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From Twitter 12-18-2010 - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
From Twitter 12-18-2010

  • 02:20:10: RT @absolutspacegrl: I can't be only person who watches 'Charlie the Unicorn' multiple times/day & laughs hysterically each time http:/ ...
  • 02:21:48: You should see what pops out of THAT cake! RT @wilw: @bonniegrrl Your husband really gets around: http://bit.ly/hLTl0a
  • 02:32:00: @elizabethdehoff: you get the Die Hard 2 matte painting; I get the Vigo Ghostbusters 2 poster!
  • 02:32:09: RT @elizabethdehoff: If I die within the next 10 years, someone please kidnap the Die Hard 2 matte painting from LFL Presidio for my fun ...
  • 02:41:31: @MissySB: nice PJs on @Mister_Robotics! http://plixi.com/p/63669839
  • 02:42:38: @MissySB: wait... You guys gave an intern LIVING with you? Or is that what you call the youngling?
  • 02:45:16: @grantimahara @wilw: let's just say "attachments" & leave it at that... ;-)
  • 02:47:18: @Gailporter: indeed! I love Supergrass!!!
  • 02:49:15: @Veronica: that fact that you named one of your cats @DEVO makes me <3 you more!
  • 03:02:16: RT @ADD_Blog: #Godzilla: Monster World comic series coming - http://bit.ly/fVgF5o
  • 03:10:01: Watching #BladeRunner while it's raining outside & the candle light illuminates my astromech toys. #perfectnight
  • 03:11:47: @Gailporter: weird. That popped up in my Twitter reply feed just a few minutes ago!
  • 03:20:54: @Gailporter: I got it the 1st time you tweeted it to. Must be a glitch. I like your tweets so now it's just twice as good!
  • 12:14:51: RT @lewoodsy: Looky what Santa just dropped off!! @bonniegrrl I love my #starwars care package!! Woo hoo!!! http://twitpic.com/3h5wix
  • 12:17:32: RT @acegrrl: Fan of LEGO #StarWars & #CloneWars? Check out the newly launched site to tide you over 'til the game release! - http://www. ...
  • 12:20:15: @benackerman: is "intense Internet Xmas shopping" what we're calling porn now?
  • 12:22:04: @wilw: Fred saw aliens that weren't there. He was a crap bowler. And he wore an ironic tie. #TeamBarney all the way.
  • 12:47:48: @grantimahara @wilw: wise choice. #TeamBetty in any realm is best!
  • 12:56:49: @grantimahara @wilw: ha! I can't choose! Can't we just combine @feliciaday & @Veronica - Voltron-style - into a giant force of awesome?
  • 12:57:55: @simonpegg: if you had a layover in San Francisco I'd sent R2-D2 to fetch you for a pint!
  • 12:58:34: RT @grantimahara: @bonniegrrl @wilw Why must we choose? Fred/Barney Edward/Jacob Betty/Wilma Ginger/MaryAnn Jack/Sawyer Betty/Veronica @ ...
  • 13:01:47: RT @MartianJudge: @Colin_Hanks @woodelijah You guys haul more lo-fi turntables around on your travels then all the German bad guys in th ...
  • 13:03:17: @simonpegg: Tauntaun on its way now! Or an intoxicated bantha, at the least.
  • 14:03:12: RT @spasmunkey: Art for both @bonniegrrl (@starwars) and @absolutspacegrl (@nasa): http://tinyurl.com/2c7cz6e
  • 14:04:13: @KRLgrrl: so who has the best tacos in San Francisco?
  • 14:16:32: RT @Colin_Hanks: early xmas gift to self: Making of "Empire Strikes Back" book. Amazing. Simply amazing. Been flipping thru it all morni ...
  • 14:21:00: @MollyMcIsaac: is @Templesmith allowed to shoot clowns? I think we could all do with less clowns.
  • 14:23:04: @hodgesart @KRLgrrl: i have trashy tastebuds, so I still love Taco Bell & Jack n Box tacos. Otherwise it's just corner taquerias for me.
  • 14:27:15: RT @Templesmith: @bonniegrrl @MollyMcIsaac I would shoot a clown. In many cultures it's considered a community service.
  • 14:43:12: My tiny R2-D2 gets in a festive mood. #StarWarsXmas http://twitpic.com/3h7ow1
  • 16:14:48: @KRLgrrl: your lad & that snowman are twins!
  • 16:18:22: In honor of Steven Spielberg's birthday, I'm gonna make mountain out of mashed potatoes & hide a cute alien in my closet.
  • 16:23:25: I am very happy that DADT doesn't stand for "Don't Ask, Don't Tron."
  • 16:35:04: @CapSteveRogers @GEEKLEETIST : I love Domo, but if you send me that Star Wars card I'll reward ya with 2 diff. Lucasfilm cards!
  • 17:10:50: @Dammit_Liz: When are you coming back to San Francisco? I need a Liz fix!
  • 17:25:21: @Dammit_Liz: I need to see if I can get invited to @GeekGirlCon! Then we will geek out in style! ;-)
  • 18:24:49: @GeekGirlCon: YAY! Count me in! ;-)
  • 18:25:25: RT @joshuamneff: @bonniegrrl In honor of Steven Spielberg's birthday, I'm going to hand the Ark of the Covenant over to top men for exam ...
  • 18:26:43: RT @aots: #RobotChicken @StarWars is back! Learn all about Episode III with @SethGreen here: http://bit.ly/fs2lKT
  • 18:37:51: @GeekGirlCon: "stars and fireworks doodled around your name"?! awwwww you gals rock!
  • 18:41:41: @GeekGirlCon: Is the #geekysoundtrack of geeky bands or songs about geeky things? Either way, Kraftwerk fits the bill.
  • 18:45:40: @SethGreen http://twitpic.com/3edzde - Best view of The View....EVER. Well done, Sir. Well done.
  • 19:09:09: @shanenickerson: from now on I'm using the term "full elf" very inappropriately.
  • 19:18:55: RT @starwars: RT @thebeardedtrio: I know we have snow here in the UK but this is getting ridiculous! http://twitpic.com/3gte8o #starwars
  • 19:21:46: RT @CraigyFerg: Just a reminder. Intellect & romance over brute force & cynicism.
  • 19:30:31: @tishalulle1: awww thanks for the shout out about my book! You rock!
  • 20:43:06: RT @GeekGirlCon: Excited for #GeekGirlCon? Imagine GeekGirlCon with Special Guest Bonnie Burton! Thanks for being our first star, @bonni ...
  • 20:56:19: RT @digslair: @bonniegrrl in honor of Steven Speilberg's birthday I plan on finally getting rid of that troublesome shark from my beachs ...

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