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Grrl Still Kickin'

Blatherings from Bonnie Burton

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Bonnie Burton
12 July 1972
I'm a blogger, vlogger, author, editor, journalist, craftster and geek grrl as well as the founder of the pop culture site Grrl.com.

Books I've written:

My writing is in the women's comic anthology The Girls' Guide to Guy's Stuff published from Friends of LuLu.

I've also written the magazines BUST, Craft, Geek Monthly, Star Wars Insider, Wired and Organic Gardening, among others.

I hosted the music video shows "Teletunes" (Denver) and "Subculture" (San Francisco), as well as 2 video podcast shows called Ask Bonnie and Ask @Sock -- the video archive can be found on Youtube and Myspace Video. Sometimes I end up on TV as a "pop culture media pundit" for CNN, E! and BBC. I'm featured in Entertainment Weekly magazine (Oct. 13, 2006) for my Bettie Page fandom.

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