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Kirkus Reviews: The Star Wars Craft Book review - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
Kirkus Reviews: The Star Wars Craft Book review

Review of my book from Kirkus Reviews.

Author: Burton, Bonnie

Review Date: March 1, 2011
Publisher:Del Rey/LucasBooks
Pages: 208
Price ( Paperback ): $24.00
Publication Date: March 29, 2011
ISBN ( Paperback ): 978-0-345-51116-4
Category: Nonfiction
Classification: Popular Culture

A career crafter shares the unfettered joys of Chewbacca Sock Puppets and Jabba the Hutt body pillows.

Burton, creative editor and blogger for Lucasfilm's immensely popular Star Wars website, applies imagination and accessibility to creations that are "fun, not frustrating." The author makes good use of commonly available supplies found in the kitchen (dry pasta, wooden spoons), the closet (old T-shirts and socks) and the recycling bin (newspapers, bottles). She gives new life to broken toys and Halloween masks, transforming them into adorable and often practical Star Wars artwork. The book is artfully arranged into sections of varying skill levels. Some best suited for interactive role-play, such as the Yoda Felt Doll, while others incorporate holiday themes, or make for creative pet toys and home decor.

Burton's simple ideas have the potential to become functional masterworks like tote bags, pillows and blankets fashioned out of new or used Star Wars T-shirts, a Space Slug Draft Blocker made from tube socks, even an Ewok Flower Vase. Those with a flair for handiwork will delight in a section on nature-inspired projects using pebbles and moss to create "Dagobath Carnivorous" plant habitats or a milk-carton Wookiee Bird House.

Burton saves the most challenging mission for the final pages where, in 19 quick steps, readers can create a gruesomely monstrous Mounted Acklay Head. Easy-to-follow directions, patterns and an inclusive index of basic materials all contribute to the appeal of these unique crafts, including photographs of Star Wars fans alongside their own imaginative constructions.

Whimsical, straightforward fun for die-hard buffs of any age.

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