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From Twitter 03-12-2011 - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
From Twitter 03-12-2011

  • 00:08:19: @MissySB: i prefer my business meetings at gay bars... w/ drag queens bringing me cocktails named after silent filmstars. #howiroll
  • 00:10:57: @Mister_Robotics @MissySB @grantimahara: don't forget Meat Dessert at 1am!
  • 00:41:38: RT @kyle_newman: #FF to my Lucasfriends at Lucasfilm @infinata @bonniegrrl @missingwrds @MeaganFinnerty @joelaron @matthewood & @dave_fi ...
  • 00:42:37: @kyle_newman: right back at ya! You & @Jaime_King are full of #winning!
  • 00:44:00: @ActionChick: We discovered Meat Dessert last Fri night. It's a 1am pastrami sandwich w/ martinis!
  • 00:47:00: @rhiannononon @Mister_Robotics @missysb @GrantImahara: At Snoring Pup Pub (my apt) drinking Cappucino Stout & eating astronaut ice cream!
  • 01:02:35: RT @janewiedlin: Lots of nuclear info here:
    These scientists seem to think it will b ok, hope they are correct.
    #ja ...
  • 01:06:21: @Templesmith: speaking of Goth youth... me pretending to be Siouxsie in the '80s. http://twitpic.com/48pky0
  • 02:46:07: RT @mgrabois: @bonniegrrl My #fontcore band: Courier New Kids on the Block, with our first #fontsong single "Oh, Tahoma"
  • 02:47:18: RT @slashfilm: Stamps Featuring Dumbledore, Merlin & Voldemort from UK’s Royal Mail http://bit.ly/gXJvnZ #HarryPotter
  • 12:15:33: RT @NathanHamill: @bonniegrrl http://plixi.com/p/83369240 Edgar wrote the "fat" bit, Simon printed his name and Jessica drew the mustach ...
  • 12:19:44: My dog does a spot-on impression as a cow grazing in the pasture. http://twitpic.com/48urme
  • 12:20:46: @erier2003: we sell Clone Wars MadLibs... Just sayin.
  • 15:03:42: Hey @halhickel, I'm at the #Rango screening at @ILMVFX! Yay for lizards! Can't wait to spot more @starwars references!
  • 15:04:34: Yay! Can't wait to see what you make! RT @Agent_M: Oh man, @bonniegrrl's #StarWars Craft Book is so rad. http://tumblr.com/xo71r3ci6r
  • 21:10:20: @Piznatty: I bought my lightsaber lip gloss at @HotTopic in the mall.
  • 21:11:45: RT @GeorgeTakei: Proud that my hometown LA is deploying 6 canine search & rescue teams to Japan. You can help with $10: Text REDCROSS t ...
  • 21:13:27: @halhickel: thanks for answering my questions about Hunter S. Thompson references! Can't wait to get The Ballad of #Rango book!!!
  • 21:18:26: @halhickel: I loved #Rango!!! I grew up on Westerns & this was the coolest homage to my favorite cowboys!!!!
  • 21:18:51: RT @oisforoceanblue: Had a wonderful radio interview this week with @bonniegrrl on her upcoming #starwars craft book. "Try not -- DO or ...
  • 21:21:36: @absolutspacegrl: I always prefer to drink with stormtroopers. Well played!
  • 21:22:05: RT @Alyssa_Milano: In watching Empire Strikes Back with my brother. This is a prefect Saturday.
  • 21:26:20: RT @Piznatty: @bonniegrrl Help me Bony-one-Kenopup, you're my only hope!! http://plixi.com/p/83551708
  • 21:29:08: @ellingson: thanks for an awesome day full of great stories, cowboy lizards, Cajun shrimpies & medicinal gelato! ;-)
  • 21:32:44: Love spaghetti westerns, Hunter S. Thompson, lizards & breath-taking visuals from @ILMVFX? Go see #Rango this weekend!
  • 21:37:27: @ellingson: anytime! Thanks for following along my tangent-filled storytelling method.
  • 21:38:14: RT @JohnnyDeppOrg: RETWEET IF YOU LOVED RANGO ♥
  • 21:48:26: @ellingson @tommyleeedwards the Q&A presentation at @ILMVFX was with @halhickel. ;-)
  • 21:49:27: RT @ellingson: Here's my piece for the "Warhol Re-Imagined" show at Project One:
    It's based on "Moonwalk 405":
    http: ...
  • 22:01:11: RT @RaviCNN: Unreal image RT @dylancuthbert: Ferry on top of bldg, no this isn't a scene from Lost http://yfrog.com/h8va0gxj
  • 22:05:28: RT @infinata: That shiver you felt? Someone is determining the Comic-Con strategy for the Smurfs movie.
  • 22:08:42: @tommyleeedwards @ellingson: #Rango was done by @halhickel & the other mad geniuses at @ILMVFX in San Francisco.
  • 22:12:26: Greatest! RT @aimeevu: @wilw Great cross-stitch, or greatest cross-stitch? http://bit.ly/hf9HDl #StarTrek #crafts
  • 22:17:46: RT @sxstarwars: Only 10 minutes til the big Keynote by Admiral Ackbar: "It's A Trap" is just another way of saying "It's An Opportunity" ...
  • 22:18:34: RT @theforcenet: Join The #SXStarWars Twitter Game: http://bit.ly/gqVvg2 #StarWars
  • 22:26:09: I hate Daylights Savings Time. If time is money, how much is a lost hour worth? Pay up, Universe!
  • 22:28:29: @bergopolis: make that 2 geek girls jealous!
  • 22:30:10: RT @halhickel: Pssssst: Not all animated movies are "just for kids". Check out Rango. Even if you're a grown up. In fact, especially if ...
  • 22:49:45: RT @MyDogAteLA: "Reading is one form of escape. Running for your life is another."
  • 23:12:40: [✔]Open Source Marriage w/ R2-D2 ❒Single ❒Taken
  • 23:23:26: @halhickel: some of my best kid memories include watching Sergio Leone westerns with my dad while husking corn.
  • 23:26:02: RT @dbsw: “Jedi in the Future” T-Shirt // by Bamboota http://dlvr.it/K44lF #StarWars
  • 23:33:35: @halhickel: I was raised in the Midwest amongst tumbleweeds & farm dogs. I used to pretend tractors were AT-ATs.

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