied for liking #StarWars on @msnbc! http://is.gd/hY0Kh #maytheforcebewithka ...
  • 18:41:53: @KRLgrrl: ha! Let's fight vampires and love #Buffy together! You can be Buffy & I'll be Faith... now we just need a Spike!
  • 18:42:58: @KRLgrrl: Stalking is FUN! I have a list of Twitter crushes; and if I'm lucky they say hi & make me feel like I'm cooler than I really am!
  • 19:02:00: @KRLgrrl: hahaha okay. You're Spike, I'm Buffy... oh wait....
  • 19:04:11: At our Lucasfilm @Starbucks I just asked for sugar-free latte so I can lose weight & "dress like something sexier than Jabba" for Comic-Con.
  • 19:04:34: @MandyBu: *blush* I do NOW!
  • 19:05:55: @Keeba13: Not a big fan of the original #Buffy movie except for the epic death scene by @Peeweeherman!
  • 19:06:51: @NicoleWakelin: Ironically, I'm crushing on 1/2 of Twitter!
  • 19:09:50: This is me dressed in the Jabba the Hutt inflatable costume, for those of you wondering... http://bit.ly/elpWN #StarWars
  • 19:13:25: @lewoodsy: Yup my plan is to lose my "blogger" weight & get back to ninja or maybe Bettie Page weight. We have a gym here too. No excuses!
  • 19:14:34: @nerdrage42: I was thinking young Ackmena. Or maybe sleazy Jocasta. Perhaps Ewok in heat. Hmmm... I need to rethink my cosplay options.
  • 19:15:16: @Keeba13: yeah but most yoga looks like I'd tie myself into a knot and never get out. I need zombie or vampire fighting training.
  • 19:16:35: @frankjonen: by "diet" I mean actually eating things that grow OUTSIDE of a lab not inside. I eat like a 14-yr-old stoner!
  • 19:18:16: @grantimahara: H.P. Lovecrops?
  • 19:19:37: #Exorcists wanted: apply to Catholic Church! http://is.gd/hYdaS
  • 19:21:15: @absolutspacegrl: I get that same feeling when I watch #MST3K!
  • 19:24:45: @tishalulle1: "No. I am your farther."
  • 19:26:10: @Bdog2g2: Heck, I'm still waiting for the Gates to Hell internship!
  • 20:04:24: @KRLgrrl: I'm just Vamp Curious!
  • 20:15:46: Extreme Survival 101: How to survive a falling elevator, surf a lava wave, defuse a nuclear bomb & more! http://io9.com/5695846 /via @io9
  • 20:19:04: RT @mindykaling: When celebs get pestered by paparazzi why don't they just start singing "Hey Jude" or some incredibly expensive song to ...
  • 20:23:37: RT @edgarwright: Farewell to the great Irvin Kershner, the director of the most magnificent of the Star Wars movies 'Episode V: The Empi ...
  • 20:31:37: RT @DeathStarPR: RIP Irvin Kershner. Without you, the Empire never would have struck back. Thanks for one of the greatest films of all time.
  • 20:32:57: @BrianHuberd: Yup I already pre-ordered my #ScottPilgrim action figures so I can have a Bass Battle with him!
  • 20:36:37: RT @donttrythis: Irvin Kershner has died. Insert pun implying both deep respect and Star Wars love here.
  • 20:40:17: @digslair: It's a really obscure number, you probably haven't heard of it.
  • 20:49:08: @grantimahara: "and then it was time..." http://is.gd/hYmOC
  • 21:10:24: I'm looking at you @wilw! - http://is.gd/hYm99 #nicesweater
  • 21:50:33: RT @ADaniels3PO: Kersh fell asleep & snored, listening to me dubbing ESB. Just one reason I loved him. He was a lovely, thoughtful, tale ...
  • 22:09:49: RT @hodgman: Farewell I Kershner. Just saw Empire again. There was more movie making in that one look Lobot gives Lando than in most oth ...
  • 23:05:06: RT @donald_faison: My favorite movie of all time is The Empire Strikes Back. It made me want to become an actor. RIP Irvin Kershner. h ...
  • 23:12:37: STILL AT WORK. Dammit, where's a protocol droid when you need one?
  • 23:15:44: @vmperella: almost done. Poor pup.
  • 23:43:11: Celeb Fans Celebrate Director Irvin Kershner - http://bit.ly/h4GolF #ESB30 #StarWars (thanks to you celebs who got me quotes!)

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