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From Twitter 12-04-2010 - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
From Twitter 12-04-2010

  • 00:18:08: @KRLgrrl: wait! What? Were you at my work today!?
  • 00:31:35: @EricIGN: couples who geek out together are more powerful than mere mortals.
  • 00:32:39: RT @paulandstorm: [S] Pic from outside the hotel room. I think I just saw a hand grasping a light saber fall past http://twitpic.com/3cptvo
  • 00:33:06: RT @CloneWarsOnSky: We were expecting Ugnaughts and all we got was arsenic. Boo @NASA! #StarWars
  • 00:49:03: RT @NerfHerder_band: #FF Members of @NerfHerder_band @parrygripp @TheSherlock @linusdotson @unclepringle
  • 01:01:32: Thinking of designing a TARDIS corset. Or perhaps a Kraken bra. Smartass comments in 3...2....1. #DoctorWho
  • 01:12:00: @MissySB: I like the way you think! #meow
  • 01:18:11: @AMANDAJEANNN: totally! You should see my designs for astromech ladies undies!
  • 01:18:54: @MissySB: it's a date!
  • 01:25:02: RT @MissySB: I should probably not refer to robot world domination as a key end goal on some of these grant applications. #robotapocalp ...
  • 01:34:54: More of my #GeekLingerie ideas: glow-in-the-dark binary code bra & undies; Periodic Table corset
  • 01:35:17: @AMANDAJEANNN: I also want to design a Ouija board corset!
  • 01:39:57: @EricIGN: why no one has designed #MST3K #GeekLingerie yet is beyond me!
  • 01:45:47: @AMANDAJEANNN: also Futurama underoos!
  • 01:46:45: Just the 35th person! RT @sailortweek: @bonniegrrl Kraken Bra? RELEASE THE KRAKEN BRA! please tell me that I'm not the first to say that...
  • 01:49:29: @sailortweek: *wink*
  • 01:56:03: More of my #GeekLingerie ideas: Mothra bustier, #SherlockHolmes script text corset, Pi symbol panties.
  • 02:07:46: @Jaime_King: I'll have make you something! ;-)
  • 02:12:29: Yes! RT @Rawrnosaurous: Mass Effect panties w/ the words Mass Effect on the back. The M is grey & ass effect is red. #GeekLingerie
  • 02:14:05: @NerfHerder_band: I think have the Kraken & the Sarlaac pit confused! *zing*
  • 02:22:25: @titangrrl: I AM making a Periodic Table corset. That's why I tweeted it. ;-)
  • 10:57:41: @TheRobertPalmer: I'm not going to sell them, just make them for myself!
  • 10:58:15: I love it! RT @tenartemis: @bonniegrrl Nightgown that says "Ctrl Alt Delete: Reboot Me" #GeekLingere
  • 10:59:39: RT @grantimahara: RT @MythBusters: Grant, Kari & Tory bobbleheads in 2011. Let us know what they should say! http://on.fb.me/en8kuJ
  • 11:04:28: So say we all! RT @ClareGrant: @micheleboyd I would like to state for the record that you are already captain of Awesome everyday.
  • 11:09:12: @evildorina: a very "special" Buffy comic, candy & toys are on their way to you via The Tauntaun Express as we speak.
  • 11:36:29: @janewiedlin: thank YOU for rocking Twitter & the world at large!
  • 11:37:34: @paulandstorm: I thought you were part cyborg!? Tambourine injuries be damned!
  • 12:37:25: @KRLgrrl: WHAAAT!? I was still there then too! Are you at the Ranch now?
  • 12:38:30: @HerUniverse: thank YOU for including me in the design process! It's my fave hoodie!!!
  • 12:59:09: @KRLgrrl: on my way! Yay!
  • 13:51:09: @KRLgrrl: here!!! In the tech bldg!
  • 14:59:55: @missingwords: barely. It slipped into neutral right as I was parking at the tech building.
  • 15:02:07: @KRLgrrl: talking Buffy/Spike with you is the highlight of my day!!!
  • 15:03:00: @Mike_Dougherty: awesome chatting w/ you!!!! Did I lose ya in the gift shop?
  • 15:03:20: RT @theposies: Playing a show in Petaluma, CA at 8:00 PM today at Mystic Theatre http://artistdata.com/a/2w5x
  • 17:03:51: RT @Mike_Dougherty: I have a bet with @bonniegrrl about how Mr. Depp dies in elm street 1. I say sucked into bed, she says jail cell. He ...
  • 17:04:35: @Mike_Dougherty: dammit! The egg nog whiskey clouded my horror film trivia cred!!!!! You win!
  • 21:39:22: @KRLgrrl: meow!!!! ;-)
  • 21:40:32: Yes yes I know! Depp sucked into bed in Nightmare on Elm Street. Damn you, @Mike_Dougherty! Next bet?
  • 21:43:38: @KatzMoney @Mike_Dougherty @missingwords: *hangs head in shame* I still love Fright Night 1 & 2.... Do I get points for that?
  • 21:48:50: RT @ClareGrant: Just saw Robot Chicken: Star Wars 3. It's so fucking wizard! @SethMacFarlane & Breckin Meyer are SO talented & funny. Th ...
  • 22:07:53: RT @ellingson: ROBOPRIEST lives!
    Come see him at @seleneluna's show tonight in SF:
  • 22:11:51: @SethGreen @ClareGrant: as always, it was a pleasure to hang with you two. Thanks for making me feel like 1 of the cool kids!
  • 22:12:38: @wizmatts: thanks for letting me play with your youngling! He has the coolest toys!
  • 22:14:22: @cyborgturkey: wish I could have stayed later to chat, drink & steal your food at the Inn. Congrats on another awesome Robot Chicken SW!
  • 22:15:34: @KRLgrrl: plus we need to chat more about Buffy, Angel, Supernatural... Wait what else do we both watch?
  • 22:16:14: RT @starwars: RT @MTVGeek: Brand New #StarWars #CloneWars Clips! http://in.flux.com/hodcfv
  • 22:17:09: Wait... Whaaaaat!? RT @mattcallahan: @bonniegrrl A dancing Boba Fett was just on Saturday Night Live "What's Up With That?" skit
  • 22:19:32: @ahmedbest: awesome hanging out with you tonight! Your youngling has some sweet dance moves! I need to up my game! ;-)
  • 22:20:22: @joeykehoe: you had me at bacon & peanut butter!
  • 22:22:06: @MissySB: I want to out by my tummy is already full of egg nog & whiskey. Not feeling so good. :-(
  • 22:22:51: @MissySB: we need @ellingson to give us a private #ROBOPRIEST exhibition!!!
  • 22:27:27: @MissySB: hells yeah! Will #ROBOPRIEST live in @ellingson's lair? Or is it going on tour?
  • 22:30:56: @amy_geek @geekyjessica: yay for cool geek girls (us) who love #StarWars #LEGO!
  • 22:38:28: @e_blyler: it was great to meet you too! Thanks for following @starwars no matter how much I overtweet! ;-)
  • 22:39:33: @MissySB: don't let #ROBOPRIEST die or I will never forgive myself for missing @ellingson's fantastical robot creation!
  • 22:40:24: @wyatt_e: whaaaaaaaat!? AND a dancing Mothra on #SNL!? Must. See. Now!
  • 22:44:33: @tristancouvares: awesome meeting you today! Wish I'd given you my fake Skywalker tour! Come visit me at LFL Presidio & I'll give ya one!
  • 22:45:40: @tristancouvares @Mike_Dougherty: Remember - Skywalker wine is made from the blood of interns! #faketourfacts
  • 22:46:40: @wizmatts: I miss Ryder already too!!!! Want me to come to LA just to babysit?
  • 22:48:40: @dblackanese: there's a reason BEST is in @ahmedbest's name. He rocks!!! ;-)
  • 22:52:32: King & Queen of geeky/cool/awesome @SethGreen & @ClareGrant at #RobotChicken #StarWars 3 Skywalker screening! http://twitpic.com/3d2ikw
  • 22:56:35: @geekyjessica @geekgirldiva @amy_geek: #geekgirls rock! We should take over the world with LEGOs, lightsabers & obliging robots!
  • 23:02:23: @dblackanese: ha! I'll have to Ahmeditate on that!
  • 23:04:46: @KRLgrrl: I care!!! Glad you made it home safe. My crap car barely made it back to the city. I need a Wookiee mechanic.
  • 23:06:55: @cascio: I love that Star Wars is everywhere! Thanks for tweeting me that photo! Mind if I tweet it over at @starwars?
  • 23:07:31: RT @geekyjessica: Hey @grantimahara! RT @bonniegrrl: @geekyjessica @geekgirldiva @amy_geek: #geekgirls should take over world w/ LEGOs, ...
  • 23:08:50: @erier2003 @KRLgrrl: I say that to my car DAILY! I should just craft my own UFO & fly it to work.
  • 23:10:05: @KatzMoney @Mike_Dougherty @missingwords: whew. I will not fail you again!
  • 23:17:08: Yes! And that's why it's made to last! RT @erier2003: @bonniegrrl: Does this image & its caption sum up your marriage? http://amzn.to/fWvptf
  • 23:21:22: @erier2003: oh & he does! Ever since R2 got back from that droid spa all he wants are massages & oil baths...
  • 23:24:14: @absolutspacegrl @erier2003 @KRLgrrl: Dear @NASA, please share your alien tech know-how so I can drive a car to work that doesn't hate me.
  • 23:25:38: RT @SethGreen: None cooler than you! RT @bonniegrrl: @ClareGrant: Thanks for making me feel like 1 of the cool kids! http://twitpic.com/ ...
  • 23:26:32: @SethGreen @ClareGrant: awww shucks! Thanks! ;-)
  • 23:51:43: @Hygena: right back at ya, rock star! Yay for #swrbc! ;-)
  • 23:53:45: @erier2003 @absolutspacegrl @KRLgrrl: don't forget about jetpacks! I have a feeling that's how all @NASA employees commute to work!
  • 23:55:43: @absolutspacegrl: you offering to be my Death Mobile mechanic? I pay in comics, Star Wars toys & candy!
  • 23:58:05: @wilw: my dear sir, you make geek...chic!

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