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From Twitter 01-29-2011 - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
From Twitter 01-29-2011

  • 14:48:13: "Let me tell you about my mother..." RT @Keeba13: Hey! @bonniegrrl guess what I'm watching!! Lol #DrunkTweets http://plixi.com/p/73160904
  • 16:50:47: RT @theaarondouglas: Best frakkin shirt yet. http://yfrog.com/h8dflqdj #BSG #Muppets
  • 16:56:28: RT @joshuamneff: Yo! Chewie in the 'hood! http://twitpic.com/3ulc3k cc: @starwars #starwars
  • 16:58:40: @KRLgrrl: omg!!! Are you ok!?
  • 16:59:13: RT @cyborgturkey: Somewhere an Egyptian teenager just lost his World of Warcraft connection, sat there shaking with fury, then joined th ...
  • 17:01:07: @wilw: you coming up for Wondercon this year? I'm having Wheaton withdrawls...
  • 17:08:14: Doctor Who - check. Waffles - check. Nap w/ snoring dog - check. Crafting Star Wars puppets - check. Rainy Saturday geek achievent unlocked.
  • 17:08:40: @Dammit_Liz: yay!!!! I've missed you!!!!
  • 17:16:07: @dominichamon: individually - yes. All at once - no! ;-)
  • 17:29:19: RT @HuffingtonPost: Looters BEHEAD 2 mummies at #Egypt's famed Egyptian Museum! http://huff.to/h84kef
  • 17:39:19: @DeathStarPR: I like that you're a "galaxy half full" kind of organization.
  • 18:26:33: RT @theaarondouglas: Best present ever!!!!!! Carbonite frozen Chief Galen Tyrol. http://yfrog.com/h7safsjj #BSG #starwars
  • 19:28:40: RT @Lbartsch: 8yo C: if Spock was British he'd say, "Live long and proper." #verysmartgirl #startrek
  • 19:53:58: @feliciaday: while @Lbartsch shows you the highbrow Brit road w/ @DowntonAbbey, I'll be tempting you down lowbrow path w/ The Young Ones!
  • 19:55:26: @rstevens: how much styling gel does that tiny mustache take!?
  • 19:58:21: @njudah: try reading the #BSG Series Bible & the King James Bible...& look for similarities. ;-)
  • 20:07:35: @feliciaday: If you're not watching the UK comedy #ITcrowd by @Glinner, I have failed you as a geek girl & friend. @ITCrowdSupport
  • 20:12:50: @feliciaday: IT Crowd is streaming on @netflix, but The Young Ones is only on DVD.
  • 20:19:55: Guy wearing an ascot flirts w/ Jessica Fletcher. Take a drink! #MurderSheWrote http://twitpic.com/3upluw
  • 20:23:25: Madlibs piss me off too! RT @bergopolis: Can't... stop... filling... in... the... blanks. These are the times I really hate being a writer.
  • 20:28:34: @Molly23: your live tweets of your Star Wars cookie baking/decorating made my day. May the frosting be with you!
  • 20:30:25: @Molly23: you say "bingo!" I say *glug glug*
  • 20:32:56: @hdibner: trust me when I say #MurderSheWrote is much better as a drinking game! ;-)
  • 21:15:30: @AdrianneCurry: plus Helen Mirren in an evening gown & machine gun FTW!
  • 21:18:30: RT @MissySB: YES! Fwd @maggiekb1: Best part of Auton Snowplow robotics comp: Emergency shutoff buttons. In case plows connect to SkyNet ...
  • 21:31:24: @Keeba13: Skywalker Ranch is more like a serene retreat w/ real cattle & a lake named after Ewoks!
  • 21:32:30: @AdrianneCurry @STFUDONNY: Helen Mirren can join my assassin squad any time!
  • 21:35:34: @TimRothLieToMe: you can't leave Twitter! Who else will properly educate me about beans & toast?
  • 21:39:23: RT @TARDIS_Tara: WTF? There's a #TARDIS at Warner Bros?! http://plixi.com/p/73427457 #doctorwho
  • 21:51:51: RT @jawboneradio: Look! @paulandstorm's #GeekAWeek card is up! (w/ cardback by @neilhimself!): http://bit.ly/hCDvGP Cardback: http://bit ...
  • 22:46:14: @evildorina: I walked in the rain to get chorizo super nachos & Lime Jarritos. Proud of me?
  • 22:48:49: Jessica Fletcher's mentor just said "fiddlesticks." Take a drink. #MurderSheWrote
  • 22:56:06: RT @wrytersblockDH: @bonniegrrl Watching your #MurderSheWrote tweets go by the other night, I last-named a character 'Fletcher' in a wri ...
  • 22:56:29: @wrytersblockDH: that is so cool! Jessica would approve & offer you clam dip! ;-)
  • 22:58:22: @dino101: Zuckerberg in 3-D!
  • 23:00:23: @wrytersblockDH: the power of #MurderSheWrote to inspire others makes me smile... and hiccup!
  • 23:06:39: @CineSteiny1983: indeed! I'm watching every ep of #MurderSheWrote. I'm on season 2 & there's 12 seasons!
  • 23:53:02: "If murder were a disease, you'd be contagious!" #MurderSheWrote
  • 23:53:48: @evildorina: ha! You're my sexy Yoda full of sexy advice!

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