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Star Wars Holiday Advent Calendar - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
Star Wars Holiday Advent Calendar

By Bonnie Burton

Counting down to the holidays can be fun, especially when you make this Star Wars Advent Calendar. You never know who will be peaking behind the door each day! Will it be a C-3PO reindeer? Or maybe Yoda baking cookies? Create this one-of-a-kind funny calendar for December using old Christmas cards and Star Wars Insider magazine cut-outs and print outs!

What You Need:

  • Star Wars Insider magazine & print-outs
  • White cardboard
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Old holiday cards and gift wrap scraps
  • Printout of numbers 1-31
  • Clear tape


1. Cut out the heads of your favorite Star Wars characters from old Star Wars Insider magazines and printouts. You’ll need 31 heads (one for each day of December).

2. Be sure to also cut out letters too so you can spell out “Advent Calendar” if you want.

3. Cut out images of Santa, elves, tree decorators, snowmen, reindeer and other holiday characters from old Christmas cards and gift wrap scraps. Match up Star Wars heads with different holiday cut outs and glue them on to create funny scenes.

4. See how many different kinds of scenes you can make with all the different Star Wars character heads. It may be easier to group characters together like the reindeer in this picture.

5. Place all your new cut-out scenes on a big piece of white cardboard to see where you want them to go on the calendar, then paste them down with glue.

6. Printout numbers 1-31 on a piece of paper (or handwrite them) then cut out all the numbers. These will be the “doors” on your calendar. Tape them over each of your character’s faces in a way that you can easily lift up the paper to see who’s hiding behind it. Add white glitter to the calendar to give it a sparkle-snow effect.

Make advent calendars for other holidays and your birthday too! Be creative!

Be sure to check out more geektastic holiday crafts in The Star Wars Craft Book by Bonnie Burton published by Random House.

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