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From Twitter 12-28-2010 - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
From Twitter 12-28-2010

  • 01:01:04: @georgeruiz: Merry Sithmas!
  • 13:03:32: RT @NASAGoddard: Looking at 2 storms on http://spaceweather.com/ One on Earth, one on Saturn. #space #NASA
  • 13:07:37: He's one dreamy astromech! RT @absolutspacegrl: @bonniegrrl I met your husband!! http://twitpic.com/3km45p @starwars
  • 13:08:13: @iddlebloke: that's a great way to spend EVERY evening! ;-)
  • 13:08:58: @MasterKenobiWan: ha! Or I need to get an off-line life!
  • 13:09:17: @amy_geek: Merry Sithmas!
  • 14:51:38: @kimmi_page: thanks! You too Ms. Awesome.
  • 14:52:42: Ditto! RT @Keeba13: If you love #starwars & #Zombies then pick up @RedHarvestVirus by @joeschreiber1! #zombietalk
  • 14:52:59: RT @BoingBoing: New York City Blizzard time-lapse video http://bit.ly/hsKjuC #snowpocalypse
  • 17:31:21: Watching classic noir mysteries on @Netflix to pick up choice bon mots between dangerous dames & misunderstood detectives who love them.
  • 17:37:58: @brettrickman: Watching "The Dark Corner" now. Oooh I'll watch "Fear in the Night" next!
  • 17:38:41: @InsanoflexATHF: So glad that your son got my "Draw Star Wars Clone Wars" book! Be sure to tweet photos of his awesome drawings! ;-)
  • 17:39:32: @pushbuttonkitty: I watch "The Thin Man" series regularly. By far, my favorite mystery sleuthing couple! ;-)
  • 17:40:00: @BrianHuberd: ya can never go wrong with Jeremy Brett's "Sherlock Holmes." ;-)
  • 17:43:11: Yay for diner grub! RT @ellingson: "Working Man's Special" at The Starlite Diner in Flint: http://flic.kr/p/95q6bz & http://flic.kr/p/95t9g9
  • 17:44:46: @TheNerdyBird: Yay! Vader belongs on a scooter! ;-) Merry Sithmas!
  • 17:45:25: @Trev71: The Doctor wearing a Stetson cowboy hat is my new favorite thing ever! ;-)
  • 17:52:51: #SanFrancisco Film Noir Festival, Jan. 21-30 at Castro Theater. I'll be dressed as a femme fatale. http://www.noircity.com/
  • 17:57:17: @Mike_Dougherty: ha! Hunting down some odd Star Wars items to send you soon!
  • 18:13:13: @ellingson: That's one of the few things I miss from moving away from the Midwest - diner food & being able to see stars in the sky.
  • 18:15:44: @Mike_Dougherty: HA! Life-sized AT-AT? I need one of those!
  • 18:20:52: "How to be a Pinup Model" book!? Hello, trouble! http://is.gd/jFDl2 #retro
  • 18:21:58: @ellingson: Mel's doesn't cut it for me. We need more real diners in San Francisco. I still don't know where to get decent grits here!
  • 18:35:19: Now watching... Rita Hayworth in "Gilda" http://is.gd/jFFQD #filmnoir
  • 18:51:06: @ellingson: Be sure to tell Grandma Gosselin, I'm impressed. Her button art is fantastic!
  • 19:10:37: @ellingson: Oh! I thought she made it! Either way, it rocks!
  • 19:16:45: Happy Birthday to @TheRealStanLee! You're the only one who can make guys who wear tights hot! Excelsior! http://is.gd/jFNfC
  • 19:17:38: @BrianHuberd: I've seen everything Jeremy Brett was in, including that bizarre vintage car episode of "Hart to Hart."
  • 19:36:32: RT @dblackanese: http://twitpic.com/3kp7ih prepared to shake the pillars of heaven as I navigate through the rain soaked streets of Chin ...
  • 19:47:50: @Agent_M: I'm ALWAYS happy when you buy @StarWars stuff. ;-)
  • 20:07:07: @KRLgrrl: can I join your taco cult too? I'll bring my own hot sauce!
  • 20:08:37: Seth walks among... er on.. Jedi Masters! RT @tishalulle1: Yoyoyoyoyoda http://yfrog.com/h4jjoyj @StarWars
  • 20:50:38: RT @DitaVonTeese: Preview from my upcoming DIY beauty book...glasses by @MSchmidtStudios, photo by @scottnathan, makeup+hair by me! htt ...
  • 20:58:23: It's beginning to look a lot like Hoth! RT @jlist: New York is now the Ice Planet from @StarWars http://j.mp/hFo0mj #snowpocalypse
  • 21:43:19: @CapSteveRogers: more to come! Thanks for being awesome & Merry Sithmas!
  • 22:52:08: RT @NoxinOen: @EvilDeadNews Necronomicon Earrings! http://etsy.me/hSQV93
  • 23:00:01: @evildorina: you're more like a really hot Yoda. 5 cents please.
  • 23:39:37: RT @NietzscheQuotes: The lie is a condition of life. #Nietzsche
  • 23:59:12: RT @MarcDSchiller: MOCA, Deitch, Blu, Censorship and The State Of Today's Museums: http://bit.ly/e54mdH #art

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