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From Twitter 01-09-2011 - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
From Twitter 01-09-2011

  • 01:15:46: #WritersWithDrinks headliner @janewiedlin brought down the house w/ her "Year in Tweets." http://twitpic.com/3oeh33
  • 01:31:53: RT @ScienceChannel: RT @TVGuideMagazine: Ridley Scott will produce and appear in new Science Channel show "Prophets of Science Fiction" #tca
  • 03:18:12: @AndroidSithLord: wow! Thanks!!!
  • 03:18:32: RT @AndroidSithLord: I nominate @Bonniegrrl for a Shorty Award in #socialmedia because she rocks all things geek and makes them chic. ht ...
  • 03:19:15: RT @davidhoang: Knowing @StarWars is definitely a requirement for a happy relationship!
  • 03:24:31: @OneEyedJedi: awww you are the best!!! Thanks!
  • 03:30:22: @Wossy: you need a Scottish Egg Bot! R2-WaffleU
  • 03:56:34: @CineSteiny1983: thanks! And thanks for the whiskey suggestion!!!
  • 04:10:32: RT @OMGFactsCelebs: David Bowie wanted be an astronaut when he was a kid (which almost makes too much sense)
  • 13:24:42: RT @DeathStarPR: We nominate @bonniegrrl for a Shorty Award in #socialmedia because nobody uses Twitter better. http://bit.ly/shorty
  • 13:25:07: @DeathStarPR: you guys are Sith-tastic!!!!
  • 14:35:29: RT @AndroidSithLord: Funny fact of the day: Jar Jar Binks is still trending only because people keep on asking why it's trending. #starwars
  • 15:36:03: #SocialNetwork screening & @trent_reznor Q&A at Lucasfilm is the best reason to spend Sunday at work.
  • 15:44:53: @SteveSansweet: awww thanks Steve!!!!
  • 20:14:23: RT @GirlInRowB: @bonniegrrl This is my daughter's 1st attempt at a Yoda drawing. Posted it next to the pic she was copying. http://plix ...
  • 20:15:22: Yes i do! RT @absolutspacegrl: @bonniegrrl You need a #TARDIS ice bucket http://bit.ly/eYCgp2 #DoctorWho
  • 21:00:13: RT @christian_mckay: #RobotChicken Season 5 premiere! Tonight! Skeletor! Skydiving! Stomp! Saving Pvt. Ryan-ish!
  • 21:02:08: @trent_reznor: thanks for coming to Lucasfilm today to chat about the music of #SocialNetwork. You & Atticus had great stories!
  • 21:07:59: @ellingson: I've been listening to #SocialNetwork soundtrack at work. It has a way of making me productive.
  • 21:10:55: @ellingson: I always like seeing tilt-shift used creatively. They use it in the intro to #Sherlock.
  • 21:23:10: @ellingson: they said the sound/music/dialog was at same levels to sound realistic & make ya pay attention. Love that!
  • 21:38:44: @ellingson: the q&a was great. David Fincher sounds like a VERY obsessed/hands on director. The 1st bar scene took 90 takes!
  • 21:51:05: @ellingson: Parts of #SocialNetwork are surreal for me since dotcom kids all know each other. It felt like watching a film about Nullsoft.
  • 21:55:07: Haven't seen #SocialNetwork yet? Go now for @trent_reznor's music, Skywalker Sound editing, stellar cast & Fincher's attention to detail.
  • 21:55:42: RT @MyLifeAsLiz_Liz: I wish all conflicts were resolved with #TractorOffs like in #Footloose.
  • 21:59:23: @ellingson: eWorld, @Home Network, Excite, Nullsoft, @AOL. My 20s were traded away for dotcoms & all I have is a Les Paul to show for it!
  • 22:00:05: @Keeba13: don't fret. I still haven't seen the new TRON yet!
  • 22:05:49: @ellingson: hmmm @PauleyP, maybe Ellen Page can play me in the movie. They just have be a clueless smartass w/ black hair.
  • 22:12:02: @ellingson: I remember being worth a few million in stocks. Might as well been Monopoly money. Glad my life brought me to where I am now.
  • 22:17:04: @ellingson: exactly! If I ended up w/ millions, I wouldn't have my pup, my Lucasfilm gig & the books I wrote. I bet I'd be tan & boring.
  • 22:25:34: @rob_sheridan: Atticus & @trent_reznor were awesome at the #SocialNetwork Q&A at Lucasfilm. Plus no Tapeworm questions!
  • 22:39:29: @hudence: there's always hope for you. As a matter of fact, start with A New Hope. May the Force Be With You!
  • 22:46:20: @hopelarson @radiomaru: Pocky makes all dates (and earthquake emergency kits) better.
  • 23:19:41: Finishing off writing the rest of my belated Xmas cards while watching #Dexter. #DontJudgeMe
  • 23:20:58: RT @evildorina: @bonniegrrl just informed me that she is watching Fawlty Towers and eating chorizo super nachos. No wonder R2 married her.
  • 23:31:17: @JennaBusch: you have a pet rat?! Is his name Nicodemus?

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