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From Twitter 12-29-2010 - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
From Twitter 12-29-2010

  • 00:10:56: Want to make a giant wall mural of the Trix Rabbit? I show you how. http://is.gd/jGyeB
  • 01:16:49: @simonpegg: I'm waiting patiently for 5D films.. the kind that reach out and punch your soul in the face.
  • 01:57:57: #BladeRunner before bed.... http://twitpic.com/3ksp33
  • 02:35:25: "Is this testing whether I'm a Replicant or a lesbian, Mr. Deckard?" #BladeRunner http://twitpic.com/3ksynm
  • 14:15:57: RT @katypegg: Empire Strikes Back to be preserved by US Library http://bbc.in/gpNRDk #ESB30 #StarWars
  • 14:17:45: I'm in good company! RT @geektome: Top Ten Geek Gals I'd like to spend New Year's Eve with 2010 http://chicagonow.com/6NRZ #geekgirls
  • 14:38:38: Glad the @giant_robot blanket I got ya is going to good use! RT @katiecandraw: my cute kid. http://plixi.com/p/66473412
  • 14:43:12: @katiecandraw: I've got more adorkable baby stuff coming your way soon from Auntie Bonnie..antibody? Heh.
  • 16:27:07: Brainstorming ideas on what kind of TARDIS I plan to build. I promise it will be geektastic & worthy of the Doctor.
  • 16:36:11: @matthewood: omg!!!! You're tweeting!!!!
  • 16:41:49: RT @God_Damn_Batman: A special weather bulletin to all criminals who think I'd stay inside just because of a stupid snowstorm. LOOK BEHI ...
  • 17:17:05: @KatzMoney: @melcaylo thinks you're missing from Twitter due to your birthday! Either way Happy Birthday.. Or Happy Kidnapping.
  • 17:37:57: @amy_geek: jellybaby TARDIS?! Brilliant AND tasty!
  • 17:44:10: Hey @EW magazine: Please replace your theater reviews for comic book reviews. I'd rather read about Spidey the hero than the musical.
  • 17:50:26: @carlcunningham: I don't get why @ew has a theater section in general. More people read comics than go to NYC to see plays/ musicals.
  • 17:55:20: "Monocle is, defiantly, a print publication." http://bit.ly/guDcDI /via @NYMag #PrintIsNotDead
  • 17:57:50: @theronster: er, Spider-man IS a "comic for grownups." It's not "The Alcoholic" but it's not "The Archies" either. Try reading a new issue!
  • 18:04:17: @feliciaday: Krull has a giant spider lady! And a glaive! And Qui-Gon Jinn! Krull wins.
  • 18:05:21: @GingerBourbon: you had me at Truffled Tater Tots!
  • 18:07:07: @theronster: yup. I think so. But if you don't like superhero comics, you prob won't dig it anyway.
  • 18:08:43: @lewoodsy: why aren't you stuck HERE!? I have a Blood & Sand cocktail at The Alembic with your name on it!
  • 18:14:51: @theronster: personally, I think some of the best writing out there is in #comics.
  • 18:16:36: @feliciaday: blame bad hair on the decade, not the director! ;-)
  • 18:18:29: @theronster: Same here, but I still read enough superhero #comics to distinguish the complex from the crap. ;-)
  • 18:20:07: @absolutspacegrl: when you mention me does the sentence start with "That weird geek girl who lives on Twitter..." ?
  • 18:21:49: @theronster: most of my comics are from @vertigo_comics @DarkHorseComics @Archaia @imagecomics - but I still <3 @Marvel & @DC_NATION!
  • 18:23:11: @feliciaday @Lbartsch: The higher the hair, the closer to God!
  • 18:30:21: @theronster: I have an entire bookshelf dedicated to @fantagraphics! #comics
  • 18:32:54: RT @starwars: RT @MasterKenobiWan: We've Lost another great man, Visual effects artist for #StarWars: Episode IV, Grant McCune. May he R ...
  • 18:34:17: @absolutspacegrl: wow!!! Hug her for me! I'll be doing new mail art in 2011 if she wants some!
  • 18:57:35: "There are worse crimes than being dull." "Really?" - #MrsBradleyMysteries
  • 19:02:12: @RubyWooCrayon: you should come to #wondercon so we can reprise #MargaritaCon in style!
  • 19:09:54: @uubergeek: Is this your 1st rodeo, as it were?
  • 19:34:55: @Colum: Monocle magazine makes me want to travel to exotic places, eat fanciful foods & snog Tyler Brule!
  • 19:37:15: @evildorina: Animal takes Miss Piggy, checkmuppet?
  • 19:47:46: @RL_Stine: SpongeBob Squarepants held for questioning...
  • 19:59:21: "Odd how we can be spot on about strangers, yet blind when it comes to nears & dears." #MrsBradleyMysteries
  • 20:28:12: Tres #Geekchic! RT @_SarahWilkinson: These shoes need to be on my feet now. #starwars http://twitgoo.com/1skx35
  • 20:48:19: "You don't look like the kind of man interested in 1st editions." "I also collect blondes in bottles." #TheBigSleep
  • 20:49:56: @Daniel_Logan: sounds like you might have foot Fett-ish...
  • 22:49:08: RT @christian_mckay: @bonniegrrl Leigh Brackett wrote #TheBigSleep and co-wrote Empire Strikes Back. "She tried to sit in my lap while I ...

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