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From Twitter 03-20-2011 - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
From Twitter 03-20-2011

  • 00:13:57: Sometimes I squint my eyes & pretend Pauley is me. RT @PauleyP: Yup, @jimmyfallon tonight! http://twitpic.com/4as5q7
  • 01:02:53: RT @johnmoe: Everyone's mocking "Operation Odyssey Dawn" saying Odyssey & Dawn are stripper names. I say Operation is a very disturbing ...
  • 01:04:00: RT @jlist: The most interesting Japanese #umbrellas are, naturally, samurai sword umbrellas. http://moe.vg/bSep7H
  • 01:24:37: Wind is blowing so hard in #SanFrancisco right now. I swear I just saw a little boy & an alien fly by my window on a bike.
  • 01:29:11: @EricIGN: exactly!!!!
  • 01:40:52: RT @PilkingtonQuote: “Normally you can't hear your own voice because you're talking over it." - #KarlPilkington
  • 02:19:56: UK folks: my #StarWars Craft Book is at Amazon UK http://amzn.to/hfyCYF Waterstones http://bit.ly/fRaawS Blackwells http://bit.ly/hKAgXr
  • 03:00:58: @MarkBAllen: thanks!!!!
  • 03:02:39: RT @metsfan: "I never trust anyone who's more excited about success than about doing the thing they want to be successful at."
  • 10:52:59: Thanks!!! RT @meganreneec: Oh man, @bonniegrrl's #StarWars Craft Book is so rad. http://t.co/KfQHuFF
  • 10:53:48: RT @Ste_Doughty: Matt Smith hailed as "best Doctor ever" & new series hailed as "Darkest Yet" http://t.co/po6uzCs #DoctorWho
  • 19:02:26: @SutroTVTower: you look so happy in the clouds! http://twitpic.com/4bnb8q
  • 22:03:37: RT @NerfHerder_band: @bonniegrrl 's Star Wars Craft Book. Have you pre-ordered your copy yet? We did...can't wait!!! http://t.co/BO1vyac
  • 22:04:28: @NerfHerder_band: thanks for the shout out about my book! ;-)
  • 22:18:44: @absolutspacegrl: back up... You're in town!?
  • 22:25:53: RT @tara: Me: I dreamt you left me for @bonniegrrl. Him: Well, she is in an open relationship with r2d2. Me: Umm what? Him: She likes St ...
  • 22:26:42: @tara: ha! R2-D2 has final say over who I date. So no worries! ;-)
  • 22:29:44: RT @JimmyMacRadio: @BonnieGrrl Cute fan at #C2E2 LOVES The Star Wars Craft Book! Who can blame her? #ForceCast http://t.co/l0n5jfD
  • 22:31:41: @AH_AdamHughes: looking forward to seeing you at WonderCon!
  • 22:33:02: @ellingson: you're in a pasta stupor, aren't you?
  • 22:36:11: Almost got a taxidermy squirrel cowboy riding a rabbit & squirrel playing violin at @lovedtodeath. I know where my tax refund will end up!
  • 22:39:23: @ellingson: ha! But you got extra muscles... so that's something.
  • 22:40:26: @amy_geek: sadly no photos are allowed in the store. If I buy it you can see it in person!
  • 22:45:40: @ellingson: triple pun word score!
  • 22:55:50: @ellingson: food coma setting in. Snoring dog. William Powell on the telly. Still wishing a brought cowboy squirrel home....
  • 22:59:43: @vmperella @ellingson: don't forget the garlic. No vampires are sneaking into my digs tonight!
  • 23:45:25: RT @BrianLynch: Do you think dorky Stormtroopers refer to those big Hoth transports as @@'s when they tweet?

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