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From Twitter 05-08-2011 - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
From Twitter 05-08-2011

  • 01:04:16: RT @grantimahara: "Nobody puts #GeekGirls in a corner." - @bonniegrrl
  • 08:38:18: RT @sarahkuhn: .@Bergopolis Bday! Quality time w/@bonniegrrl @grantimahara @spyscribe @sarahwatson42 @writergeekrhw @taraplatt @yurilowe ...
  • 08:39:01: RT @grantimahara: @writergeekrhw @bonniegrrl Paw & Order definitely wins!
  • 09:11:33: @grantimahara @writergeekrhw @bergopolis: dreamt last night that Officer Poochinski showed up for a deadly cat crime. Theme song was meowed!
  • 11:01:48: RT @bergopolis: Happy Mother's Day!! Celebrate by tuning in to the #Eureka marathon on @Syfy. :)
  • 11:06:08: #Bacon looks better on @KimEvey! http://t.co/y96QO43
  • 11:09:49: @melcaylo: I'm in LA just for this weekend.
  • 11:14:08: Look out ladies! It's @grantimahara & @dblackanese! http://t.co/YRq04NB
  • 11:38:29: Just met the super-cool #geekgirl @OliviaYoungers! http://t.co/tR0Y4JP
  • 13:43:36: RT @edfowler: The @bergopolis shindig felt like a SDCC warm up discussing Ewok cuisine with @bonniegrrl and @grantimahara
  • 14:20:41: RT @gregaronowitz: Finally got to meet @bonniegrrl in person today. My crafting circle is complete. I have met the master!
  • 14:36:41: RT @feliciaday: OH on Guild Set from Erin Gray: "When you find something good, hold onto it. Like husbands and makeup artists."
  • 14:38:16: @feliciaday: thank YOU for making me feel like one of the cool kids!!! Making you @theguild crafts now!
  • 14:41:00: RT @grantimahara: @dblackanese @bonniegrrl @bergopolis I think @bergopolis-con should be renamed Awesome-con. #ohveal
  • 14:56:28: Yay! #TeamUnicorn love from @thegamerchick & @Rileah! http://t.co/6l3yYKO
  • 16:46:56: *hugs* RT @thegamerchick: Got to hug the lovely @bonniegrrl lots today! Then I happened upon a can of this http://t.co/kfGhgCF
  • 16:48:34: @thegamerchick @Rileah: thanks for stopping by the set to see me! We must have a #TeamUnicorn Slumber Party soon! I'll bring googly eyes!
  • 16:50:10: @feliciaday @KimEvey @seanbecker @theguild: thanks again for letting me be guildy! May the Yoda Ears Be With You!
  • 17:01:56: Hanging out in LA w/ my favorite cool geeks @grantimahara & @bergopolis! http://t.co/Vjzicvx
  • 17:06:24: RT @Syfy: Sunday we're doing #Eureka and #Warehouse13 marathons from 9a.m. to 5a.m. Enjoy!
  • 17:16:09: Arnold Palmer COMMANDS YOU to do eeeeevil. cc: @bergopolis http://t.co/PsYckfO
  • 17:19:28: @tomlenk: awesome meeting today! I'll be sure to send you my Star Wars Craft Book. Let me know if you want a tour!
  • 17:22:47: @ZacharyLevi: Great meeting you today! Email me so I can send you lots of Star Wars gear except for smelly tauntauns.
  • 17:34:52: @geekyjessica: yup I'm in LA just for this weekend. Hanging w/ @bergopolis @grantimahara & @feliciaday's crew of cool geeks!
  • 17:35:25: @instalyssa: I carry googly eyes with ne everywhere!
  • 17:37:43: With a bubbly personality! RT @feliciaday: Im a Bathtub Producer: #theguild http://t.co/SMMTGAr
  • 17:42:07: RT @elizadushku: On the set of @TheGuild w @feliciaday @Rickafox ...
  • 17:45:29: RT @tomlenk: Hangin on the set of @theguild today! Such cool peeps!
  • 17:52:06: @Dichenlachman: Awesome meeting you today. Wait... are we still going on that homeless retreat?
  • 17:53:10: @geekyjessica: I'll come back soon for Mustard Coven retreat!
  • 17:53:31: RT @bergopolis: Day of fun hanging out on the set of @TheGuild with their awesome cast and crew, then a late lunch with buds @bonniegrrl ...
  • 18:00:05: @tomlenk: say hi to @SarahJo for me! :-)
  • 18:03:12: Awwwww @bergopolis & @feliciaday! #GeekGirls rock! #TheGuild http://t.co/IwmVQvk
  • 18:50:41: Thank YOU! RT @Geekyfanboy: @bonniegrrl is one of the geekiest girls I've ever met... I love it. Thanks for the interviews.
  • 18:55:23: My money is on John Waters... RT @bergopolis: Arrived home to discover my backyard flamingo-ed by unknown prankster. http://t.co/g5x7Rzj
  • 18:58:46: @sugarjonze @writergeekrhw @kayreindl: awesome chatting w/ you at the @bergopolis shindig! ;-)
  • 18:59:24: @sarahkuhn: so glad I got to geek out with you last night!!!!!
  • 18:59:52: RT @sarahkuhn: Seriously, @bergopolis is The Mighty Geek Axis 'round which we all rotate. Also, she's the one who got Obama to run for p ...
  • 19:08:50: @spyscribe: I love that we had so many awesome chats last night about #TheMiddleman! @OKBJGM would be proud!
  • 19:31:33: RT @SarahWatson42: Recap of what went down at casa de @bergopolis. Too many nerd girl writers to shout out in 140 characters. And a myt ...
  • 19:31:40: RT @sarahkuhn: @SarahWatson42 "Too Many Nerdgirl Writers...And A Mythbuster" sounds like a wacky hijinks-type show waiting to happen.
  • 20:16:11: RT @nobby1138: Meanwhile, in a quite corner of my son's bedroom... #RodianPickUpLines #starwars http://t.co/HAVbfag
  • 20:20:16: RT @EurekaWriters: It's #Eureka co-EP Amy Berg's birthday! Won't you pop over to @bergopolis (she wrote the Starkolicious "Ex-Files") an ...
  • 20:26:26: @feliciaday: we REALLY need to convince Erin Gray to get on Twitter. She had the best stories/advice today on set. I <3 her!
  • 20:32:10: @feliciaday: Erin Gray's acting book sounds awesome too! She's so much fun! Heck, let's convince her to have a Youtube channel too!
  • 20:34:15: Flight doesn't leave LAX for 2 hrs. Killing time playing Words With Friends. I wonder if I can get double points for spelling Kashyyyk?
  • 20:35:21: @edfowler: I left a stash of googly eyes w/ @bergopolis. So expect more nightmares!
  • 20:36:46: @edfowler: and always remember: Han Solo = Ewok's fave Hot Pocket!
  • 20:43:51: @HollyConrad: it was rad meeting you today at #TheGuild! I wanna see all the cool stuff you make!
  • 20:44:40: RT @patsquinade: Essence of motherhood: patience, morality, killing your kids if they turn into space vampires.
  • 20:45:20: @HollyConrad: DM me your mailing address & I'll send you a copy of my Star Wars Craft Book!
  • 20:47:11: @grantimahara: I thought you tweeted "I smell a robot!" and I got excited!
  • 20:49:55: @OKBJGM: I'm at LAX right now for 2 hrs waiting for my delayed flight & considering putting googly eyes on Depature signs out of boredom.
  • 20:51:33: @JeffCarlisle @OKBJGM: I hung out w/ Erin Gray AND gave her a copy of my Star Wars Craft Book! #geekgirlwin
  • 20:52:37: @HollyConrad: I can't wait to see what crafts you make from my Star Wars Craft Book! Yay!
  • 21:01:57: Dear Mom: Thanks for waking me up every morning when I was a baby w/ a Kermit the Frog puppet. It explains a lot. http://t.co/Bv5uFVL
  • 21:21:45: @lexigeek: swell meeting you today! You are full of the awesome.
  • 21:29:09: @MShaneman @hollyconrad: sadly I leave LA tonight. I'll be back soon!
  • 21:33:53: Triple Geek Score! @grantimahara + me in @rstevens fashion + @bergopolis! http://t.co/j2ALqVM
  • 21:35:18: @beano76: returning from LA to HipsterVille (San Francisco)
  • 21:35:28: RT @lexigeek: I get a tweet from @bonniegrrl and the main theme from Star Wars comes up on shuffle. Coincidence?
  • 21:35:59: @lexigeek: never underestimate the power of the Bonnie Side!
  • 21:44:07: @wizmatts: i'm addicted to @BobsBurgersFOX! @kristenschaaled makes me snort laugh every other minute!
  • 21:46:37: @wizmatts: is it just me or does Jimmy Pesto on @bobsburgersfox look like Huey Lewis?
  • 21:53:01: RT @colinferg: On set with my Guild buddies today... fun fun fun. Great to be back in LA for the weekend. Pretty inspiring to watch it ...
  • 22:19:19: RT @BrentSpiner: Doing a quick shot with "The Guild" http://t.co/gLRec7g #TheGuild
  • 22:22:20: @elizadushku: awesome to see ya today on @theguild set. I was too shy to say 5x5 while wearing Yoda ears. ;-)
  • 22:42:24: RT @elizadushku: @bonniegrrl I saw you! Specifically loved the Yoda ears ;) don't be shy nxt time! X
  • 22:43:18: @elizadushku: awww thanks, Eliza! May the Force AND #TheGuild Be With You!
  • 22:44:34: @janewiedlin: ha! It's so weird. I never thought I looked like my mom. Hope you & your furry kids had a great Mom's Day!
  • 22:45:18: @janewiedlin: and everytime you say I'm cute I blush!

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Drake  Dragon From: Drake Dragon Date: June 12th, 2012 06:58 pm (UTC) (Link)

star wars bantha

hey-where are the instructions for the star wars bantha? the link is dead
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