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From Twitter 04-28-2011 - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
From Twitter 04-28-2011

  • 00:00:46: RT @GameOfThrones: "What the Royal Wedding Could Learn From #GameofThrones" (via: @tvwithoutpity) MORE: http://itsh.bo/lMeo3k
  • 00:03:05: RT @Agent_M: Thanks to @bonniegrrl, I know that @Johnny_Marr is on Twitter. Nice. cc @ronxo @badcoverversion @alex_segura
  • 00:32:02: @AyleenGaspar @NathanHamill: Ewok Fight! Ewok Fight!
  • 10:47:14: @GirlInRowB: your daughter sounds like me!!! ;-)
  • 10:47:30: RT @UrbanOutfitters: May the glue gun be with you. RT @bonniegrrl YAY! My new book "The #StarWars Craft Book" is now @UrbanOutfitters! h ...
  • 11:07:51: RT @ToryBelleci: Day 4 of planning week. The MB shop is so quiet. Too quiet. It's the calm before the storm. http://t.co/IzZLBfC
  • 11:09:13: @ToryBelleci: Hey rock star! If you're making a list of things to blow up, I've got a few suggestions. How do you feel about Alderaan?
  • 11:46:06: Culture Club - "The Dream" (Electric Dreams soundtrack) @boygeorgehttp://blip.fm/~143toi
  • 11:48:52: @absolutspacegrl: Give a spacey @NASA hug to @SethGreen & @ClareGrant for me! #NASATweetup
  • 11:52:21: RT @SethGreen: Meeting American hero @Astro_clay is definitely a highlight of #NASAtweetup http://twitpic.com/4qlob5
  • 11:53:18: @johnroderick: I was born in Kansas, but I still believe my spaceship crashed there instead. Just like Superman!
  • 12:53:52: RT @Pete_Morrison: Want to win @bonniegrrl #Starwars Craftbook? Enter @DelReySpectra Twitter contest RT w/ #DRS5K http://fb.me/ZOoe63oI
  • 12:55:21: The One AM Radio - "Everything Falls Apart" @theoneamradiohttp://blip.fm/~143w7n
  • 12:56:38: RT @LordPalpatine: And where is *Princess* Leia's birth certificate? Was she really born on Alderaan? Someone should go there and fin... Oh.
  • 13:01:24: @bergopolis: Drone Zone & Mission Control are my fave @SomaFM stations to pretend I'm in space. http://goo.gl/uhaUR & http://goo.gl/z0lOQ
  • 14:48:29: RT @ToryBelleci: @bonniegrrl YEAH! We'll blow up Alderaan first then Jar Jar Binks.
  • 14:49:22: @ToryBelleci: Great! I've got a list of that starts with an ex-boyfriend and ends at the DMV.
  • 14:58:07: @bergopolis @ToryBelleci: O RLY, Amy? Hello kettle? Black calling... ;-) #nerdsFTW
  • 15:03:50: Argued w/ @missingwords @ lunch about why I think Jedi are hypocrites RE self-defense vs. using the dark side to win a fight. #nerdsFTW
  • 15:05:39: @NathanHamill @AyleenGaspar @coheteboy: #EwokFightClub Get ready to rumble nub! http://goo.gl/v6gVs
  • 15:08:03: @tishalulle1 @missingwords: I'm VERY pro-Sith. Jedi are self-righteous pious control freaks w/ bad hair. Stormies & Vader have my vote.
  • 15:09:04: RT @ToryBelleci: We're talking about using an RPG for an upcoming myth! I'm about to live out my Call of Duty dreams.
  • 15:09:48: @ToryBelleci: Tory, I'm not alone in saying your Call of Duty dreams are also OUR Call of Duty Dreams.
  • 15:55:01: RT @EvanBlackley: The only Royal Wedding worth watching was Padmé and Anakin in #starwars. /via @starwars
  • 15:57:59: Where were you when they took over the planet? New #Transformers3 trailer! http://goo.gl/Lw5NE #TF3
  • 16:04:18: RT @JAGJ2001: @bonniegrrl I agree. I hope things work out better for Kate and William that did for Anakin and Padme.
  • 16:07:59: RT @feliciaday: RT: @theguild: CHARITY AUCTION: Featured Extra Role in Season 5, benefits Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation http://t.co/wWjyNiS
  • 16:18:11: RT @MTVGeek: Woodsy's World of @StarWars: A few words about my plush @UndergroundToys Chewie!!! http://in.flux.com/ksmeTB
  • 16:18:16: @MTVGeek @UnderGroundToys: That 24" plush Chewie WILL be my new BFF! #WookieeLuv
  • 16:28:04: @Lbartsch: Exactly! The fact that Jedi were okay w/ creating expendable humans just to fight a war seems the essence of the Dark Side!
  • 16:31:04: @Jakezilla: I always wanted a tattoo written in Aurebesh that says "I Am Not A Clone."
  • 16:39:47: Reverend And The Makers - "Heavyweight Champion of the World" @JonMcClurehttp://blip.fm/~1444le
  • 16:42:40: @Lbartsch: I feel bad for the Clones. I'm surprised they're so willing to die for someone else's freedom without thinking twice about it.
  • 16:54:57: @tishalulle1 @missingwords: If I can use Force lightning/choking/throwing to defend myself in battle, why bother w/ a lightsaber? For show?
  • 17:03:35: @ToryBelleci @KariByron @mythbusters: Y'all need to bust the Battle on Endor too. Those Ewoks were waaaaay too lucky. http://goo.gl/mKIQx
  • 17:06:20: @missingwords @tishalulle1: Jedi want power too which is hypocritical. Jedi don't train people to fight for themselves. They call the shots.
  • 17:07:47: @Nathan_Pensky @missingwords @tishalulle1: To be honest, I'm Pro-Droid above all lifeforms.
  • 17:10:33: @NathanHamill @AyleenGaspar @coheteboy: Saving Private TK-421 http://goo.gl/TNLPS #EwokFightClub
  • 17:11:18: @erier2003 @missingwords @tishalulle1: And who made the Jedi in charge? riiiiight.
  • 17:12:12: @missingwords @tishalulle1: And making more Clones doesn't lead to more war?!
  • 17:16:42: @missingwords @tishalulle1 @erier2003: Meh. The Jedi look at the Clones like Doritos. "Crunch all you want, we'll make more."
  • 17:18:14: @Nathan_Pensky @erier2003 @tishalulle1 @missingwords: Mace Windu wasn't under anyone's motherfrakkin' control. It's Samuel L J!
  • 17:21:26: @erier2003 @missingwords @tishalulle1: No wars should be started just from 1 assassination attempt.... oh wait. #WWI
  • 17:22:26: @Nathan_Pensky @erier2003 @tishalulle1 @missingwords: Those Jedi were itchin' for a big fight. Why else have a lightsaber? To slice bread?
  • 17:24:13: @missingwords @tishalulle1 @erier2003: Jedi giving the Clones names is like farm kids naming cattle. In the end, we all know what happens.
  • 17:24:34: RT @missingwords: @bonniegrrl @Nathan_Pensky @erier2003 @tishalulle1 Lightsabers are the only device that can both slice and toast bread ...
  • 17:28:48: @missingwords @tishalulle1 @erier2003: The Clones get killed so easily in battle, I'm guessing their armor is biodegradable.
  • 17:30:23: @OneEyedJedi @missingwords @tishalulle1 @erier2003: Astromechs are more like pets, Clones are more disposable. Ani saves R2, not Clones.
  • 17:31:54: @Nathan_Pensky @missingwords @tishalulle1 @erier2003: Jedi didn't order the Clones, but they still used them. Buying a gun vs. shooting it.
  • 17:33:49: @erier2003 @missingwords @Nathan_Pensky @tishalulle1 "Jedi expected much shorter war but overextended." Now where have I heard that before?
  • 17:35:11: @Nathan_Pensky @erier2003 @missingwords @tishalulle1: I like to pretend Sifo-Dyas was actually R2-D2 just wanting to mess w/ everyone.
  • 17:36:08: @missingwords @Nathan_Pensky @tishalulle1 @erier2003: Nope, Anakin saves Rex because he's the only Clone that doesn't 2nd guess him.
  • 17:37:58: @JennyHart: Whenever you tweet "x - x - x 'ing" I think you're watching porn! ;-)
  • 17:39:08: @missingwords @Nathan_Pensky @erier2003 @tishalulle1: The Jedi sure don't cry when a Clone dies. They just step over them w/o a salute.
  • 17:40:01: @missingwords @erier2003 @Nathan_Pensky @tishalulle1: But are the Jedi saving Clones out of loyalty, or out of budget reasons?
  • 17:41:50: @Nathan_Pensky @missingwords @tishalulle1 @erier2003: Anakin murdering an entire school of kids doesn't exactly make him selfless.
  • 17:43:05: AMEN! RT @Nathan_Pensky: @missingwords @erier2003 @tishalulle1 Also: Anakin was a slave! Why was he never more sympathetic to Clones?
  • 17:44:49: @missingwords @Nathan_Pensky @erier2003 @tishalulle1: Are the Jedi upset by Clone deaths because of the paperwork they have to do later?
  • 17:46:26: @erier2003 @Nathan_Pensky @missingwords @tishalulle1: "Fallen" is just an excuse. Anakin as Vader knew what he was doing & he didn't care.
  • 17:47:32: @missingwords @erier2003 @Nathan_Pensky @tishalulle1: Jedi accountants!? Oh @SethGreen, we have a #RobotChicken idea...
  • 17:50:18: @erier2003 @Nathan_Pensky @missingwords @tishalulle1: Anakin made a choice. A BAD one, but HE made it. Wipe out millions to save his wife.
  • 17:51:37: @Nathan_Pensky @missingwords @tishalulle1 @erier2003: Killing a school full of younglings sure is romantic....not. That's a douche move.
  • 17:52:57: @erier2003 @Nathan_Pensky @missingwords @tishalulle1: But Anakin NEVER did what Jedi normally do. Not much of a stretch when he Vadered out.
  • 17:55:10: @missingwords @erier2003 @Nathan_Pensky @tishalulle1: But I bet ex-cops still think they're doing what's right even if it's not...
  • 17:56:06: @erier2003 @Nathan_Pensky @missingwords @tishalulle1: Anakin WAS the flaw in the Jedi Order... he let his fear of abandonment rule.
  • 17:57:18: @erier2003 @missingwords @Nathan_Pensky @tishalulle1: The Jedi Order was one huge double standard. The Sith were bad but had a clear agenda.
  • 17:58:22: @missingwords @erier2003 @Nathan_Pensky @tishalulle1: the Jedi were smug. It was either their way or you were an enemy. No gray area.
  • 17:59:17: @missingwords @erier2003 @Nathan_Pensky @tishalulle1: No the Jedi were trying to do what was best for the Republic, not the galaxy.
  • 18:02:46: @missingwords @erier2003 @Nathan_Pensky @tishalulle1: "what's best for The Force." You mean that thing only a small % of folks can use?
  • 18:03:45: @erier2003 @missingwords @Nathan_Pensky @tishalulle1: @SKGaleana is right! You can't have balance w/ just 1 side left!
  • 18:05:15: @missingwords @erier2003 @Nathan_Pensky @tishalulle1: Force "binds the galaxy together" is a crock. Power plays over the Force rip it apart.
  • 18:07:25: Jedi treat the Clones like Doritos - "Crunch all you want, we'll make more." Discuss. #StarWars
  • 18:20:38: @RIotmech: If the Jedi cared about Clones they would have made battle droids not humans to fight their wars.
  • 18:21:42: @Nathan_Pensky @SKGaleana @erier2003 @missingwords @tishalulle1: I always thought Anakin was the Chosen One for the Sith, not Jedi.
  • 18:22:22: @Agent_M: Dude are you in town? TACOS!!!!!!!
  • 18:22:58: RT @chrisjallan: @Nathan_Pensky @missingwords @bonniegrrl @erier2003 Hey if its not for debates about Star Wars politics what is the int ...
  • 18:27:43: RT @NathanFillion: Dude. DUDE.
    “@seamusdever: Watch this, but for the love of god don't tell Nathan Fillion. http://t.co/L6vadbt
  • 18:35:40: @theaarondouglas: hey Chief! Let me know if you want a tour of the Death Star when you return to SF!
  • 18:39:56: #Klingon Monopoly is coming soon! http://goo.gl/8H5gt /via @globalgeeknews #StarTrek
  • 18:41:07: @jimmy_boots: Actually, I just want @theaarondouglas here at work to point out any hidden Cylon tech in the hallways.
  • 18:48:03: @AyleenGaspar @georgegaspar: Your review of my Star Wars Craft Book on #ToyBreak made my year! Thanks for rocking! ;-)
  • 18:49:09: RT @AyleenGaspar: Toy Break 164 is up! We check out The Star Wars Craft Book by @bonniegrrl among other goodies! http://www.toybreak.com ...
  • 18:57:54: RT @someecards: Steve Carell leaving The Office is almost as depressing as my inability to leave mine. http://t.co/EXIpl7N
  • 19:35:28: Sex Ed with H.P. Lovecraft! http://goo.gl/nfGHf /via @ToplessRobot @klaatu
  • 19:58:10: @theaarondouglas: You tell me when & I'll make sure you have a Forcetastic time! R2-D2 sends hugs! ;-)
  • 21:30:32: MY monsters bring me wine. #drunktweets http://t.co/LwLj28z
  • 21:45:50: @amy_geek: be careful what you wish for! I extend Geek Debate Club w/ @missingwords for hours & hours.
  • 21:52:38: @YourGodFearsMe: I'll drink any wine from @BonnyDoonVineyd! I'm dying to try wine from @caduceuscellars!
  • 22:01:49: RT @AMANDAJEANNN: Yay! Corte Madera @UrbanOutfitters finally got in @bonniegrrl #StarWars craft book! Come get one.. Or 7! http://t.co/T ...
  • 22:04:24: @Mister_Robotics: I'm so sorry to hear that. Please text me if you need ANYTHING!!!
  • 22:11:11: @SimonJCLeBON: Come on, Simon. We both know William's singing "Rio" at his Stag Party.
  • 22:21:22: @dominichamon: dammit!!! Did I forget D&D night at Lucasfilm again!? #dnd
  • 23:38:35: RT @tim846: My favorite pic today? @SethGreen in rapt attention listening to @Astro_Clay at the #NASAtweetup: http://t.co/bufE2Du @NASA
  • 23:41:39: RT @amy_geek: Click to see a terrifying/fantastic Weeping Angel costume & learn how to make it yourself! http://t.co/eNvneUy #DoctorWho
  • 23:46:07: @ArkhamAsylumDoc @geekyjessica @amy_geek @sarahkuhn: did someone say Sexy #Voltron Costume? http://t.co/rhUTsEj
  • 23:56:33: @onetwoseventeen: ha! Me too. It's part of the @LadyGaGa Paper Doll in the May issue of GQ!

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