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Murder, She Wrote Drinking Game

I'm a big fan of the '80s mystery show Murder, She Wrote. It has the best fashions (as in padded shoulder pads & feathered hair), the cheesiest plots (a remote control car murders a pedestrian!) and guest stars that would make The Love Boat jealous! So in an effort to entertain myself even more, I've made this Murder, She Wrote Drinking Game. Don't blame me if this murders your liver!

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Jessica Fletcher stumbles across a dead body while jogging.

Jessica Fletcher is wearing a blue velour track suit.

Someone eats pie.

Murder suspect doesn't button his shirt all the way because it's sexier that way.

You count more shoulder pads at a cocktail party than a football game.

Jessica Fletcher complains about "Big City life" & yammers on about Cabot Cove.

Jessica Fletcher gives health advice to a cabbie.

Jessica Fletcher is dressed in a creepy way at a costume party.

Jessica Fletcher fends off muggers with her purse.

Jessica Fletcher snoops in someone's office.

Jessica Fletcher hides underneath a desk while snooping.

Jessica Fletcher trapped inside a sauna.

Jessica Fletcher spots a concealed weapon on someone.

Alfred Hitchcock-like music plays to set the scene.

Someone breaks into Jessica's hotel room.

Jessica Fletcher is hit on my an elderly dapper gent wearing a cardigan w/ elbow patches.

Jessica Fletcher typing her book during a scary thunderstorm.

Jessica Fletcher uses "clam dip" as a curse word.

Jessica Fletcher is held at gunpoint by suspect.

Jessica Fletcher says something about how it's a shame to throw something old away.

Jessica Fletcher's niece or nephew is arrested for murder.

Jessica Fletcher uses the word "shenannigans."

Someone drops something on the floor when Jessica figures out a clue.

Someone gets pushed down a flight of stairs.

Whenever Jessica Fletcher and her "cousin" are both played by Angela Lansbury.

Jessica Fletcher teams up with Magnum P.I.!

Jessica Fletcher offers her famous lobster stew as a bribe.

Jessica Fletcher flirts with Peter Graves on her book tour.

Robert Goulet sighting! Or Linda Blair! Or Bruce Jenner!

A mysterious caller tells Jessica Fletcher to meet at the abandoned warehouse down by the docks.

Someone faints or screams.

When you see Big Hair! Big Bangs!

When you see a wig or toupee!

When you spot bad, bulky jewelry!

When you see a young star before they were famous! Courteney Cox! Joaquin Phoenix!

An old man or boy toy kisses Jessica's hand.

A homicide detective tells Jessica to go back to Cabot Cove.

Whenever you hear an actor try too hard to do a believable Maine accent.

When someone says, "I don't have to answer your questions, lady!"

Anytime you say to yourself, "Hey it's that one guy/lady from that one show!"

You spot an actor from the original Battlestar Galactica in a guest star role.

Big city homicide detective calls Cabot Cove "a little fishing village." Jessica Fletcher glares.

An image of lightening is used to establish the weather.

The most serious-looking face belongs to a deer in any scene with Tom Bosley.

Freeze-frame hug at the end.

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